Monday, September 3, 2012

Eversoft | Tweet Giveaway!

[Warning, lengthy post ahead. But heads-up, there's a giveaway at the end of the post!]

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Eversoft's Launch which was held in mid July a while ago. Received a call to be their 'testimonial' for the revamped packaging targeting the younger women in the public. I have always been a huge fan of "skincare products" - I've always believed that investing skincare goes a long way! I immediately said "YES!"

It was a private event launch at Bangsar Village which was mostly attended by the press and media. Nonetheless, I've had an amazing time getting to know everyone. The event was graced by the very beautiful Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia World 2010 whom was also the emcee of the day. She's such a sweetheart! 

Amongst the interviewees were Farah, myself and Cynthia, the Group Product Manager of Wipro UNZA. To be honest, it was really fun to be sharing my experience/testimonial after using Eversoft for two weeks! The Eversoft team were generous enough to provide me Eversoft skincare products that will last me for the next 6 months! SKINCARE - SORTED ;) 

L-R: Christina Yong x Farah Mellisa x yours truly x Cynthia Song x Edward Chen 

"After using Eversoft's Deep Nourishing with Organic Avocado facial cleanser, my skin is alot less prone to break outs. I have a 'combination' skin-type which means its dry on the cheeks and chin, but oily along the T-zones. After using Eversoft for two weeks, I can clearly see the distinct differences on my skin- the complexion and texture has improved and its no longer dry and my skin don't 'peel off' anymore! Plus, there is no 'tightness' after using the facial cleanser which is just what I've been looking for!" 

Launched in 1985, Eversoft has continuously provided the perfect cleansing and scrubbing solutions for healthy radian skin of many Malaysians. If you realize, Eversoft has been one of the longest  skincare brand in existence; way back when I was still in primary school! Come to think of it, this brand is even older than my age! 

Eversoft range of Facial Cleanser and Scrubs is specially formulated with Japanese technology and works effectively on Asian skin. The Eversoft Facial Cleanser and Scrub is a gentle yet effective formulation fortified with 100% Organic Plant Actives that deeply cleanses your skin of impurities, while maintaining its natural protective layer. Not only does it improves your skin texture, it also leaves your complexion looking healthier and more radian, without any sign of tightness. 
 (you know how certain facial wash leaves your skin feeling tight? yeah it sure does gives you the 'clean and dirt-free' feeling, but it will dry up your skin in the long run! )  

Here are the few Eversoft products that just may be the right one for you! Make sure you know your skin-type prior to choosing one. Since I'm only a student and I can't afford any "high-end" or "luxurious" skincare products, (which is quite unnecessary, really) Eversoft is my solution. 

It ranges from only RM6.20 to RM16.90 and its also perfect for everyday use especially for me when I'm always on-the-go! 

The Eversoft range is available in 4 facial foam (WHITE caps) variants 2 facial scrubs (ORANGE caps) variants to cater to different skin-types.

Eversoft Facial Foams 

( 50g RM6.20 ; 100g RM11.20; 170g RM16.90) 

1) Organic Avocado -  Deep Nourishing 

Deep nourishing formula is infused with 100% Organic Avocado extract, rich in skin beneficial nutrients including Phytosterol and Vitamin E. It helps to revive and strengthen skin tissues. Also, provides a deep nourishing action that rehydrates the skin.

2) Organic Gingko & Grapefruit - Oil & Acne Control 
Oil & acne control formula is infused with 100% Organic Gingko and Grapefruit extracts, rich in antioxidant properties. This potent combination unclogs pores, removes impurities and provides long lasting oil control, thus helping prevent acne formation.

3) Organic Pomegranate & Mulberry - Whitening Action 
Whitening Action formula is infused with 100% Organic Pomegranate & Mulberry extracts enriched with Vitamin C. This potent combination works synergistically to promote lighter and more even skin tone. It lifts away dirt and impurities, thus promoting radiant skin.

4) Organic Rice Milk & Honey - Double Moisturizing 

Extra moisturizing formula is infused with 100% Organic Rice Milk and Organic Honey extracts, both rich in essentials nutrients and Vitamins B1& B2. It locks in extra moisture to prevent skin dryness and tightness. This advances formulation helps to protect skin form harmful effects of free radicals.

Eversoft Facial Scrubs 

(100g- RM11.20) 

1) Organic Apricot - Blackhead Clearing Deep Action
Blackhead clearing formula is infused with 100% Organic Apricot extract and Jojoba beads, rich in natural skin rejuvenators. Its deep scrubbing action removes blackheads, stubborn impurities and dead skin. It also removes excess oil to help prevent future formation of blackheads and whiteheads.

2) Organic Gingko - Daily Revitalising Gentle Scrub 
Daily Revitalising formula is a potent combination of 100% Organic Grapefruit and Gingko extracts with Apricot beads. This unique formulation is rich in natural emollients gently exfoliates skin to remove dead cells and instantly restore skin to a healthy glow. Gentle enough to use everyday.


The man behind the brand, Mr.Edward Chen - Marketing Manager of Wipro Unza Sdn Bhd, together with Nadia Heng. 

TRIED & TESTED: My skin has really improved and I myself can see the distinct differences. I'm saying this not because they are providing me 3 months supply of Eversoft products, but because it is the truth of my own experience. I WILL NOT WRITE/PUSH FOR BRANDS THAT ARE NOT WORTHWHILE. But really, most may think "Its so cheap, not sure if its trustable or not" - I won't blame the typical "Malaysian-minded" you, but Eversoft has really exceeded my own expectations! 

Here's some picture evidences that would perhaps certify my statement - No photoshop and no make-up (and hence, the pale lips- sorry!). 

Here are some of the media coverages on the event. 

I really want to share the goodness that's been given to me, hence I will be giving out a pair of Eversoft products in return! I would love to give out more but I've ran out of them - gave them to my friends and family and I only have these two left! 

All you need to do is tweet "I LOVE EVERSOFT! @magdelinewang"

(make sure you also insert my twitter handle @magdelinewang, otherwise I wouldn't know who has been tweeting to me) 

Yes, its as easy as that! Start tweeting today and I will randomly pick one tweeter to enjoy the goodness of the Eversoft Organic Gingko with Grapefruit Facial Foam and the Eversoft Organic Gingko with Grapefruit Gentle Scrub! Don't worry, there will be NO FAVORITISM - I will probably close my eyes and randomly pick one lucky tweeter on the 10th September

Come, lets share the goodness and tweet away! (Fyi, products were given to me for my own personal use. There was no need to give them out. But I thought its such a waste to keep them until I finish each and everyone of them, so I've decided to give them away to share the benefit!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't let me keep these products to myself, tweet away! xx 


Anonymous said...

hye. i just wanna know about the eversoft range, is it only consist of cleanser & scrub?

Magdeline Wang said...

Hi sela20. Yup, the current range consists of only the facial foam and the scrub.

Anonymous said...

i really love how your skin looks so flawless. since we have the same type of skin (combination) would mind sharing with me what are the other products that you are currently using, what brands etc. :) Thank You.

Magdeline Wang said...

Hi sela20,

Aw, thank you! I'm currently STILL using the Eversoft products. But I do mix in with other products like SOAP & GLORY (can get it from Sephora).

I usually don't stick to one brand, I'm always scouting for new products so that my skin don't get TOO USED to the current products. I've tried SK2, Clean & Clear, Body Shop, and Neutrogena.

But its usually a case to case basis as you may be sensitive to certain products/brands. So do take note yea! :)

Anonymous said...

TQ for sharing! :)

Cute Things said...

Hello Magdeline, thank you for your review, it was really helpful :) By the way, I was just wondering, could I know what font do you use for your main picture for your blog, the beautiful cursive font with your name "Magdeline Wang"? Thank you :) Your reply is much appreciated. C: