Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why never straight A's? or at least aiyyyttt?

I'm feeling really insecure right now. I could sense something negative. Oh please dont. Not ME.

You know, its really not a good thing when you actually dreamt of something twice like srsly! What more if it relates to your SPM RESULT. whaddaheck man.

FIRST TIME: I only had an A which was for the paper where i did the SILLIEST MISTAKE. Ohmy.I swear. I feel like giving myself two tight slaps. *Dush dush* sound more like punches. haha.

SECOND TIME: I only had 4 A's and failed the rest. Ohmygod. How can I fail? Well, if you're talking about Additional Maths then its logical but the rest? My My My.

I am really gettin paranoid with all these wierdass dreams. And results are coming out like when? In 5 days time? ahaha. How awesome right. Time flies. I've been slacking around for 3 Months man. Thats not a short period. Haha. And right now, its time to study my ass off again ;)

For now,

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