Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fashion Impressions?

"There's no ugly girls, only lazy girls". I can very much relate to that, really. I wish I can step out of the house without an inch of make-up on, I wish I could just walk around the street without bothering what people think of me. But girls being girls, its undeniable that we ALWAYS try to dress to impress, well to a certain extend that applies. But definitely NOT when I've a paper to study tomorrow, or in my case; I (ACTUALLY) DO THAT EVERYDAY -.-  

But one thing that I'll never understand, how some girls can really find the effort and time to be donned in such pretty outfits (some, I've never even thought of wearing em to the streets yaw!). You have my utmost respect. 

First impression- no second chances huh? 

Finally browsed through Lookbook after umpteen years. And, figured out some new ways to dress myself ;) Well, lets see if these little inspirations can be put into good use. 

Oh, and speaking of impressions- NOW I'M STRESSED. Y U GOOGLE MY BODY STATS! (HAHA! Well, you can always email me for my resume, saves the hassle no? ) 

p/s: JinnyboyTV's new video "TYPICAL MALAYSIAN DRIVERS" has just been released ;) Go go watch it! Played a minor role in it. Will be posting some BTS pictures and the video link in my upcoming post. Stay tuned xx

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