Monday, March 2, 2009

When you lose your balance..

"OMG mag. What happened?!"
"Oh mann. That hurts".
and MAG says " I'm okay. I'm okay *smiles* Just a fall "

But actually it hurts like WHATTHAFARKLAHSOPAINNNNNNNN! haha.

It bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed... and bleed :(

Long jump-lah. Thats why itu macam.haha. I was tring so hard to jump like the long jumpers i saw in the CD carmen lent me. They're like WALAO.FLYING MANNN. haha.

Nevertheless, i lost my balance during my landing and PFFFTT. I fell. embarrassing shit.
Thank god only Diana and I was there. So, its okay. My deskmate (:

Wednesday would be the finals. And i hope by the time my wound would recover. I need EXPRESS MITOSIS process. I need! haha.

Anyway, it was just a fall right?? Just a fall.

Taken by my LUMIX DMC-FX8.
I don't think i need my D80 capture my pain. HAHA. crap.
*praying hard*
No scars pleaseeeeeeeee.

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