Sunday, September 16, 2012

Of late.

You can expect a string of pictures that I presume that my blog has lacked off. Eversince I signed up for an Instagram account and then there's Twitter & Facebook, my blog has pretty much been unintentionally abandoned. If not, it's filled with advertorials, reviews, sponsorhips etc. Gettin mundane, huh? 

They say 'pictures paint a thousand words' no? Here's some pictures ( will be your first time browsing thru if you're not following me on Instagram- @magdelinewang). 

Been gettin' comments like "Mag, your blog's always full of your ads and shit. Update something that's more YOU lah". Haha. And here goes! 

Just a snippet of what's been happening for the past month (or maybe more). 

#1. Porsche Carrera Cup Exclusive Party at Sepang. 

#2. Baby niece got a lil hyped up after listening to Gangnam. #THEGANGNAMEFFECT 

#3. Invited to City Harvest Church KL for their annual NEON Beauty Pageant & Manhunt. With Lu Xanne & Jenhan. 

#4. Taken a while ago at an audition. 

#5. Was invited to Honeypot Wax Boutique for a complimentary waxing session! 

#5. Been bombarded with assignments - I don't even wanna think about it. 

#6. Invited to model for FIFOTO's Bloom Workshop. Theme was Vintage Glam! 

#7. Got two pieces of the same maxi for only RM100! Have yet to wear the red one. 

#8. My favourite denim jacked passed down from Mum! Classic? ;P 

#9. Fourrific! 

#10. Attended X Top Model Search 2012 Grand Finale yesterday night. Was totally rooting for Vier! 

Another short update on my recent workout regime, soon! Tonight maybe ;) But gonna go off for a movie date before resuming on assignments tonight. UGH! 

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