Friday, July 29, 2011


"Beneath the makeup and behind that smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world"
Marilyn Monroe

Nothing else matters more than to achieve the goals that I've set for myself. And I realize, if I were to compare myself with everybody else; its going to be a never ending war (between me and myself).

I believe I am made for a reason. And may I quote,
"I may still be young and raw, but that doesn't mean I can't soar"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011; Revelation of the National Costume

From the first Miss Universe 2011/2012 Press Conference in December 2010 to the Unveiling of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011. Needless to say, I have definitely been an avid follower of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO), and *fingers crossed will keep my enthusiasm on the go!

#1. Miss Universe Malaysia 2011/2012 Press Conference in December 2010 with National Director, Andrea Fonseka

#2. Unveiling of the Miss Universe 2011 early this year with the crowned Deborah Henry

Nevertheless, it has been an incredible journey witnessing the growth of our very own Miss Universe Malaysia Organization. And on the 12th of July I was once again being invited to the third Press Conference whereby the National Costume was revealed.

"Absolutely stunning", thats truly an understatement.

#3. Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 with National Director, Andrea Fonseka and the sponsors.

Sponsors for MUM2012 that were revealed at the press conference included:

Official Hotel and Event Venue: Sunway Resorts Hotels and Sunway Lagoon
Official Tourism Board :Tourism Selangor
Official Cosmetics :Rimmel London
Official Cereal Provider :Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia
Official Hair :Maestro A Cut Above
Official Fragrance: Playboy for Women
Official Spirit: Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve
Official Business Suites: White Space Malaysia
Official Jeweler for MUM2012: Suhara Jewel Art
Official National Gift for MUM2011: Sereni and Shentel

Official Dentist: myDentist
Official Studio and Photography Services: Fotoworx
Official Reality Show Production Partners: Kyanite.Tv
Official Online Forum Provider: Rentak Sejuta
Official Communications and Sponsorship: Arcis Communications Malaysia

The costume was designed by our very local fashion designer, Amir Luqman using songket fabrics which resembles a Wau, the legendary kite popularly loved & flown in the Northern States of Penisula Malaysia.

"This Wau-insipired costume was estimated to cost us around RM 380,000", stated Amir when being interviewed by the media press.

#4. Andrea Fonseka and myself.
(if you notice how I've changed over the months from the first picture I took w her and this current one; still working on it!)
#5. Shame on myself. I couldn't even focus on the right camera and lense. Pretty evident that I have so much more to learn & catch up to look 'picture perfect!' just like our very own Miss Universe Malaysia, Deborah Henry.

#6. Jojo Struys & myself.

#7. Amir Luqman posing along with his magnificent masterpiece & our Queen.

#8. Andy Kho

#9. Wilee Tee

It was also an co-incidence to actually meet the MHB's. My first time with the team since I was recruited. Looking forward for the upcoming events! Truly honoured to be part of the team.

I hereby would like to wish our Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry who will be representing Malaysia in the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil ALL THE BEST!

She won the heart of our fellow Malaysians and now she will be representing us Malaysians at a global platform, something that we should be really proud of. She isn't just a typical beauty, but a beauty with brain.

"Her look trancends all commercially driven racial boundaries, her passion for children ignites hope where she can bring it, and her ability to speak well and forcefully about her thoughts and beliefs would pierce through every stigma that a Beauty Queen may still have in today's day and age", stated Andrea Fonseka in her blog.

Need I say more? Good luck and bring home the crown Deborah!

Photo Credits: Jason Ong & Andy Kho.

On a brighter note, the finalists for the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 will be revealed very soon so stay tuned for gists and flashes!

Till then, xx.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Laura Mercier Portofino Collection

This is nothing extraordinary but something that girls simply just cant live without! Cosmetics, make-ups, flawless skin ; just what makes us girls go over the moon.

And as for myself, I have been searching high and low for the right product to suit my skintone for the longest time; slightly tanned but not too much. Never an easy task but I have definitely learnt a lot from all these choosing and buying cosmetics products. Or shall I re-name them the 'killer weapons'.

Girls can never be girls without their killer weapons; make-up. Correct me if I'm wrong. And just what I have got to offer to you girls today. Even I myself have been a slave to these powerful weapons. Just look how much 'making up' can entirely change the way somebody look.

Dazzled McDazzler!

Quite a transformation aye? Just a little powder here and there. Not forgetting to wear your smile. Ka-booom! But am pretty sure, not of these are of any shocking news to y'all. Merely because I spread the love almost equally ;) Never have I not shown my naked face to the public so don't you worry! ;)

Nevertheless, lets get back to the main point.

The Laura Mercier Summer 2011 Collection!

Words of wisdom by Laura Mercier. Even beauty needs wisdom as a touch of perfection!
Regardless of how much make up you put on during the day, never forget your true self beneath all that make-up.

I personally prefer having nude make-up and hence, being flawless is the trick.

I hereby introduce you the Laura Mercier Portofino Collection.

The Four Easy Steps to A Flawless Face.

#1. Skin Primer
A foundation primer that provides a barrier between the skin and foundation to ensure freshness and long-lasting colour. Laura saw a need for several products missing from the traditional cosmetics marketplace and launched the original Foundation Primer in 1996. Five different formulas to choose from according to your skin's needs.

#2. Laura Mercier Foundation
Laura feels that women should look as natural as possible even with make-up on. Hence, she created her foundations to be used only where needed or in layers to provide buildable coverage.

#3. Concealer
Secret Camouflage is formulated with a high level of pigment to enable skin to achieve complete coverage with little product use.

For the eye, use the Secret Concealer, an emollient formula that will not dry out the skin. It is to be used under the eyes only.

#4. Loose Powder
Laura strongly recommends that everybody should set their make-up with Translucent Loose Setting Powder because it has no color pigment and will not distort the color of the make-up.

After a brief introduction to the products. Now, its time you take on a challenge in order to win exciting prizes you'll sure love!

Join our Portofino "Nauti-Gal" make-up contest and stand a chance to grab home these prizes!

1st Prize- Ipad 2 16GB + RM500 Laura Mercier Hamper
2nd Prize- RM500 Laura Mercier Hamper + RM100 Voucher
3rd Prize- RM300 Laura Mercier hamper + RM100 Voucher

To participate, just follow the simple Five steps.

STEP 1: Purchase any Portofino Collection

STEP 2: Enjoy an exclusively free make-over by our Professionally trained make-up gurus.

STEP 3: Snap a picture of yourself.

STEP 4: Upload your picture to Laura Mercier Malaysia Fan Page.
(Don't forget captions with your name and email address!)

STEP 5: Make as many people as possible to LIKE your picture! Contestants with the most LIKES will stand a chance to win an iPad 2 & even more exclusive prizes!

Contest valid from 1st July until 31st July 2011.

Hurry up girls! Time is running out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

If only..

This is one of the many nights where my imaginations run wild and all I want to do is to just clear up my mind and think about absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing; something that will never ever happen to a person like me. Even in my dreams, my imaginations wouldn't spare me. It gets really tiring and you just feel so lethargic and weak, hoping that somebody would actually sit down and say nothing but listen to the words your tongue say. May not make sense, but satisfaction is what you need. In fact, thats what we all need. Satisfaction from words we utter.

Well, I assume people wouldn't actually bother reading whatever rubbish thats written here, right now. Blame my pessimism for that. Because my typical self wouldn't read a long bragged post, really. Unless, that author means something to me which rarely happens simply because my boyfriend doesn't blog, neither does my mom. Perhaps my sister's, which I check-up on once in a blue moon. Yes, I could count em all with just one hand; five fingers. Pathetic? I don't think so.

Well I mean, if loving was so easy.. then it wouldn't mean that much would it?

If there was somebody that I could change, that would be D. I don't know exactly how much this person mean to me, until someday I lose him. The relationship that we carry, is far beyond complex. But if there's something that I could do to change the fact that I face today, I would do it. Regardless of what it takes, as long as I know nobody else would get hurt; I really would. But for now, I leave it to God to carve the path of this man. Be it good or bad, as long as he knows what is right & what is wrong. And someday, when he is gone.. then I will know how much he means to me. But not until then, it shall remain a secrecy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beaches, Bikinis, Boozes & Sunshine! #Part-two

Like promised, more pictures!

Too bad I can't be squeezing all my 700 photos here in the blog, maybe Facebook yes but that will be a tad too much haha! So, just a little from everything during the trip.

Yes it was my first visit to Thailand and I'm craving for more already! Thai Fetish you say?
May not be a high-end trip, but everything was adequate enough to make me feel complete. This low-budget trip was well-planned, kudos to myself ;) Oh and not forgetting my other half who guided me along the way.

Best part of all was the hotel. We got it for RM500+ for 4D3N !
How about that for a super-low-budget trip? But of course, that came w tons of researching and googling which literally made my head go gugu-gaga. Rofl. Nevertheless, those tedious clicks and calculations was definitely worth it.

Patong Beach
Twas just 2 minutes walk from our hotel!

Notice the middle picture? Not too bad for a low-budget hotel room yes?
We even got upgraded on our very first night there!

Raya Island

Factory @ Bangla Road

Phi Phi Island
This is also the exact same destination where Leonardo DiCaprio film the movie 'The Beach"
back in 2000. Thats not too long ago ;) Just 11 years!

Monkey Island

Somewhere close to Sunny Bay
Snorkeling in the sea of corals and pretty little fishes.
I have always been afraid of the sea water & THAT was my first time dipping myself in the
deep blue sea. Frankly, the first jump from the boat was terrifying but it was definitely worth
putting away my fear!
Not forgetting how dramatic I was thinking "Oh no, I'm going to drown!" when I had my ego shield on, not wanting to wear the life jacket. Haha! Later on, hurried up back onto boat quickly grab one and JUMP! ;)

Khai Island

If only I could turn back time, I will definitely extend my trip to a week long!
Oh well, reality calls. And priority always comes first.

Prior to this post, the previous one was just a brief 'sneak peek' to my entire trip and I
figured I should share w everyone the beautiful beaches I went to and hence this second post w more beach shots!

On another note, most of these beautiful beaches are out of Phuket Island.
The only beach that we went to that was ON Phuket Island was Patong Beach (famous for its bustling night life and strong-wave beach). Clearly, there are still so many more for us to explore.

And as for now, I am definitely planning on another trip to the Beach!

Well, I don't mind having to suffer the aftermath really!
Because the experience you get throughout the trip is priceless. Am sure my rashes would heal in no time! ;)


Bling Brass

I have always been a huge fan of unique and exclusive accessories.
But sad to say, the ones selling in stores today are usually "too common" or rather "not-unique-enough" as most of these accessories are often being too commercialized and hence its conventionality. But fret not!

I have done enough to be able to introduce you girls some new shiz! Believe me, you will all love it because I did! Very rarely I find myself adoring things like this and can't stop thinking about them until I get myself one! (girls and their shopping bling bling fetish! haha)

These collection has definitely shown their very own competitive advantage amongst others.
Introducing the 100% Handmade Brass.

You heard it, 100% Handmade Brass is the new Black.
Let your choice be the trendsetter.

#1. Pendants & Couple Necklaces
1) These pendants are the replicas of mini veges and fruits ; approximately the size of the first segment of your last fingertip
2) These couple necklaces comes w a pair! Not the usual boring pairing ones.
You can even rock them with both or just one of it ;) How about that for a change?
So, singletons out there. Fret not, you can always keep the other half until you find the your right other half! Otherwise, rock them both!

#2. Rings rings rings
Does it ring a bell? Now you can have all sorts of different authentic ring designs that comes
w respective individuality! Each ring represents something and all you need is to find yours!

#3. More rings and necklaces.
You heard that, MORE RINGS! And how often do you see dino skeletons!
Perfect match for a simple white tees. Guys would love em too!

#4. So many designs; all you need is just to find the right one for you!
Most of these designs started from a little imagination and later turned them into brass beauties! Well, designers aren't named designers for no reason aye?

#5. Designs that you'll sure to love.

#6. Brass; the new black.

#7. They're truly one of a kind

#8. Earrings, bracelets & bangles.

#9. The TORTURE CHAMBER replica
This particular pendant definitely caught my attention.
Very detail oriented and not to mention, its uniqueness. And a plus point, its handmade!

The very first item that dragged my attention was this "Angel Wings Bangles".
And I couldn't go home without it. Just how much force this beauty has ;)

We do what girls do best. And who doesn't like adornments?
What more when these are specially handmade.

On a special note, all the items shown above are 100% Brass and they will not rust.
However, real brass will fade with time. But again, worry not. Just spray an adequate amount of Metal Polish and it will be as good as new! As easy as that. No hassle no worries ;)

Haven't I tempt you enough already?

p/s: This post is intended to be a brief description of what the whole idea of Bling Brass is all about. More deets and details will be on their way. Feedbacks are most welcomed!