Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Much apologies.

Hello< Magdalene. Are you a top-rated model by now? Btw, how did you do Bio?

Hi teacher!!!!!
i miss you so much
Im really sorry i didnt do well in bio:(
i got a B+
im so sorry

Thanks, I miss the crazy girls too. Dont worry too m much abt the results. You have a lot of time to prove yourself :)

Im so sorry teacher. Im still gonna take Biology in my SAM. I'm gonna prove that I can do better! :D

See you around (in facebook). Got to go now. All the best and keep dancing/modeling/studying. Cheers

Thankyou teacher! take care. <3

I was so happy when I got this fb pop-out chat from Puan Jeya. I respect her alot. Despite having the craziest and most noisy/busybody/greedy/you name it bunch of Girls, she taught us the best and we definitely had the most amazing time ever with her;) I remember those times when she'll treat us Murukus during Deepavali, Pizzas before school holidays starts (which is missed-damn it), gave us Souvenirs when she had a week holiday in Vietnam and uhm, I've tasted the BEST BLUEBERRY TART ever! (which she claimed that it was handmade- we got the bakery's number in the end) HAHA so yeah ;)

Yep. Definitely gonna prove that I could do better;)


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