Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Signing in!

Finally a lil something to fill you guys in.

This may seem a lil too cliche but COLLEGE IS DEFINITELY TAKING
Aha yes. I fret i fret and i fret. What can I say?


I shall remain this a silent reverie. Aha.
Check out the september's issue.

Being 20 isn't that bad afterall.
Seriously, do I look 20?

Ean from Morning Crew.
He sure love to tickle girls. Im sure. Felt good tho. haha.

Nobody else loves Ean more than she does.
You really wouldn't want to know her extreme fanaticism.

Yes. He's finally back!

Life has never been this good ;)

will be back, for more good stuffs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artistic much?

At some point of my life, I wish there were 'replay', 'undo','delete','pause' and 'ignore' button.

Well, after doing 'quite alot' of intense thinking. Why bother?
I wouldn't have been what I am today if these 'virtual buttons' ever existed.

I've wasted 17years and 6months of my life fretting about the past.
Whats the point? When I have so many more years to face and learn.
Thank god I've got my guideline. Though Im still licking the sweet and sour of being a college kid.
In spite of all these, I'll seek for A better me.

Many more years to come.
I'll see where I stand.
Whoever I am,
nothing's gonna change me.
Like said,

At least we still have our 'Like' button on facebook. So life ain't that bad ;)

'Like' this?


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friends, trends & everything nice!

Hoah! So thats the end of First Semester? How quick was that?
$$$$ ALL GONE just like that man. And just realised I haven't been doing much for the past 4 months. ( At least I realised- good achievement)

The pictures ahead of you guys SPEAKS. So there should be no need of any elaborations and etc.
AHA. Another PicSpam again ;) Oh I love this.

One thing good about MacBooks. With the PhotoBooth application, you can camwhore almost anytime, anywhere and everywhere! Well, you do it with style of course.
Quick and Nice shots ;)

Obscenity :p Whoops.

MacBook White- Jen's.

Southwest Mac and Cheese- ITS NEW!
And finger lickin' good! Check it out (TGIF- The Curve)

STUDS Obsessions!

METROPOLITAN SQ, Damansara Perdana.
Pool side. You chill with style!

Which one do you prefer?

The most expensive MAMAK. or in layman term, 5 star mamak. HAHA.

Eager for more? Well I do.

For now, my time's fully occupied with the pileloads of assignments and studies to do before the homecoming of Mr.BillyOoi :P
You can never understand my anxiousness. 2 weeks from now.

Okay. Lets get started!