Thursday, April 25, 2013

Legend Fighting Championship - Malaysia Debut

This coming Saturday - all eyes on you Malaysia. 

Malaysia will be hosting the 11th installment of the hugely successful Legend Fighting Championship at Chinwoo Stadium in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Taking place this coming 27th April, the tournament will bring in national champion Mixed Martial Artists from throughout the region in the Asia-Pacific Championship of MMA. Featuring twelve action-packed fights including three Asia-Pacific title bouts, Legend 11 promises to be an unforgettable night of world-class martial arts. 

"We chose Malaysia for Legend 11 due to the strong grass-roots following that we have among local Malaysias". MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and our Malaysia fans have shown incredible support during our rise to prominence in the Asia-Pacific. Ratings on our local Malaysian broadcast partner AXN have been outstanding." explained Chris Pollak, Managing Director and co-founder of Legend Fighting Championship. 

The world will have their eyes on Malaysia this coming 27th April as the Legend Fighting Championship will be broadcasted by AXN in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia, and syndicated across a total of 152 counties via 22 broadcast partners. That's a global MMA audience of over 1 billion viewers! 

In the main event, Legend Lightweight Champion, Jadamba Narantungalag from Mongolia, will look to defend his title against Japan’s Koji “The Commander” Ando and his devastating grappling and ground-and-pound game.

Australia's Rob Hill welcomes former King of Pancrase, Koji Oishi to the Legend ring at Legend 10.
Japan's Yusuke "Bancho" Kawanago puts Featherweight Title on the line against Australia's Rob "Ruthless" Lisita at Legend 10. 
Legend 11 will also feature two co-main events: the Legend Bantamweight Title will be on the line for China’s “The Execution” Ji Xian, and Filipino knock-out artist Agustin “Tamasak” Delarmino, Jr., while in the second co-main event, China’s top welterweight Li “The Leech” Jingliang, looks to claim the Welterweight Title against Luke Jumeau, the well-rounded fighter from New Zealand who is equally dangerous on his feet and on the ground.

Local hopes will be on the Malaysian contingent of Muhammad Hanif Bin Zainal ( left)  and Sam Chan (right).  Both fighters are seasoned Legend Fighting Championship fighters and will be looking to use their home advantage to further their rise as contenders in their respective weight classes.

Muhammad Hanif & Sam Chan - our MALAYSIAN fighter! 
Also, Legend 11 has chosen their Ring Girl for this year's tournament and here's a lil sneak peek of what to expect this coming Saturday. Gentlemen, remember to wipe your drool off the floor ;) x

Legend 11 tickets are available from April 2, 2013 through Airasia Redtix at 

For more information, please visit the Legend Fighting Champion Website at 

Check out their Facebook page at 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear readers

Hey fellow fitspo, 

Just want to let you know that I've read all the mails you guys sent me and I will be replying each and every one of them, individually soon! I have been extremely busy with work and studies lately and hence, the late response ( my sincere apologies!) 

Thank you so much for your continuous support and it really means a lot to know that you guys actually took time to read my posts. I will be back with another workout post, soon! Feel free to tweet me at @magdelinewang if you need quick replies! xx 

For now, 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Insta Recap

Too many things happened for the past weeks ; and even more agendas lined up for the next couple of weeks. I'm not exactly sure how I'll juggle, but God willing .. I will. Just a short recap of what happened .. 

As the caption intends ; my 21st Birthday Bash :) 
Surprise ( cus I wasn't expecting this at all) gift from Nits! x Love you big time! 
Surprise Birthday Dinner x 
The inner child .. prevailed. 
Found myself in one of the malls in town.. and many more times, after that :P 
Before gym x figured the sweater was really effective. Sweat 3x more than usual! 
Casting for an exotic asian role ( wasn't expecting to get it ) but praise the Lord that I actually did :) 
One of the scenes x will keep y'all posted when it's released :) x 
Ryan Fletcher, the bass guitarist from LAWSON. Funny guy! 
One of those days when I wake up.. feeling fit(ter). 
Night swims x love em. 
Most decent choice of food in uni. We need healthier options! 
Belated birthday gift from Charis Ow x thanks love! 
New read - making sure I take in at least 3 lessons before bed everynight. 
Currently addicted to Ellie Goulding's 'Your Song'. Somehow makes me feel.. nostalgic. Like the song reminds me of someone (somehow) but I just can't picture who. Just one person.. in my heart.. that I know means the world to me.

"Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen" 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Emcee Gig || The Party 2013

Last week was.. one word - HECTIC! I was as busy as a bee ( busier, actually) and I'm glad I pulled through. Flew to Penang for a commercial shoot and got back just in time to host the show. Only had 3 hours of sleep the night prior and I didn't even have the time to go through my script because I slept off in the midst of writing my script :P Anyway, it was such a joy hosting the party! 

I must say that Monash University Students' Association (MUSA) & Monash University International Students Service (MUISS) did an amazing job putting everything together. The stage set-up, sound systems, food and drinks sponsors were so well co-ordinated and I'm sure every Monashian were impressed. Many agreed that it was the BEST PARTY thus far! ;)

It poured so badly before the event but frankly, I think the rain made it better. Couldn't imagine if it was dry and humid, with foam. Nope, doesn't work at all. God is great! :) Thank you for the rain x 

Photo credits : Mad Cheeks Photography & Brian Soong. 

Opening Act : DJ SlaxDan
DJ Goldfish & Blink 

Mr Clown who turned out to be a friend's brother! :) 
Michelle Chan - the person behind Mad Cheeks Photography ;)
Adrian x Aaron x friend x Bubs x Sherwin who also came! :) 

Sim Hui x M 
Guany Guan x M 
Jon D - the man who did such an awesome job taking care of me that night :P 
You're the man Jon! Thanks so much for having me x 

It was definitely another milestone for me to host for such a huge crowd. Really really want to thank everyone who has believed in me. I could still remember the nerves and shiver I had when I did my first ever hosting gig ( last year) ; still so vivid in my memory. I couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you who has given me love, courage and guidance. I'm not the best in the industry but I do give my best and 101% in what I do. I do make mistakes or maybe sometimes fumble, but I'm ready to learn and take in all I can. I'm blessed and thankful to have been given these opportunities. I love it so much, that I'm ready to do it for the rest of my life. I really don't know how the path ahead of me would be, but regardless.. I will never give up and I believe someday my dream will turn into reality. Keep believing they say? ;) 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

WeChat Party 2013


I don't know about you, but WeChat has definitely played quite a role in my daily life. Considering I use it almost everyday, it's hard not to depend on it now. Well, I guess it all started when me and my mum had quite a conversation conundrum. As most of you may have already known, I'm a banana ( I can't write or read Chinese, but hey I CAN SPEAK!) while on the other hand, my mum.. she's not very fluent in English so we will usually converse via phonecalls because instant messaging is almost impossible. I will still end up calling her for translations so.. there's just no point! 

Eversince I was introduced to WeChat ( really, thank god for smartphones!), conversations with mummy has never been easier! We would send voice messages ( one of the best features of WeChat) and funny emoticons that's made available to WeChat users. Previously, our conversation would only last for max 5 minutes on the phone, but now.. we would just go on and on about everything! :) No more language barriers - in fact, my mandarin is improving now! 

I am the least tech savvy person in the world and I can be extremely picky when it comes to mobile applications. But I was surprised that, despite being introduced to uncountable amount of IM apps - I still think WeChat is one of the most user-friendly and reliable ones. So if you haven't tried WeChat, I really think its high time you do. 

p/s: I'm not paid to say this. This is purely customer feedback ;) 

Was invited to WeChat Party 2013 held at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday and I couldn't think of a better person to go with if not my sister (who's finally down in KL)! Managed to introduce her to some of my blogger friends and it was her first time ever attending events; I hope it wasn't much of a cultural shock for her ;) Nonetheless, we had quite a blast reconnecting with some of my long lost friends, and for her - meeting new ones! :) 

Special thanks to Careen Tan for the invitation! xx 

The event intended to introduce their newly appointed Malaysian ambassadors namely Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani which I'm sure needs no introduction! Notice the QR Code? Just scan them with your smartphones to add them & have a chat with our local celebrities ; what better way than WeChat? Well, I'm also going to be a lil thick face and get you guys to add me up! Here's my code ;) Maybe you could say "Hey, found you from your WeChat post!" at the [add friend] message, so that I know you're one of my readers! :) 

Needless to say, WeChat is so much more than just a chatting app! :) You get to send texts, voice messages, pictures, videos, emoticons like no other and so much more! WeChat is now available for iPhone, Android and even Blackberry users - plus, there's no download fee required. Communication has never been easier, really! :) [ I still remember those days when I'll wait by the house phone for just a phone call. It's really amazing how much 'TIME' alone can change!] 

We were all well entertained throughout the night with local celebrities and even better when I found out that Rudy was hosting the event! He was such a great host - I've got so much more to learn! 

Henley Hii performing on stage.
Live Chat on the screen while Rudy gets his game on! 
Song performance by Awi, local singer.

Had such a blast catching up with some of my blogger friends since I haven't been very active at events. Duty calls - assignments, shoots & training has taken up most of my time. Truth be told, gymming alone has taken probably 1/4 of my day! Wish I had more time in a day so I could do more. There's just so much to do, yet so little time :( 

Mandy with her giant WeChat doll x 
M x Stephanie Lim
Mandy x M x  Sis 
Sis x Mandy x Casey x M x Stephanie 

Sis x Careen x Casey x M 
Sis x Naomi 

Special thanks to Mandy from and Casey from for some of the pictures above :) Couldn't take much with my S100 under the bad lighting and overexposures. Thinking of re-using my DSLR but they're so heavy and bulky :( 

For some reason, my blogpost can't seem to upload any videos but check out their latest TVC by both the ambassadors at ( thats the exact link btw!) 

For more information, log onto : 

Till then!