Sunday, June 22, 2008


after so freaking uncle went and cancelled the streamyx.fuck.
i suffered like hell.haha.

just realised, im so REALLY out-dated.haha.

went sunway yesterday.woke up at 4INTHEMORNING!wth.on a saturday.tsk.tsk.
the college wasn't good.well,not discriminating eh.i just dont like it.sorry sunwayians.haha.
i enjoyed the talk by mr.chacko vadaketh,the bald fella.haha.yeankit and me calls him mr.bean2 ;p
i realised smthg.was thr an extinction in kl?HAHA.whr are all the hotties??sad case.haha.
ipoh's better.*winks*

had a tiny winy fight with zhou.haha.i was half dead after the trip.i need to regenerate my energy.well,i admit.i was rude.haha. cant put the blame on me.its human nature.ROFL.

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