Monday, August 9, 2010

To my astonishment!

remember the CLINIQUE STAR TOUR that i was rambling about previously?

Yeah its back. And this time down to the semi-finalist that have been shortlisted.
And like i said, to my SURPISE,
I am one of the shortlisted semifinalist.

Now that the chances are narrowed down, well literally yeah,
who could resist RM5000 worth of Clinique products for a year and the chance to be on the cover of CLEO magazine right.

Don't gimme that look you. HAHA ;)

Now, if you're my friend, well it doesnt matter if you're not,
its always good to do some charity ay :p

I've actually made it simple for you guys.
Some guidelines in case you guys find it pretty troublesome. ITS AS EASY AS 123 !

step ONE:
log on to

step TWO:
Choose a location- Taylor's College Subang Jaya

step THREE:
you can even click on the pictures to check on the names.

step FOUR:
Submit your votes.

step FIVE:
Key in some details. Only your email is needed. Worry not, not much of a hassle!
step SIX:
Click on OK.

Now, if you're really a friend of mine, please do me this lil favor :)
Winning doesnt really matter. At least i tried, and i had fun.
Thankyou guys!

voting ends on the 20th August 2010. Time is indeed running out.


p/s: Apparently, the website is working really slow.But i've just log onto it. Seemed to be alright. Looks like the error have been restored! What are you waiting for?

and not forgetting to include me :)

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