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Esquire Malaysia | Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman

As the title intends, this particular post is going to be so full of myself, and Chelsea *inserts pouty emoticon. It was so much fun shooting for Esquire Malaysia's March Mediagenic issue. We definitely enjoyed ourselves throughout the shoot. And of course, we were representing Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers (thank you so much Tim!).

"Nobody else has reaped the rewards of our mediagenic world more than the multitude of professional bloggers in Malaysia. It doesn’t hurt that some are really good-looking. We feature two of the hottest." - Esquire Malaysia 

I'm flattered beyond words. And frankly, that statement above .. just made me felt like "After all these years of blogging, it has finally paid off!". Such an honor to be called one of the two hottest bloggers in Malaysia. But then again, beauty is skin deep and I believe there are many other bloggers out there who also writes really well.. but have never gotten the chance to be acknowledged or known for what they do best. You know what? Email & who knows? Your career as a blogger may just escalate far and beyond! :) 

That aside..

To be honest though, this is probably one of the most revealing, sultry or sexy shoot that I've done for a magazine ( god knows how many people have already seen my bulging tummy - yes, the shoot was done during my 'bloating' season, pfft! #girlsproblem ). But nonetheless, I was really happy when I saw the spread. It turned out to be .. pretty good *cringe. I hate self-praising because afterall .. self-praise is no praise, but but but.. I REALLY LOVED HOW THE SHOOT TURNED OUT TO BE. Kudos to the amazing team behind Esquire Malaysia. 

They were all so welcoming. Boy, I was so busy chatting with the crew that the make-up artist, Shawn had to remind me for my turn. Of course, they made me feel extremely comfortable despite my inner 'inferiority' almost took over.. but all went well! *thank God. Thank you so much guys! Hope to see y'all in the near future ;) 

Make-up by Shawn Goh 

Apparently we were supposed to look like Twin Bloggers (slash, Twin Towers). Since I have super bushy and thick eyebrows, the make-up artist had to thicken Chelsea's as well. And trust me, the entire process was just hilarious b'cus we kept comparing ourselves (eg. if our faces were symmetrical enough, if brows were thick enough, if our nose had enough shadings etc.) The verdict - we didn't quite manage to grasps the idea of "Twin Bloggers" because we were both so different! But you know what, I thought we worked really well together, just like yin & yang. Took us a little while to warm up, but as soon as we got the oomph.. oh yes. WE GOT THE SHOT within minutes ;) 

Special shoutout to Eugene and Tim for the opportunity to grace the magazine's page, along with Chelsea. And also not forgetting the super fun and witty photographer Eric Chow and the rest of the Esquire team! You guys were such great sports and amazing people to work with. Really looking forward to see you guys in the next event ! xx 

Also, check out the video on VIMEO here -> where I arm and thumb wrestle with Chelsea. Please don't mind my laugh. I blame the adrenaline rush :P Watch to find out who won both the battles :) 

Also, I've uploaded the second episode of my VLOG as well (thumbnail above) which includes my THANK YOU MESSAGE to the team. You can watch it by clicking on this link ->

It's almost the mid of March, and if you haven't gotten your copy of Esquire's March Mediagenic Issue then go grab em on the newsstands now! :) Just so you know, this is also my birthday month so I really have no better way to kickstart my March this year ( already mentioned in my VLOG - go watch it aite?) Anyway, for more details check out and if you want to find out more on the segment I was featured in - go under "WOMEN" > "FUNNY JOKE FROM A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN".  

This was a post-shoot selca. Anyway, I hope you liked my dumb blonde joke but if you don't - (THANK GOD FOR ESQUIRE'S DISCLAIMER! HAHA). 

"Esquire cannot guarantee that this joke will be funny to everyone"

Trust me, I suck at giving jokes but this was one of the few I came across and I somehow knew that I was going to take it. 

You know what, this post is getting a tad too lengthy from what I planned. It's goodbye for now. More updates and posts lined up for this month! 

Till then

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