Wednesday, October 29, 2008

leaving ipoh.

mum called last night.

mum: hello?kaka (basically thats wat im called at home).
me : yea mum.
mum: where's ur passport??
me : huh.what passport? i thought it was with you.
mum: no.its in granny's cupboard. (fyi,my granny left us when i was std.6) :)
me : okay.i'll look for it.
mum: will come over to take it.they need to make u a VISA.
me : alright.alright.
mum: and pack ur stuffs before i get're going jb on the 20th or 21st.
me : what???!!!
mum: dont what what i tell you.wanna go shanghai anot??
me : (unwillingly) OKLOR.
mum: u later.remember the passports.
me : OKAY.byebye.


practically i dont have much time to spend with my friends during the holidays.
sorry people. whole month there!! in johore.
god.god.can the holidays be any better??
okay.frankly i cant wait to go shanghai but uhhh.
okay.forget nobody wants to hear me complaining anyMORE.

oh.about the coffin movie. it was okay to me.i liked it though.
not exactly horror or haunted.i can describe it with this awwwwwww...
very charm u knoww??
thr were some 'la-la' fella around me.i heard them say 'wah.meh hei lei gahh??dou mm chi hui ngap mart'. translated:wah,what movie is this ahh?i don't even know what the heck they're saying.
i wanted to say 'oh.i guess u need more english tuition or smthn.its fluent english.swt.'

had choir from 9-12pm.
superdarnfreakinglong day.
off to somewhere.

i feel much much better today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

happy diwali (thats what the TV says)

deepavali is boring.well,to me at least.waking up at 11am.finally i could enjoy my bedtime for a whole 10hours.aha.
had chee cheong fun for noodles.haha.
boring than ever.mum's not around.
the wang sisters at home.only them.
sis torturing the piano.not knowing to play.
well,at least i know mary had a little lamb.
haha.lame and i know.

after a couple of hours staring at the plain black lcd.
i said 'lets go for a movie'.
and here i am.
gonna watch the coffin later.
horrified but who cares.
did not dress up.well,i aint a fashion disaster nor am i a fashion icon.
haha.i dress up like ME.rofl.
got myself a shorts and a nike tee.
and im ready with my converse.haha.

popcorn's waiting for me.
i feel better today :)

happy deepavali people!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

where's LOVE ?

dont talk to me :(

it hurts.

im lonesome tonight :')

where's LOVE?

had some sorta mental breakdown last nite.
it was hard.damn.
shower didnt help though.
all i did was just staring at my fan.
spinning and spinning.and there it goes...
i was near to death.

i seriously dont knw what to do.
listening to "What Hurts the Most".
oh's hard.
not knowing what u want.
being so envy of others who're so perfect in life.

im trying to be better.i REALLY am.
im on my way.
its hard.
i miss mum.

steph's gonna leave me next year.
to a place showered with
with mum and dad and everyone.
and ME??
im gonna stay here till SPM ends.

life without steph?
i dont used to sleeping with her every night.
im used to talk to her b4 i sleep.
gosh.nobody cares.about me.
it hurts.
at least i care for myself.
but whats the point??
i may seem cool with stuffs.u might see me smile.
but it isn't the real me.
where's LOVE??
i love my friends.
kim,yeankit,eva,sueli,diana,suiee and all.
i dont know.

i want to be strong.
stand up.and go on with life.
fyi, i blog to feel better.
not to show people how great i am.nor how bad i am.

i dont know what to say.
im depressed :(

Sunday, October 19, 2008

thanks dad but..

well,apparently my dad got me smthg that i seriously wanted since (i dont knw when).haha.
my superCUN
not those you see all the time when girls are cam-whoring around though.
its D8O! god.haha.
deep down in myself,i seriously want to pursue photographing but erm.IMPOSSIBLE i guess.haha.
and im super super excited about it.rofl.
i ain't showing off but just expressing my excitement.HAHA.

ohya.and im obviously a 'cina buta' person and dad had some sorta idea to make me 'cina celik'.haha.
and so, he got me chinese electronic dictionary.
at first i was over the moon when i saw him holding a converse bag.i was wondering which latest design he bought me but..FORGET IT MAG.
it was the chinese dictionary.
maybe dad thinks i'll be happy and so,i 'pretended' to be.
sorry dad. its kinda lame.
i dont even knw how to switch it on.its ALL IN CHINESE.
gosh. thanks anyway dad.

and a pocketPC.i got all the 3 stuffs on a day :))))

going on to the nxt thing.
well,i sorta think paris hilton is admirable though.

1) she's hot
2) she doesn't care what people around talk about her. (if ppl dislikes her,why would they care to talk about her?)
3) well, i personally thinks that she makes us all,we girls proud. (i did not include the case when she gt jailed)
come on,look on the positive sides.haha.
yea,im crapping.




suzhou is funny.seriously.lmao.
erm,he was blogging and i was (well,watching him) until i got fed-up that he can really crap.check out his blog.haha.

there's this time when he typed
sleeping beauty used to be my girl friend and we got a daughter..
and i was like we had a daughter lah!!!!
and it goes on and on.on and off correcting him.haha.
he kept smiling ;)
okay.i didnt mean that my english is supergood like some ppl but,i was just being a
exam sucks.seriously.

alright, study time ;)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

exam fever *sweats

sejarah.i like it but..argh.
sejarah sucks.its stereotype.ppl hates it.islamic stuffies that i just dont understand the point of learning it.khalifahs??
attn ppl.there's this fella with the name FUCK.haha.Fakhr al-Din.LOL.
well,actually i like sejarah but not this time.imma donkey!darn.