Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fate? Haha. I'm sure.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice.
But fallin in love with you, was something i had no control over.

What do you say?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I worship you.

"The strongest man in the world is he who stand most alone"
Henrik Ibsen

You have us. We'll stand by you, till death do us apart.

"He who gains victory over other men is strong; but he who gains victory over himself is all powerful"
Lao Tzu

I'm so proud of you mummy!

Beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.

Should I say more?


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Howdy y'all!

Hey its August, MERDEKA month! Wave your flag! haha. Patriotic much?

Anyways, life's been pretty dull these days ( or perhaps its just because I don't get to go out on a saturday night!) Not complaining :p

And Daddy Wang is back for the weekend- another contributing factor. So highschool ain't it? Sad but true. For the fact that I've just turned 18 a couple of months ago. Oh well.

Had this sudden urge to blog. Reasons? Not that I know of. I just know that i have this tendency of talking bullcraps when it comes to blogging. Shitty stuffs, heh.

Anyways, a lil something to update.

Remember the photoshoot that I attended couple of months ago?
Yes, the issue is out. Didnt know until Dorothy called me and went ' HEY YOUR ISSUE IS OUT!'

Not like I'm on the front cover or whatnot right. haha. Ohwell, whatever it is.
Yep its out. Check it out at your nearest bookstore!
(gosh, I'm sounding too much like an advertorial)

Seventeen September's Issue.

Thats Joy, the fashion writer on my left, your right :)
She's really nice.

Don't be surprised to see me turn 21 ( momentarily)
Age doesn't really matter does it?

& I'd like to thank Seventeen Mag for callin me in for the second time. Awe-insipiring experience :) Though i don't really dress up like that in reality. Nonetheless, loved it :)

So in the mean time, I'm TWENTY-ONE. So, who's up for the birthday bash?


Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Laugh as long as you breathe, and love as long as you live."

Hello readers. How have you been today?
Gloomy day? or a happy bubbly day?

Life's never been better.
How i wish I could snap every single happening and reminisce everyday.

Well, nothing's impossible as long as you have the will.

& I have.

Take a look.
Btw, there's a very cute Siberian Husky puppy in there somewhere.
BEWARE! She bites :P

A Note to God.

Oh, the sudden gaiety ;)

In case you didnt know, Gaiety - the state of being lighthearted or cheerful.

Ciao for now. Seeyou soon!

Btw, grab an issue of Seventeen Magazine (Sept.) today! *hints.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



How do you feel when people around wouldn't stop laughing for every single word that you utter? Pathethic much?

Tell you what.

I feel like a monster.


Monday, August 9, 2010

To my astonishment!

remember the CLINIQUE STAR TOUR that i was rambling about previously?

Yeah its back. And this time down to the semi-finalist that have been shortlisted.
And like i said, to my SURPISE,
I am one of the shortlisted semifinalist.

Now that the chances are narrowed down, well literally yeah,
who could resist RM5000 worth of Clinique products for a year and the chance to be on the cover of CLEO magazine right.

Don't gimme that look you. HAHA ;)

Now, if you're my friend, well it doesnt matter if you're not,
its always good to do some charity ay :p

I've actually made it simple for you guys.
Some guidelines in case you guys find it pretty troublesome. ITS AS EASY AS 123 !

step ONE:
log on to

step TWO:
Choose a location- Taylor's College Subang Jaya

step THREE:
you can even click on the pictures to check on the names.

step FOUR:
Submit your votes.

step FIVE:
Key in some details. Only your email is needed. Worry not, not much of a hassle!
step SIX:
Click on OK.

Now, if you're really a friend of mine, please do me this lil favor :)
Winning doesnt really matter. At least i tried, and i had fun.
Thankyou guys!

voting ends on the 20th August 2010. Time is indeed running out.


p/s: Apparently, the website is working really slow.But i've just log onto it. Seemed to be alright. Looks like the error have been restored! What are you waiting for?

and not forgetting to include me :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love or merely lust?

I'd say BOTH!

Yes, its us again. the Bill & the Mag.
(omg, our names are actually nouns, if you realise. HAHA)

You shall be my inamorato for the rest of my life. Inseparable :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is definitely a late post - blame the assignments and tests and the never ending hurdles!

So, it was the MAD CHARITY CONCERT 2010. (well, not too much off a hoohaa)

The thought of going never did struck me until one fine day. Aha ;) Thanks Dorothy, for the Exclusive invitation. Appreciated it alot.

Ahh, i'm pretty sure you guys have had your daily dose of nonsensical blabblers. There's definitely no need of any further explanation. One word says it all, MADNESS!

Venue: Euphoria by MOS @ Sunway.
Date: 30th July 2010
Time: 7pm till LATE!

Hosted by Qi Razali & Megan Tan (the winner of 8Tv Quickie Host Search)

shots of the night.
Credits to photographer Kinu Wong & Dorothy Caitlin for the invitation ;)

The choreographer of the dance-drama event, Ms. Judimar Hernandez.

Tony Eusoff.


Host of the night, Qi Razali.

Miss Malaysia World, Miss Thanuja Ananthan.

Local artists.

Mizz Nina.

Megan and myself.

Its was no doubt, a night to remember!

So many beautiful people, so little time.

p/s: And not forgetting to remind myself that ' ITS TIME TO START OFF THE INTENSE DIET PLAN !'