Friday, January 29, 2010


Practically, nothing changed.

But the people who're used to be around, have gone to nowhere. Grandma's room's all empty now. I could feel her presence earlier in the house. I was sweeping the floor and somehow I could feel her presence. I am not joking.

Back then, I was a very mischievous and rebellious lil girl. I would dress up my barbie like an Ultraman and force her to do splits over and over again. Yes, one wierd kid i was. well, used to be ;) And once the clock strucks 9.30pm ( yes, its not even midnight yett), grandma would step out into the living room with the thickest and longest cane to call me to bed. Haha.

And who knows? The time was up, for Popo :( She was found diagnosed with the Final Stage of Lung Cancer. Since then, I changed totally. I made my own bed, I walk to the toilet alone ( i never had the courage to go toilet alone you see ), and I became the most independant child in Ipoh. I guess? haha. well anyway, yeah.

I think Grandma is right here with me. Protecting us. She's the true angel of our Family. I love you popo:) Mm moi da ngo geh si fat jor la. hehe.

Idk why I suddenly had the urge to blog about this. Something triggered my 'I miss grandma button'. HAHA.

oh yea and.

Why is Ipoh's weather so fucking hot? :/

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Camobabies ;)

The precious of our Wang family. HAHA. Lets hope his camwhoring skills wouldnt lead him to a gay-er him. HAHA.

Anyway, he is so so so sooo adorable. He loves the ENTER button. Very hyper baby i tell you.

As you scroll down, do you realise he goes HEYY. THATS ME IN THE SCREEEN. WOW. I LOOK GOOD. TEEHEHEHEHE. yeah like that. haha :D

He eats alott. Lil monster in the house. haha.
Nom Nom Nom.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weeee Hehehehehe.

He's just so adorable. Wait till you hear him babytalk ;)
woots. droppin by Ipoh for 4days. How're things back there?
Ipoh mag Mali ;D
sealed with honey coated kiss.

Monday, January 25, 2010


ever experienced the most crucial eyebrow trimming? haha.

I just had mine today. And the pain was unbearable. Okay, it wasn't that unbearable (or else I would have been dead by now but Painful lah ok)

The Chinese saying 'oi leng mm oi meng' ( Beauty is the utmost important, nothing comes beyond it ) Pretty true tho. Tell this to the girls.

Uhm, I had a boring Monday. Anyway, this 'eyebrow trimmin' thing is located somewhere in CashRiver/Sg. Wang. And my title above referred to the gay guy who trimmed it for me. Phillipino ;) AKU CINTA SAMA KAMOOO, Magendaaaaaa! haha.

The shot below, if you see my brows, its actually in shape now. HAHA. Thank god ;) Oh and Syuhada Z, there you go. Took this just for you. HAHA ;)

My gums bleed. HELP.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

wayyy to great?


Ever wondered how life's gonna be? God wants the BEST for us. And when he has given, you gotta do your part. & I, I'm in the midst of ' NOTHING'. I had a great time catching up with my high school mates. Well, it wasn't that GREATTT but acceptable ;)

Anyway, I'm still slacking around with those goddamn curfews. wth man. Curfews and all. Imma kid or somethin? You ask my dad. He's one wierd fella. & never fail to catch his Dinper (dinner+supper).

Know what, I'm sick of all these. Just let me be who I want. Why the heck are you pullin me back? pfft.

I got a lesson today. Never take bullshit ;D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Molly Sheaaatt

Very very unproductive day today. Srsly, I NEED TO GET A LIFE. HAHA.

Snacks filled in my boredom. Heh. Hey, thats bad. Very very unhealthy mag. Okay. Few rounds of jogging will cut em off ;)

I actually felt so effin slim this morning. Serious! haha. Not self-praise. But right now, I feel like having a 800pounds body :S *shivers* I dont wanna imagine that man. NO WAY. Dont you dare say a YES WAY. haha.

wtf? I'm so lifeless man, right now. Srsly. Sheaaat.

Much apology if this picture disguised you. HAHAH!
Guys, what if ALL girls have big @$$es like this after having sex?
Like, yeah. It just grows drastically after your intercourse.

Yes. Somebody just activated my HYPERACTIVE mode :/ sorry. haha. & thats what happen when BOREDOM strikes. Somehow, i just GOOGLED fat women. and there you go. the DISGUSTING picture above.

what? I WAS BORED.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paranoid? just a lil.

Alrighty. Its 1.35am right now and I'm still wide awake. can't sleep lah, what can i do? haha.

What was that book again? Awaken smtg smtg? shit. gotta check that out. I forgot the title, again. Short term memory. heh.

Sometimes I really do wonder. How the hell people make so much of $$$ man? And afford a 'super-heels' (thats what i call em) which costs a BOMB! hmm. prolly God loved em. And i think, God loves me too. Haha. Shit what am i even talkin abt?? -.-

The pain's coming back. Time to? HIT THE SACK! bill says.

Ohsheat! No please. I just want a good night sleep. Not againn.

Monday, January 18, 2010

a bitch who admits herself as one.

You know what? Sometimes I get easily annoyed with girls who thinks they're so super hot. Ohpuhlease. And frankly, I DO NOT THINK SO. DO NOT. ( some really do look hot but some are like too-hard-trying-&-failed )

And there's this particular girl. She really thinks she's a star. But to me, she's way far from that man. WAY WAY FAR. She's still got miles to run y'know. And she fags like mad. She thinks she's so tall, so what man? Stop being sucha fucktard. Am so sorry, but atm i feel so so annoyed with her you see. HAHAH.

I used to think she's hot at the first glance but boyy. You're too much. Its like you're so heavy and thats enough already. Try somethin else girl.

damn it. why am i even blogging about this?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


updates yo'.

Just got back from KL. I'm all worn out. Srsly, I need some sleep man. Gonna sleep with mum again. Thanks to the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. i swear I'll never watch anything like that anymore.

Anyway, had a few daddrop sessions & I guess its still not enough. Mua booties. Haven't got em :/

The flight i took was pretty fast. I was just halfway reading my magazine and they announced about the arrival at KLIA. ahah. I'm so gonna do this again next time. Precious time, not wasted. HAH.

Nothing much to say. I'm havin a very serious headache and its fckin killing me. Took a couple of tablets, still didnt help. I guess i need mua beauty sleep.

spent some time at Chilis and La Bodega. Pretty places. and I found out something. Never leave your precious babycar at the paria Valets. Not a good idea. HAHA.

daiquiri. strawberry flavoured.
Not bad but the heatiness couldnt go until the next day. Proves how low my
alcohol tolerance is. muahaha.

La Senza.
Mind the pose. This was totally random ;D

Mua stepbrother.
OH no no no. I didnt POKE him. He rested his chubby face on my fingers ;)
I ain't that evil okay.

Anyways, I need my sleep. Fever's coming :/

Friday, January 8, 2010


I really need a job right now. Or at least something for me to do. Probably something routinal. I'm not desperate for the Cash. I'm just FREAKING ROTTING AT HOME. Somehow, I haven't miss schooling, Not Just Yet. Haha. The croupier job i've got, REJECTED. And i found an super awesome job in KL. 8 bucks per hour and I only have to work 10 days per month. Very good pay, at least for me it is ;) But Mum didnt want me to go so far, since I've just set my butt here. Pfft.

Wake up late noon. Eat. Tv.Shopping.(NO FRIENDS).Web.Sleep.

Wow. My life is so fucking happening. Yes. I mean Fucking.

where the heck is my boyfriend. because i miss him like goddamnit-you'll-never-imagine how much i do. TERRENCE TING, come back to me. by my side, everyday.

I bought two bras. Pink and purple. HAHA. idk why im telling this, but hey. whats wrong with that. and hey baby, are you reading this right now? SC! ;)

My blog is so boring and I don't even care. And whoever's reading it, i did not ask you to. Oh yea. Another thing. I so fucking hate those girls who goes IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, BACK OFF. or err.. IM TOO AWESOME SO YOU'RE JEALOUS or even err.. IM LIKE ANGRY FOR 576474628492347923473 TIMES. damn it. whats your fucking problem. Doublefuckyou man.

Srsly? get a life.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Fag? Sometimes I long for that,
Especially when I'm all alone in the summer.
Without YOU by my side, thats so hard to live.
And the rest, don't be sucha quidnunc.
Just let me be who I want.
And recently,
I've fornaled so much.
Mum's nagging me to death.
But how could i goddamn resist?
All the sales and supernice clothes around.
I need Cash.
I need Dad.
Just for now.


I'm quite adaptable ey. It isn't that bad afterall. I have mum, sis, dad, Tiff, and etc. Sigh.

Damn it. Its boring here okay! Everything turned upside down. I'm like a vampire now. I sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning and wake up at 1 noon. And yeahh, wait for time to come. And do the same old thing over and over again -.-

Nevermind. Things will soon be better, I've sensed it ;) Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? I'm still deciding. Mum wants me to go S'pore so real badly. HAHAH. How about Mediacorp in Singapore? LOL!

I've been feeling so strange lately. And a lil hot-tempered at times. Tell me about having high dudgeon (resentful anger).

Ohwell well. Let it be.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


And yeah. School started and I was wondering. Hey, I'm at a legal age for most stuffs. I'm street legal, I'm most-stuffs-legal. what the heck am i even talking about? sheesh.

I'm in sucha dilemma right now. Being apart from the Boyf is definitely not a very good thing. Well, i must bow to God's will & I shall. Everyday, I'm waiting for the next. Do you get what I mean? I srsly need some time to think about what i'm really gonna do. I've got a job in Genting but UNFORTUNATELY, dad said NO. Then why for I went for the interview mann? -.-

I HATE THE PEOPLE HERE, apart from my family. I had to. They're like ohmigosh. Just look at how the girls even dress up like. Man, just let me puke! Srsly. Dont come here. Okay, its not that bad. Maybe its just the urge of wanting to be back in Ipoh that made me blurt out such things. URGH. I want to leave this goddamn state. Singapore is prolly much better than here, I'm sure.

Whatever. I am so not in the mood right now. DO YOU KNOW!

Btw, went to Danga Bay with tiff the other day. we tried the Italian cuisine. It was filling and delicious ;) Screw the uploader srsly. I needed 30minutes to upload 2 goddamn pictures. I eventually gave up -.-

I went to the Bay so yeah. Supposingly, this is the bay? LOL.
The view wasn't bad but, nevermind. I don't wanna
complain any further. mehh.

We had a ride on the rented bicycle along the Bay.
That was the only interesting part of the visit. I'm not mean, srsly.
Yeah, thats tiffany.

Mum didnt want me to work in KL. WHY MUM WHY! my workplace was supposingly right in MidValley, top floors where all the office are. WHY MUM! -.-
& Dad wants me to stay with him after the new house is fully renovated. WHY DAD WHY!
Srsly, so much chaos and fuss here. I just wanna be AWAY from all these. AWAY!