Friday, March 22, 2013

FMFA 2013

*no guarantee that the author is completely sober or mentally stable while writing this post. be prepared to encounter nonsensical statements throughout this post. 

Last week - today, I was frantically going thru my wardrobe thinking of what to wear to the rave. And phone wouldn't stop buzzing ; everyone was so bloody excited for FMFA! (duh). Good thing that I didn't drive there this time around. Thank god for amazing friends who actually took the time to plan for transportations. Because we all know about the whole parking conundrum in Sepang. Had the driver dropped us off right at the entrance! Talk about efficiency ;) 

If you're wondering why I'm kickstarting the post with a picture of my arse and silly Andy - well, I don't know why either. Not that I find it attractive - but just thought it would be much more eye-catching than a picture of ... er, the ticket? Oh - now I recall. We had this conversation about my 'arse' (yup, as in buttock/backside/butt/whatever else you call it) and I am typically very conservative. Therefore, the THREE pictures below were taken with quite a lot of effort ( by positioning my body and arse so they don't look too gigantic). I think ... you get my point, or maybe not. ANYWAY! Picture's taken during the pre-FMFA party at iDarts Hex, Scotts Garden. 

Special thanks to Asahi Malaysia & iDarts Malaysia for the VIP tickets! Had such a blast partying thru the night with world class music, and of course - my crazy party people x Wouldn't have my Friday celebrated any other way, really! Everything went well except for the 2 hour traffic which we endured prior to the rave. Well, 300 000 tickets SOLD OUT - what else could've happen if not the massive traffic headed towards Sepang right? 

Livvy x B 
Livvy x Jo 
Livvy x Yours truly 
Clarrissa x yours truly x Livvy x Jo x Fay 
B x yours truly x Livvy x (i cant remember) x Fay x DJ Bento 
Livvy x Paul x yours truly 

The night ended with 10 packets of maggie goreng, 5 roti telur & 5 roti canai - which I politely declined for taking ( AT FIRST) but ended up .. taking 2 packets home, and happily walloped em BEFORE BED! Guilty as charged -.- 

(but OH MY GOD, the maggie goreng was so damn good! no regrets :p ) 

The best part has yet to come. I remember waking up to an alarm ( had to rush for an important shoot by noon), and hence rushing and ransacking the house just so I could pack in time. And WHO KNEW.. WHO KNEW.. that I would actually trip and fell off the stairs - IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME?! ( even the doctor scratched his head) 

"How did you fall?" 

"Uhm, tripped and fell off the stairs, at home" 


Ask me no more! Yes - yet another episode of 'Maggy Mishap'. I am forever cursed with the CLUMSY spell -.-" I didn't know the fall would actually end up THIS bad. Not until the lump decided to bulge to the extend that my friend actually thought I had TWO knees, eww! And the bruise and swell did NOT happen until TWO days after the incident. 

Well, thank God I survived the week despite all the limping and pain. It's no longer as badly bruised but its still not very nice to look at! Thinking twice about attending Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge tomorrow night. Too shy to be wearing my new dress with the ugly swell/bruise! :( But if I happen to be there, will see you guys then! x 

Nonetheless, last week was such a blast at ASOT 600 KL. Kuala Lumpur is indeed stepping up a notch in terms of organizing parties/raves/concerts. Apparently Demi Lovato is in town too! I must admit though - I really can't keep up :P 

If you're partying this weekend - make sure you drive safe & party responsibly! xx 

Till then  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wishes & Dreams by BEBE


How often do we actually get our wishes and dreams fulfilled? How often do we even wish and dream for something? Well, I am probably the most ambitious person on the planet and by that, I mean .. I can wish and dream of the most impossible/outrageous/out of this world thing at anytime and anywhere. I kid you not :P Well, if you are (so happen) to share this incredible trait with me .. then read on ;) 

I don't mean to brag but, I somehow find myself to be constantly showered with blessings (don't wanna jinx it but I truly am thankful and blessed!) and this time, I totally chanced upon this opportunity that most people would literally WISH & DREAM for! And 'what exactly is it?' you may ask. Well, that I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

If I told you that it was my magical BEBE perfume that did the trick, would you believe me? ;) 

If I told you that it was the floral, fresh spicy, fruity and a touch of sensual woodscent that made me go into my deep sleep and hence, dreamt of what was supposed to be my lifelong wish and dream.. would you believe me? 

If you told you it was the 'infinity' symbol which also means eternal beauty and youth, that became my good luck charm .. would you believe me? Don't we all wish and dream for eternal beauty and youth? 

I'd say - YES YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ME! Afterall, wishes and dreams existed purely because of our human instincts, our believe in the Universe and our wholesome trust in everything that escalates our imagination far and beyond, no? 

First thing first, let me take you for a lil tour around the Wishes & Dreams that I personally experienced, just last weekend! And of course, along with my little bottle of magic potion ;) 

Philosophical talk aside, let's just talk a look at this bottle of sass, spice and everything nice! Ladies, I'm sure this bottle could come in handy especially during your first dates or even anniversaries. I find this perfume extremely eye-catching ; mainly because of the design of the bottle. Absolute love to the intricate design with a twist of sparking diamonds which embodies feminism and romanticism. How often do you come across perfume bottles as unique as this? With diamonds embellished along the the 'infinity' symbol, its high time you add some spark to your day with this wonderful bottle of wishes and dreams. I'm pretty sure your man would love it, because mine did! ;) 

For the men, if you're having a tough time picking which perfume to gift your loved one. You've come to your ultimate solution! This bottle of Wishes & Dreams by BEBE will leave you and your woman wanting for more. Make sure you spray some on her neck and tell her how good she smells ;) And after that.. it's all the magic of Wishes and Dreams! Trust me, I know ;) 

Well, if you're still wondering what exactly I wished and dreamed for ; I won't tell you just yet but for now, head over to the nearest Sephora, JuscoMetrojaya and Robinsons to get hold of your own bottle of Wishes and Dreams by BEBE. Priced at only RM 235 per bottle.  Like I said, it will only make you wish and dream for more ;) 

I've got my own bottle of Wishes & Dreams, and I shall urge you ladies ( men, take some initiatives!) to get yours too ;) This little magic potion really does wonder! xx 

"The composition is developed by Patricia Choux. Its opening bursts with juicy notes of bergamot, coral freesia and French pear. Voluptuous flowers in the heart include jasmine, wild violet and osmanthus. Opulent notes of exotic woods, musk and patchouli form a trail in the base. " - Fragrantica. 

"The bottle itself made me fall in love at first sight! I am absolutely in love with the intricate design, with a twist of sparkling diamonds embellished along the 'infinity' symbol. How often do we even come across a perfume bottle as unique as this?" - Yours Truly 

I've said whatever needs to be said. Why don't you get yourself a bottle of Wishes & Dreams by BEBE now at the nearest Sephora, Jusco, Metrojaya and Robinsons? It's definitely worth the buy! 

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to find out what exactly did happen to me and my little bottle of magic potion! Well, one thing for sure - one of my many Wishes & Dreams has been taken off the list! ;) 

Here's to fulfilling more Wishes & Dreams, my beautiful ladies 

Till then! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Esquire Malaysia | Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman

As the title intends, this particular post is going to be so full of myself, and Chelsea *inserts pouty emoticon. It was so much fun shooting for Esquire Malaysia's March Mediagenic issue. We definitely enjoyed ourselves throughout the shoot. And of course, we were representing Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers (thank you so much Tim!).

"Nobody else has reaped the rewards of our mediagenic world more than the multitude of professional bloggers in Malaysia. It doesn’t hurt that some are really good-looking. We feature two of the hottest." - Esquire Malaysia 

I'm flattered beyond words. And frankly, that statement above .. just made me felt like "After all these years of blogging, it has finally paid off!". Such an honor to be called one of the two hottest bloggers in Malaysia. But then again, beauty is skin deep and I believe there are many other bloggers out there who also writes really well.. but have never gotten the chance to be acknowledged or known for what they do best. You know what? Email & who knows? Your career as a blogger may just escalate far and beyond! :) 

That aside..

To be honest though, this is probably one of the most revealing, sultry or sexy shoot that I've done for a magazine ( god knows how many people have already seen my bulging tummy - yes, the shoot was done during my 'bloating' season, pfft! #girlsproblem ). But nonetheless, I was really happy when I saw the spread. It turned out to be .. pretty good *cringe. I hate self-praising because afterall .. self-praise is no praise, but but but.. I REALLY LOVED HOW THE SHOOT TURNED OUT TO BE. Kudos to the amazing team behind Esquire Malaysia. 

They were all so welcoming. Boy, I was so busy chatting with the crew that the make-up artist, Shawn had to remind me for my turn. Of course, they made me feel extremely comfortable despite my inner 'inferiority' almost took over.. but all went well! *thank God. Thank you so much guys! Hope to see y'all in the near future ;) 

Make-up by Shawn Goh 

Apparently we were supposed to look like Twin Bloggers (slash, Twin Towers). Since I have super bushy and thick eyebrows, the make-up artist had to thicken Chelsea's as well. And trust me, the entire process was just hilarious b'cus we kept comparing ourselves (eg. if our faces were symmetrical enough, if brows were thick enough, if our nose had enough shadings etc.) The verdict - we didn't quite manage to grasps the idea of "Twin Bloggers" because we were both so different! But you know what, I thought we worked really well together, just like yin & yang. Took us a little while to warm up, but as soon as we got the oomph.. oh yes. WE GOT THE SHOT within minutes ;) 

Special shoutout to Eugene and Tim for the opportunity to grace the magazine's page, along with Chelsea. And also not forgetting the super fun and witty photographer Eric Chow and the rest of the Esquire team! You guys were such great sports and amazing people to work with. Really looking forward to see you guys in the next event ! xx 

Also, check out the video on VIMEO here -> where I arm and thumb wrestle with Chelsea. Please don't mind my laugh. I blame the adrenaline rush :P Watch to find out who won both the battles :) 

Also, I've uploaded the second episode of my VLOG as well (thumbnail above) which includes my THANK YOU MESSAGE to the team. You can watch it by clicking on this link ->

It's almost the mid of March, and if you haven't gotten your copy of Esquire's March Mediagenic Issue then go grab em on the newsstands now! :) Just so you know, this is also my birthday month so I really have no better way to kickstart my March this year ( already mentioned in my VLOG - go watch it aite?) Anyway, for more details check out and if you want to find out more on the segment I was featured in - go under "WOMEN" > "FUNNY JOKE FROM A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN".  

This was a post-shoot selca. Anyway, I hope you liked my dumb blonde joke but if you don't - (THANK GOD FOR ESQUIRE'S DISCLAIMER! HAHA). 

"Esquire cannot guarantee that this joke will be funny to everyone"

Trust me, I suck at giving jokes but this was one of the few I came across and I somehow knew that I was going to take it. 

You know what, this post is getting a tad too lengthy from what I planned. It's goodbye for now. More updates and posts lined up for this month! 

Till then

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fit Fun Facts

Have you been working out? Or at least, avoiding all things oily and sweet? Well, if you haven't - maybe you should start adopting a healthier lifestyle. Not only for a better figure, but a happier you as well! Trust me, it's a very satisfying and indescribable feeling to be on the 'fit and fab' bandwagon ;) You don't need to spend 1-2 hours in the gym everyday. NOBODY'S FORCING YOU HUNNY. But, perhaps.. just do a little mediating or just go for a walk in the park.. or maybe just go on a detox once a month? Yes, its all these little thoughts that counts :) 

It really does depend on your self determination as to.. how far you can go or rather how much time you would sacrifice for a healthier and better you. BUT, if you do not have a positive mindset then don't waste your time. Before you begin, you need to set a POSITIVE mindset, and the body will eventually follow :) 

Came across this online magazine the other day and thought that I should share these fun tips with you! Hope you'll gain something out of these and, start making a change to your lifestyle! Don't need to be MAJOR ones, take baby steps ;) 

Fruits contain vitamins and fibre that's essential to your body. Start stocking up on your FRUITS! 
If your destination is just a stone's throw away, perhaps you could opt for walking? Maybe? ;) 
SAVE MOTHER EARTH : Reuse, reduce & recycle ! 
How ironic? I am lactose intolerant myself but I still love ICE CREAMS! All these guilty pleasures :(
Ladies, if you love ZUMBA - KEEP IT UP! :) 

Besides food consumption, workout routines and a positive mindset, SUFFICIENT REST AND A GOODNIGHT SLEEP is the ULTIMATE KEY to a healthy lifestyle! Without rest, your body would feel fatigue will not function efficiently. Even after a workout session, your muscles need to rest and rebuild their tissues. Hence, SLEEP is when all these things start working. Heard of beauty sleep? It's true! :) 

I guess you could see the differences when you start staying up late. Zits and pimples wouldn't spare you and our self-proclaimed "enemy"- eyebags! That's why SLEEP is so essential to our everyday lives. Regardless of how badly you want to finish up your task , if you don't have enough rest - you can't give it your 101%. Therefore, make sure you sleep enough! By the way, just to clarify that I am not advocating being a "couch potato" here. 6-8 hours would just suffice depending on your lifestyle :) 

I do understand that most of you have hectic work schedules and sometimes, it's just impossible to rest that much. Heard of power nap? That could do the job too! Afterall, we are only human. Whatever it is that we do, rest is absolutely inevitable :) 

I'll try to post up some workout routines soon. My reason for the delay is that.. I tend to feel shy to take photos of myself working out in the gym. I really dont know how some girls 'self-cam' in the gym ALL THE TIME! Something that I've yet to comprehend. NO OFFENCE!

*p/s : I've tried doing it once or twice and that was done in the most 'mission impossible' way, ever! HAHA. Maybe I should opt for a better idea. Set-up a HOME GYM, maybe? :) 

Will try to update you guys as often as I can! 

Till then 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

VLOG Entry #2

Farewell February, and HELLO MARCH! :) 

I've just made a new VLOG on my Vimeo account. Its the official second entry and I hope you like it :) 

I've done most of the talking in the short vid, so I'll just keep it short and sweet here :) 

Again, the picture below isn't the video but just the thumbnail so... you've gotta click on ME below to get to the video aite ;) 


It's just mostly me talking but I have a sneak peak of my shoot with Esquire Magazine in this month's issue! As well as some shoutout the the amazing team.

Will be updating this space as often as I can :)

Much love! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta Fry

I vow to update my blog as often as I can. But then again, its easier said than done.

Just recovered from a week of major fatigue, fever, flu and everything else. To be honest, I myself had no idea what was happening to my body. There was one night my tummy was hurting so bad ( like as thought somebody was stabbing right into my stomach while I'm asleep), dragged myself to the bathroom (and nothing happened, weird), tried walking back to my bed and then.. I BLACKED OUT. Damnit. My legs went jello and I swear, I tried walking/dragging/crawling myself back to bed, I couldn't. God knows what happened ( I reckon it was the legs routine I had the day before, but still!). I survived the night, anyway. 

Been extremely ( not really, just a tad actually) busy with training, work, and prepping for my semester which is resuming next week. Oh my hamburger! Just when I'm starting to get comfortable bumming around .. (happens all the time!) *pfffft! 

I've got a few posts line-up for this month. And I thought maybe I should kick off with a string of my Instagram pictures (its @magdelinewang by the way). Just some snippets of what my past couple of weeks have been. 

There's too much to brief you about. It's not like you would want to know the details anyway. And hence, these pictures. 

Really, thank God for Instagram! x 

Yup, we don't look alike. 
CNY open house at Andrea's with Jenhan & Luxanne 
Loafers and studded pumps B and Rachel got me from Taiwan. Love them! 
Been trying some juicing lately. 
Also been working out.. pretty, hard. 
Researching on Hollywood, as well.. 
Inspiring quote that I stumbled upon. I think THIS would change my life.
Casted for a pretty interesting role. Fingers double crossed! 
I am deeply in love with these kicks. I'm not even kidding.
My new header! I drew/wrote them free-handedly, by the way ;P  #soproud 

And by the way, my featured issue with Esquire Malaysia is out on newsstands now! It's in the Men At His Best (MaHB) segment, page 44 if I'm not wrong. Will blog about it soon with some Behind The Scenes pictures ;) 

Hope you like my joke ;) 

And by the way. I named this post INSTA FRY solely because I seriously ran out of ideas when it comes to titling random posts. Since its FRYday and photos are mostly from INSTAgram. Hence ;) 

Till then