Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunday aint sunny ;/

another day of mine.sunday.its raining.aint sunny.

mum went back.all the way to johor.sobx.misses her badly.nobody's gonna wash mua undies.HAHA.kidding.
yesterday mum taught me smthng.haha.guess what?i had a HOW TO WASH UR BRA that it lasts long.swt.swt.
but it was interesting.

argh.having ballet lesson lter.yes,i DANCE.dont be surprised.though it wont be my career in the future but who knws??haha.

i was nearly hospitalized today.haha.heart attack.itu monyet lah.[fyi monyet refers to]haha.i was in studio.talking to pekyeng.and he told me he wont be coming to see me.frankly i was a lil disappointed but WHATEVER.
i was so hyper talking to pekyeng.sudd she was staring behind me as though thr was a ghost.haha.
i turned back.BAMMM!he was thr.swt aite??
what a surprise.i nearly died.haha.

then we went for a drink.the cendol i had sucks.and it took me 3bucks for it.damn.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


after so freaking uncle went and cancelled the streamyx.fuck.
i suffered like hell.haha.

just realised, im so REALLY out-dated.haha.

went sunway yesterday.woke up at 4INTHEMORNING!wth.on a saturday.tsk.tsk.
the college wasn't good.well,not discriminating eh.i just dont like it.sorry sunwayians.haha.
i enjoyed the talk by mr.chacko vadaketh,the bald fella.haha.yeankit and me calls him mr.bean2 ;p
i realised smthg.was thr an extinction in kl?HAHA.whr are all the hotties??sad case.haha.
ipoh's better.*winks*

had a tiny winy fight with zhou.haha.i was half dead after the trip.i need to regenerate my energy.well,i admit.i was rude.haha. cant put the blame on me.its human nature.ROFL.