Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to square one.

Yeh man I'm officially a Taylorian. Haha.
Too much of this 'school spirit' i suppose? HAHA.
(with the inverted comma mind you)
So yeah. Everything's back to square one mann.
I have to face the same 'ol subjects again. damn. Chemistry Biology Physics.
I'm actually traumatized already because I got frecking Bplus for all of em in
SPM which was totally outta my expectations.
whatever man. life goes on. HAHA.
And what else? College's fun. Well, so far so good;)
I can wear whatever and however i want to. Haha.
NO MORE PINAFORES (cherrio!) -i hope Mei wont see this man :p
And hot guys around the college compound ( well, not really hot actually- I have one myself HAHA! )
And my classmates. One word. CMI! haha ( and thats for you to figure it out)
Well, I do enjoy my time here in college. I feel anticipated for class everyday (uhm probably because its just the first week) HAHA.
Gtg for now. I've got class tomorrow. HAHA ;)
xoxo bieee <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010


A very happy birthday to myself! *smirks.

Despite being in a very dull-entertainmentless-friendless-boring-you name it City, I had the Best time bonding with my family (on my birthday). How awesome could that be? Those time were priceless. Who said YOU MUST HAVE A BIRTHDAY BASH WITH MILLIONS & BILLIONS OF PEOPLE CELEBRATING FOR YOU? I didn't have that, and yet I AM tremendously grateful for having a blessed birthday with my truly loved ones (well, except for one- HAHA)

And yes. I AM OFFICIALLY EIGHTEEN RIGHT NOW. No longer a kiddo :P When the clock strucked 12 sharp on the 26th. I went guuguugaga over myself. Hyperactive kid HAHA! Somebody over the phone (who's miles away-like seriously miles away) presented me the BEST VIDEO EVER. Loved it ;)

No point describing the agenda of the day. Pictures talk sometimes. Mine does; it says SHE HAD A GREAT TIME! ;)

Obvious much? Yep i had so much fun.

And thankyou everybody for the thoughts and wishes. I definitely appreciated and

adored each and every one of them. Xoxo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are you arrayed?

You know, models aren't called models for nothing. I was watching Victoria Secret Fashion Show 09/10 on Youtube. Click here to watch it. It drools you, I'm pretty sure about that. And they search far and tide, all over the United States of America for those absolutely flawless 'Angels'. I swear, I went ' Oh my, Mama i wanna be one of em on that runway!' ( which I presume will never happen-never in my life EVER-too bad for me)

Their toned up legs, so long so slender, just perfect. Why wont I have those? And look at those abs man. One thing for sure, they didnt just catwalk for nothing- without any preparations. The hardwork that all the Angels went through definitely Paid Off. The workout routines- i bet those were torturous.

Ohboy. I vow to have a very VictoriaSecretAnglish(VSA) body one day. Now, workout! They dont starve. But bow wow wow, Just look at em man. Miranda Kerr and the new born Angel, Kylie. Damn.

Okay. Talk no more. Hardwork starts now.

Fyi | If you're arrayed, you're probably more gorgeous than when you're just attired.

So girls? What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I present you,
CATS Cast of City Ballet Ipoh.

Gosh, this picture reminds me of all the Fun I had back in City Ballet.
I cant even recall how many times we've performed Cats.
There's this once at State Banquet Hall, Casuarina Grand Ballroom, Hee Lai Ton Restaurant
for the ISPCA Charity night and i cant even recall.

I miss you people!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Much apologies.

Hello< Magdalene. Are you a top-rated model by now? Btw, how did you do Bio?

Hi teacher!!!!!
i miss you so much
Im really sorry i didnt do well in bio:(
i got a B+
im so sorry

Thanks, I miss the crazy girls too. Dont worry too m much abt the results. You have a lot of time to prove yourself :)

Im so sorry teacher. Im still gonna take Biology in my SAM. I'm gonna prove that I can do better! :D

See you around (in facebook). Got to go now. All the best and keep dancing/modeling/studying. Cheers

Thankyou teacher! take care. <3

I was so happy when I got this fb pop-out chat from Puan Jeya. I respect her alot. Despite having the craziest and most noisy/busybody/greedy/you name it bunch of Girls, she taught us the best and we definitely had the most amazing time ever with her;) I remember those times when she'll treat us Murukus during Deepavali, Pizzas before school holidays starts (which is missed-damn it), gave us Souvenirs when she had a week holiday in Vietnam and uhm, I've tasted the BEST BLUEBERRY TART ever! (which she claimed that it was handmade- we got the bakery's number in the end) HAHA so yeah ;)

Yep. Definitely gonna prove that I could do better;)


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Finally, I've decided to sit down, in front of the computer, THINK HARD (okay maybe not that hard) and start typing this ; WHY AM I EVEN BLOGGING?

Ahh, seriously. The thought of having to update my blog just makes me feel like deleting it sometimes. Plus, the unpleasant memories that reminds me of my nightmares. On the other hand, I'm glad that I used to blog so frequently ( like so very frequently; 2 to 3 posts a day- thinking that the Whole world wants to read my blog-which never happened). Now i know how stupid and naive I used to be ( I probably still am now, but at least..) Nevermind. drop this.

Not worth wasting time regretting about the past right; which is what im doing right now.its routinal. haha. Ohwell, I always say this IM STILL LEARNING. Anyway, I could see myself transforming. I was browsing through my pictures on Facebook and i went 'Damn, why do I look so effin ugly? No. I cant pout like that.This that this that'. HAHA. And literally nobody could barely even recognize me. What did I do? Nothing.

And you know, College gonna start in no time and I still dont have a single clue about what course I wanna pursue. But Im glad that I have a virtual personal assistant ( hehe; whoops). What more should i ask for? HAHA.

Its like im trying to junk everything in one single post which is definitely Impossible. So, Im done with it. Not gon think any farther. Blogspot needs some upgrading. Mmm hmm.

Tick Tock, on the clock but the party don't stop, no.
oh wait it just reminded me. NO PARTIES.

January; February; March; April; May; June; July;August; September; October; November; December.
(im so anxious already)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why never straight A's? or at least aiyyyttt?

I'm feeling really insecure right now. I could sense something negative. Oh please dont. Not ME.

You know, its really not a good thing when you actually dreamt of something twice like srsly! What more if it relates to your SPM RESULT. whaddaheck man.

FIRST TIME: I only had an A which was for the paper where i did the SILLIEST MISTAKE. Ohmy.I swear. I feel like giving myself two tight slaps. *Dush dush* sound more like punches. haha.

SECOND TIME: I only had 4 A's and failed the rest. Ohmygod. How can I fail? Well, if you're talking about Additional Maths then its logical but the rest? My My My.

I am really gettin paranoid with all these wierdass dreams. And results are coming out like when? In 5 days time? ahaha. How awesome right. Time flies. I've been slacking around for 3 Months man. Thats not a short period. Haha. And right now, its time to study my ass off again ;)

For now,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Défi à danser.

I had this sudden urge; I want to dance again!

My muscles are in sleeping mode and its not good. I cant even split instantly anymore (like 'Mag do a split now!' that kind of instant). haha.

I miss getting up early for class. (unlike now; i feel like a pig)
I miss having rehearsals with my friends.
I miss looking for my 'always missing' pointe shoes.
I miss getting late for classes ( its better late than never right)
I miss taking up hours just to sew my demi-pointe.
I miss having blisters and yet,still very determined to do pointe work (sometimes)
I miss wearing my leotards.
I miss dancing in City Ballet.
I miss performing on stage ( cus I cant see anything beyond the stage; its too bright)

Miss you guys so much :'(

The one and only, CATS.

The Cast of New York New York.

Gerald, came outta nowhere. haha.

Jessica, Steph Yeoh and I.

Ursula (In Little Mermaid) & I.

I'm really grateful NOW that somehow somebody BACK THEN, forced me for ballet lessons. Haha. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have learn so much now. And fyi, Polina Seminova is the greatest Ballerina I've ever seen ( yeah, I've been repeating this over and over again but I cant help it)
Now, you judge my words.

see?Toldja. And I'm so gonna get those abs one day. Ahh, sit ups. RIGHT NOW.

I'll be flauting pictures of my abs instead of hers then ;) Wait for the good news :D