Tuesday, October 22, 2013


11.51pm, monday night with my never-ending responsibilities (wait, 'never-ending'? that's an understatement). The XX [Night Time] playing on repeat. Don't quite remember the last time I actually spent time with you my friend. Last post was on Bella's exhibition; everything seemed so perfect then. Well, almost perfect. Time passes by like a blazing storm; the next thing you know, it's gone. Far from gone. Hence, my hiatus. I've been spending so much time on myself. Yes, MYSELF. Self-discovery and lots of self-loving. Haven't done that for a while; a long while. So far so good. 

I am quite swamped with my trail of thoughts at the moment; I'll try to break it down, baby steps.

Life can be so brutal sometimes. Yes, I said brutal ; can be worse. Say like.. merciless, ruthless, heartless, remorseless, I don't wanna go on. The excruciating pain seems to be making a come back everytime I think about it. Drop that. You know, someone once told me "the one you want may not be the one you need"; but then, think again. Why would you want something you don't need? I need you, hence I want you, hence .. forget it. 

This isn't be best state of mind to be writing; no writer's block tonight but I just felt like it. Like, a part of me has long gone and I'm just trying to search for it. And if you're wondering, yup I'm still searching. Sucha hard to get lil brat. Darn it. 

[photo above] are my sentiments exactly. speaking what my mind can't figure out.

I torn between.. going on, rambling about things that will come to no end and stopping, here. Right here. And you know what, I'll just stop right here. Nope, this ain't going nowhere. 

Not the kind of blog entry you would probably expect from the usual me. I'll definitely be back for a (less) rambling post. Promise. 

Back to The XX. Here's some if you're keen too ;) x