Sunday, January 17, 2010


updates yo'.

Just got back from KL. I'm all worn out. Srsly, I need some sleep man. Gonna sleep with mum again. Thanks to the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. i swear I'll never watch anything like that anymore.

Anyway, had a few daddrop sessions & I guess its still not enough. Mua booties. Haven't got em :/

The flight i took was pretty fast. I was just halfway reading my magazine and they announced about the arrival at KLIA. ahah. I'm so gonna do this again next time. Precious time, not wasted. HAH.

Nothing much to say. I'm havin a very serious headache and its fckin killing me. Took a couple of tablets, still didnt help. I guess i need mua beauty sleep.

spent some time at Chilis and La Bodega. Pretty places. and I found out something. Never leave your precious babycar at the paria Valets. Not a good idea. HAHA.

daiquiri. strawberry flavoured.
Not bad but the heatiness couldnt go until the next day. Proves how low my
alcohol tolerance is. muahaha.

La Senza.
Mind the pose. This was totally random ;D

Mua stepbrother.
OH no no no. I didnt POKE him. He rested his chubby face on my fingers ;)
I ain't that evil okay.

Anyways, I need my sleep. Fever's coming :/

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