Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yeah. Tell me about it. Exam was alright today. Paradocks. When i don't have the initiative to even flip the pages, I think I did alright. Why oh why?? Tell me why!

I freaking screwed my chemistry. Ain't no gonna deny. Sulphur + lead (2) oxide then all HCl or whatever ever that is. whaddaheck mann.

God save me from this 'illusion' ( Because I feel like my bed and pillows are all turning into test pads and pens for me to scribble! Like how you scribble the chemical equations and all you know?? GAH )

Tell me its just an illusion or some sorta optical trick or whatsoever. Dang. I'm crapping like , AGAIN :S

And I think I got FATTER. Fucklarr. Even b told me so. DIEDIEDIEDIE.

He's at a faraway land and I'm missing him badly. Nah, actually he's only at KL lah. haha.
Hey baby. All the best and pitch the best you can. I know its hard but I bet you can. Hugs. School level telling you this ar. Yea?? HUGGIES.

Waiting for your return and we shall go makan :P

Days count: 14days
It goes on and on

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