Sunday, October 26, 2008

where's LOVE ?

dont talk to me :(

it hurts.

im lonesome tonight :')

where's LOVE?

had some sorta mental breakdown last nite.
it was hard.damn.
shower didnt help though.
all i did was just staring at my fan.
spinning and spinning.and there it goes...
i was near to death.

i seriously dont knw what to do.
listening to "What Hurts the Most".
oh's hard.
not knowing what u want.
being so envy of others who're so perfect in life.

im trying to be better.i REALLY am.
im on my way.
its hard.
i miss mum.

steph's gonna leave me next year.
to a place showered with
with mum and dad and everyone.
and ME??
im gonna stay here till SPM ends.

life without steph?
i dont used to sleeping with her every night.
im used to talk to her b4 i sleep.
gosh.nobody cares.about me.
it hurts.
at least i care for myself.
but whats the point??
i may seem cool with stuffs.u might see me smile.
but it isn't the real me.
where's LOVE??
i love my friends.
kim,yeankit,eva,sueli,diana,suiee and all.
i dont know.

i want to be strong.
stand up.and go on with life.
fyi, i blog to feel better.
not to show people how great i am.nor how bad i am.

i dont know what to say.
im depressed :(

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