Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maggy Wears: COVETZ

I'm pretty sure COVETZ is no stranger to most of my followers/readers. One of my favorite go-to online boutique. I've said this again and again. But I really must say it again! The apparels from COVETZ are top-notch and the materials they use are, of great quality (duh!). Not gonna waste time blabbering, but do check out my previous post on COVETZ if you havent. 

This time around, I got myself 2 dresses for the different occasions I had. It was such a late minute request, but the amazing COVETZ team still managed to deliver it ON TIME. Ever greatful for such great sports! xx 

Remember my sneak peek shot on the dress couple of weeks ago? Yup! This is the one. I've always loved bare back dresses. But this one is something different as it is not over revealing in the front, just a slight cut-out at the back. Perfect for any occasion! If you don't want to show the back, just wear a pastel color cardigan and all's good. But the special feature of this dress is the cut-out back; so its best worn just like that! Not forgetting the subtle tutu fringe around the waistline. Feels like a baby ballerina all over again! 

" Oh no, grand event tonight and I've got no proper dress to wear! Maxi dresses? They're all too flowery :( How now brown cow? " 

 But this One Shoulder Maxi Dress with Kimono Sleeves  totally saved my night! Fashion saviour- COVETZ did it again :P Simple yet elegant. LESS IS MORE they say? Trust me, its extremely comfortable and easy to wear! Perfect for F-F Days. Yea, I totally meant FEEL FAT DAYS. You know what I mean ;) xx 

Two thumbs up to COVETZ! Lots of love xx 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maggy Wears: In House Fashion

In House Fashion Malaysia is an "international online Boutique featuring exclusively self manufactured ladies apparel for the benefit of Malaysian shoppers". It was a pleasant surprise when they approached me via my blog. I was given a few choices to choose from. No, let me rephrase. I was too spoilt for choices when I was told to pick the apparels. Go have a look at their website at  and then you'll get what I mean. Some of their items are specially manufactured for IHF's customers. 

From dresses, high-neck tops, peplum tops, aztec prints to neon clutches! 

I have been extremely occupied with assignments and the never-ending events happening in Klang Valley. Now I get why people say the busy KL-lites -.- Anyway, I am currently back in Johore for a short getaway from the hectic city buzz and hence, managed to did a mini shoot especially for these few outfits. Had no make-up on and that explains why most of the pictures are pretty much headless. 

I'm definitely looking forward to be PROPERLY donned in these pretty tops and dresses, as soon as I'm done with the pileloads of assignments #shitstudentsay 

#1. Lace Peplum Tube Top in Cream 
As ignorant as I am, I do notice the current craze for peplum tops. They look really cute and I think they go perfectly well with petite girls ( not giants like me -.- ). But nonetheless, managed to get myself 2 peplum tops and this is one of them. Find it really comfortable and actually very 'user friendly'. HAHA. Well, I mean.. it goes well with almost anything- a pair of shorts, jeans or even bodycon skirts. All the things you can experiment with a simple Peplum Top ;) But this one comes in very subtle creamy white color, just the way I like it. 

#2. Elda Peplum Top in Black 
My second peplum top with a peek-a-boo back. Absolutely love the material. Decided to go against the cliche girly peplum style, so I tried to wear it with a denim shorts and outerwear with a hiking boots. HAHA! ( Fashion police, I'm ready to be arrested). It actually blended pretty well I would say. Something different, but maybe I'll try pair it with a better pair of washed denim next ;) 

#3. Majella Race Back Dress 
It was love at first sight for me. And co-incidentally, the floral hype is back and this dress can be put into good use! Its racer back really does accentuate your body line - unlike the usual thick strapped dressed with A-line skirts. You can look more dashing to work with this Race Back Dress. Well, at least I think it'd make a cut to be worn to work ;P If you think its slightly too revealing for office wear or formal events, pair it with a beige or navy blazer! You're good to go baby :P 

I hate to say this but I think I make terrible decisions choosing outfits (sometimes) so.. please do not take my words for real/granted (depends on how you look at it). Always seek confirmation from your personal fashion consultants! HAHA. *troll 

And a little shoutout to In House Fashion for having faith in me! I'm falling in major love with the outfits and really am looking forward to their upcoming collections! 

Find out more about In House Fashion here:-

Contact   : Whatsapp/ Line them at 01116586408

Till then xx

P!NK Album Launch | The Truth About Love

Previously on mag-a-licious.. 

"P!nk is set to release her 6th studio album on the 18th September in both Standard and Deluxe version (with 4 bonus tracks) which will be available in all music stores nationwide. P!nk has teamed up with producer Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster The People & The Shins) for the very first time on this release along with long time collaborators Max Martin and Shellback, Billy Mann and Butch Walker. Also, she has worked with songwriter/producer Dan Wilson (Adele's Someone Like You). This album isP!nk's unique take on the different shades of love - the dark, the light, the happy and the sad. 

Her first single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" has exploded worldwide since it impacted the radio last two weeks. The single was co-written by P!nk along with producer Greg Kurstin. Having taken out of the limelight to start a family, the track's infectious melody and kick-ass lyrics have let the world know that P!nk is back at her absolute best! "

Feel the excitement y'all!! 

Yup, if you have been following my blog updates closely enough, then you should've participated in the P!NKSTAGRAM Campaign that happened last month. Well, to all the P!NK fans- yes her 6th album has just been released last week on the 18th of September 2012! Her latest album, The Truth About Love will be available in both Standard as well as the Deluxe version in the authorized retail outlet nationwide! Well, I myself will definitely be getting the Deluxe version. Hurry up before they run out! 

I will not keep this post too long because I'm pretty sure our fabulous Ms.P!NK needs no introduction! And you can refer to my previous blogpost on P!NK. I myself have been following her on her twitter account @P!NK and she just recently went on a holiday in Paris. Lovely! Perhaps she's on a little trip to find out The Truth About Love, no? But no doubt, we all know how loving she and her husband, Carey Hart is! He even had his leg tattoo-ed; not the conventional I LOVE YOU P!NK tattoo, but a portrait style skeletal that features P!nk with a black eye, with a fedora. Very very artsy I'd say! 

All I've gotta say is : be ready to be blown away by P!nk's unique take on the different shades of LOVE ( I know, we're all so close to saying GREY but let's share some love for now will ya? We can keep Christian Grey aside for now *wink). Let us all have a listen to what P!nk has to say about love - perhaps the dark, the light, the happy and the sad- which one can you relate to? This edgy 33-year-old has taken the music industry by storm. Whatever it is you say, her music is gonna stay! 

Speaking of which, Sony Music Malaysia has also announced the 16 winners of the P!NKSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN. And if you see yourself in it- rejoice! Because your picture will be appearing on P!NK's poster that will be available nationwide! Rise to fame in P!NK y'all :) Looks like I'll be seeing alot of familiar faces on the poster real soon. Feeling excited for you guys!

Hurry up and get yourself a copy of The Truth About Love today! 

Find out more about P!NK here:- 


For more details, log onto 

Till then, have a P!NKTABULOUS DAY AHEAD xx 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eat Clean, Train Dirty.


Yes, I am back on my usual workout regime. Hitting the gym at least 4-5 times a week isn't as easy as you think it is (the amount of snoozing and the constant self-persuasion; YOU HAVE NO IDEA). Also been cooking at home and eating extremely blunt food (literally TASTELESS). Hard-boiled eggs or half-boiled in the morning, steamed chicken ( and when I say steamed chicken, I really mean just plain damn steamed ones - no added preservatives nor flavoring), chick peas, boiled/non-oil grilled potatoes and aplenty of vegetables plus fruits. Diet like that with no water or fruits gonna cause me constipation and hell no am killin myself like that. So, yup.. LOTS and LOTS of water and fruits. 

For a start, you can start with just slowly cutting down your carbs, portion by portion and reduce your sugar and sodium intake. That includes all the unnatural fruit juices, cakes or whatnot. Oh yes, fries too. NO MORE FAST FOOD FOR YOU. This is entirely up to you. No force, only self-willing. 

But then of course, I ain't to iron lady. I do have my 'cheat' days at Chilis or Nandos or maybe just a slice of my all time fav red velvet cake. Your body deserves a lil treat, IF you've been working hard. It works both ways ;) 

I will be posting up another post dedicated to all 'fitness fem' out there. Girls, DON'T starve yourself. Healthy dieting DON'T work that way ;) 

More meals, smaller portions. By right, 6 meals a day so that you won't feel TOO HUNGRY when its time for your next meal- you do the calculation ;) 

#1. From my point of view. 
#2. My favourite Berry Crush with reduced sorbet. 
#3. Stir-fried cabbage + eggs + steamed corn. 

#4. Took me at least 5 times to perfect my skills. First few trials were epic failure. 

#5. An average 20mins of boiling should do :)
#6. No caption.
#7. Again, stir-fried cabbage with hard boiled eggs.
#8. Stir fried cabbage with eggs and chick peas.
I know what you're thinking, I have cabbage in most of my meals. HAHA. Its a good start to attempt real cooking. Gonna research more on various recipies and will start exploring in the kitchen. But as for now, I'll just play safe ;)

#9. Progress: Dissatisfaction. Intensify!
#10. Just began taking supplements. Body needs some nutrients from all these crazy workouts and light meals.
You won't believe this, as contradicting as it may seem.. my mind is actually thinking of maggie goreng and tomyum soup as I'm writing this post. Oh no, tummy just grumbled real loud. Its 3.04am and I'm supposed to be in dreamland, fair enough. Will just wait till the sun rise and then rush downstairs for a good breakfast. 

Don't succumb into unhealthy eating if you love your body! 



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Of late.

You can expect a string of pictures that I presume that my blog has lacked off. Eversince I signed up for an Instagram account and then there's Twitter & Facebook, my blog has pretty much been unintentionally abandoned. If not, it's filled with advertorials, reviews, sponsorhips etc. Gettin mundane, huh? 

They say 'pictures paint a thousand words' no? Here's some pictures ( will be your first time browsing thru if you're not following me on Instagram- @magdelinewang). 

Been gettin' comments like "Mag, your blog's always full of your ads and shit. Update something that's more YOU lah". Haha. And here goes! 

Just a snippet of what's been happening for the past month (or maybe more). 

#1. Porsche Carrera Cup Exclusive Party at Sepang. 

#2. Baby niece got a lil hyped up after listening to Gangnam. #THEGANGNAMEFFECT 

#3. Invited to City Harvest Church KL for their annual NEON Beauty Pageant & Manhunt. With Lu Xanne & Jenhan. 

#4. Taken a while ago at an audition. 

#5. Was invited to Honeypot Wax Boutique for a complimentary waxing session! 

#5. Been bombarded with assignments - I don't even wanna think about it. 

#6. Invited to model for FIFOTO's Bloom Workshop. Theme was Vintage Glam! 

#7. Got two pieces of the same maxi for only RM100! Have yet to wear the red one. 

#8. My favourite denim jacked passed down from Mum! Classic? ;P 

#9. Fourrific! 

#10. Attended X Top Model Search 2012 Grand Finale yesterday night. Was totally rooting for Vier! 

Another short update on my recent workout regime, soon! Tonight maybe ;) But gonna go off for a movie date before resuming on assignments tonight. UGH! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is probably one of the most 'self-absorbed' post in my entire blog timeline. I'M SO FULL OF MYSELF! ;P Yup, I finally have to time to actually sit down- filter the pictures, too lazy to edit since I'm pretty sure TJ (photographer) has already done it beforehand, upload, and brainstorm on what I should write. I've been bombarded with gazillion of tasks and assignments for the past weeks and another few more to go in the coming weeks. But I'd take this as a 'break' since there's no need for me to do in-depth research unlike my research essays ( they are certainly driving me up the wall -.- ). 

Anyhow, let's get to the point of this post. 

When I say CHI you go YO!

 CHI... YO! (one more time) CHI.....YO! 

It was a pleasure to be part of CHIYO's 2nd collection Lookbook shoot. If you must know, CHIYO is a brand founded by Isabel Lam, our very own homegrown fashion designer who's now based in Melbourne.  The brand, CHIYO personifies being 'sui generis' which means, one of its kind. The designer herself has created these contemporary yet timeless pieces that can be worn anytime, anywhere. I must agree that each and every pieces produced by CHIYO are of top-notch quality and they are absolutely comfortable. The materials are especially hand-picked and only come in limited pieces according to sizes. Not to mention, every piece of CHIYO is produced only after being handcrafted, hand-assembled to hand-printed. Classic! 

Founder of CHIYO, Isabel Lam even asserted that 

"CHIYO aims to captivate by creating bold clothes, unassumingly kooky shoes and expressive accessories that will undoubtedly have its wearer stand out from the rest. Asymmetry and geometry both serves as the core concept when creating each collection with various influences from Japan's eccentric street style to Australia's avant-garde architecture and colors". 

Ranging from women's wear, shoes and accessories- CHIYO has it all. 

This time around, CHIYO is presenting its 2nd collection namely DUAL URBANITY and WONDERPOP. The DUAL URBANITY collection features a very edgy yet feminine theme, with black, yellow, orange geometrical fabric prints. I personally find the Dual Urbanity collection extremely comfortable. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, then the Dual Urbanity by CHIYO should be your pick. But when it comes to quality, that shouldn't even be an issue. I can assure you, all products by CHIYO are of great quality. 

Here are few of the many looks of the DUAL URBANITY collection. Which would you pick? 

In contrast,  the WONDERPOP 2012 collection features a very playful theme, with bright colorful asymmetrical skirts and contrasting sun-tops! I absolutely love this collection as it really brings out the the FUN in you ;) Well, at least it did to me. The color combinations are so quintessential! Major love.  Pair it with some accessories and high platforms, and you're good to go! Out of the four, which is your favourite? For me, I'd go for ALL FOUR! ;D 

CHIYO, a Malaysian-Australian brand that I foresee will very soon become the "IT" clothing brand in Malaysia. From what I've heard, CHIYO has already become one of the many favourite brands in Australia. Kudos! Oh yes, I've almost forgotten to mention- it is also available for sale in Melbourne. So you Aussie peeps, make sure you lookout for CHIYO! 

Featured on NOT JUST A LABEL ( I see myself!) *does the chicken dance

Here's some close-up shots of the products. To be honest, it was my first time doing product/clothing/apparel shoots. The amount of outfit changes I TELL YOU *digs a hole and stuck my head in like an ostrich -.- FUHHH! Well, it was well worth it for sure. Glad my body parts could be put into good use #SHITMODELSAYS 

Make up by Sharon. 

Photographer: TJ and Co. 
They were also the official photographers during my Miss Universe Malaysia/ Beautycamp days. Had no problem finding my angles cus TJ is already familiar with my body angles. Made things so much easier, really! :) 

CHIYO's 1st Shoe Collection 

Find out more about CHIYO:



Design A Space
20, Manchester Lane, Melbourne
142, Chapel St, Windsor (coming soon in mid-Sept)


Lot 61, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar KL



Asia Fashion Inc 

p/s: CHIYO is having SALE this month (SEPTEMBER) only in their Malaysia's stokist, BAZARRO. Up to 30%-50% sale! Make sure you check it out :) I've already gotten myself two pairs of shoes!