Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Music High x

I haven't really had the time to actually sit down, to.. well, blog. And it's been such a roller coaster ride for me for the past couple of months really. But, more like a nice roller coaster ride (though in reality I'm afraid of heights) well, that's not the point. You get what I mean ;) So yea, besides all the travels, castings, shoots, food, gym - which I will be keeping for my upcoming BLOGPOSTS & VLOGS. The rave parties I attended of late were AMAZEBALLS! And ultimately, I'm gonna kill THREE birds with one stone and hence, this post :) 

A little heads up, this is gonna be a short picspam post. Mainly because.. there's no words to actually describe how I (literally) felt during the rave parties. You really gotta.. BE THERE TO FEEL IT! And of course, music was really really amazing ( see, I'm outta words again). It's just indescribable. Plus, I guess I was too music high to remember what happened anyway ;) Thank God for technologies, really ;D 

First, it was THIRST 2012 


And of course, WE LOVE ASIA 2013 


Be there or be square xx 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Face Factor || Ear Candling Therapy


This may come off a little gross, but I'll do it anyway - I enjoy cleaning my ear canals. Or should I say, I enjoy my ear canals being hygienically cleansed. Either way, you get the picture! ;) When I was still a kid, ( also when my mum had no trust to let me do it on my own) I'll lie on her laps and she works the magic. That aftermath feeling of being thoroughly cleansed, to me is beyond words - indescribable. But, one thing that many do not realize is that - sometimes or rather too often, you tend to get so addicted to the ticklish sensation while cleaning your ear canals.. you overdo it, and hence, hurt your ears and may eventually cause bruises or cuts inside your delicate ear(s). WHICH IS BAD! 

Well, I came across this supaa awesome alternative which is safe, clean and best of all, will NOT hurt :)   As the title intends, EAR CANDLING! It was definitely my first time trying and you know what, IMMA DO IT AGAIN. I had mine done at Face Factors Clinic at Publika, Solaris. 

I'm not exactly sure what are the scientific terms or procedures involved in this therapy but what I know is that it takes less than 45minutes to have my ear wax cleansed and removed - which I personally think is brilliant. Here's a pictorial step-by-step of the Ear Candling Therapy I went through. 

STEP 1 : Lie on your side (whichever side you'd like to start with) and allow your therapist to insert the tube into your ear canal. Do let her know if the tube is getting to far in. Make yourself comfortable because you'll be staying in that position until the process ends.

STEP 2: Your therapist will then lit the tube and it will burn until it reaches the end point (notice the red line along the pink tube? That's the end point) Don't worry, it won't burn you! Just relax and let your therapist do her thing ;) 

STEP 3: When its done, your therapist will somehow extinguish the fire or it will eventually stop at the end point. I'm not too sure how because I couldn't really see how she did it. But rest assured, it will be a very comforting and relaxing process. But do bear in mind that, as the tube burns- heat will flow along the tube and you'll feel a slight heat sensation but it's a very comfortable and nice feeling. Don't worry! :) 

STEP 4 : The tube will then be removed and you can always opt to check out your BY-PRODUCTS. HAHA. This is a little too disgusting to be showing to the public BUT, I did it only for my blog readers. (I sincerely apologize if this image above has affected your appetite for the rest of your day). 

Notice that the ear wax (as pointed in image above) is in maroon/dark red? That's because of the pink tube. The discoloration during the burning process - also to distinct the ear wax from the filter as our ear wax are naturally yellowish/brown in color. Well, I cleanse my ear very religiously and therefore the minimal amount of ear wax shown ;P  TEEHEE! 

Well, if you've never tried EAR CANDLING and you'd like to give it a go - check out 

D3-G4-2, No. 1, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, 
Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Business Hours: 

For enquiries, contact :


Special thanks to Selina and her ever awesome team of therapists for the great therapy and hospitality. Looking forward to my next visit! x 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Resuming soon!

Hey everybody! 

OH-MAH-GAID. This feel so.. awkward ( to be blogging all over again). Haha. I will be resuming my blog REALLY REALLY soon, I promise. I know that I've been MIA for a bit but I hope that's forgivable considering we were all in HOLIDAY MOOOOD, no? ;) Travelled for abit as well and I will be sharing my travelogue here too. Stoked x 

Been extremely busy these days with shoots, trainings (will keep you guys updated when the time is right) and a whole lot of other things. If you do follow me on INSTAGRAM, you'll probably know what's been up! But nonetheless, I'll still utilize this space as much as I can! Really hope that my readers still have me in mind :p 

I know this is a tad too late, but anyway.. HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE! You'll hear from me in no time ;) x