Monday, July 13, 2009

Exhiliration! by The boyf.

Yes. It was the best day ever, like ever ever!

I almost had a severe infarction like right on the spot!
(in case you dont know, infarction is the scientific name for HEART ATTACK, its not farting okay)

Yes, the exclaimation mark is definitely placed at the very accurate moment and time. OMG! haha.

My boyfriend was to be back today after his National Open in Johore. And so I thought he would be back today. And like any other girlfriends missing their honeyboys, I missed my baby so freaking much. Okay. Normal i know.

I was asked to get something from his friend at JJ around the specific time and yeah, the day lam fung came but i wasn't even bothered, unlike those girls that waited for him like for fews hours i suppose. Okay whatever. So, I went JJ lah.

Okay, dont expect me to wait for someone I dont even know well for 30mins? I arrived early btw. So, yeah. Bought some books from the Bookstore, as usual (:

So, my boyf called me and he actually said his friend was on his way. I was like WHATEVER LAH. Get the stuffs and I'll leave. I was rather disappointed because I want to see HIM and not his FRIEND!!!

I felt giddy waiting in the car. I perceived his friend's arrival and he was nowhere to be seen. I was like ARGH.* fire burning* My countenance was pretty obvious, I was furious already. HAHA.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, some moron was like banging my car. "What The Fish?, I thought. I turned right, NOTHING. I turned left, I was exhilirated!!

There he was, smiling all the way, waving HI at me. HAHAHAHHA. I unlocked the door and SURPRISEE!! ((: he said. Ohmygosh!

I kissed him ardently. Hugged him like I was never gonna ever let go. So touched okayy!

I'm not gonna elaborate any further. Let this be a part of my sweetest memory. No any other guy would ever give me the ever same feeling. I feel like getting married now. WTH. haha.

Hey baby. You're reading this? I LOVE YOU babydarling (:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I meow

Found these in my folders and they make me miss being a cat though I personally have bad impressions towards cats.

Omo omo. I really miss performing here and there.
Scaring the kids while the older popos would tap us on our heads or the naughty kids would pull our tails. HAHA.
React with them as though as you're a CAT!

Unforgettable moments of my life, being a cat.
How many would do?

I am the mysterious lazy black cat. Spot me.


p/s: I am still missing him uncontrollably! Any remedy for that?