Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The guilt.

I am feeling really repentant about my results. Tell me. Its already July and I only have a couple of months more to my Finals. & i haven't been doing well. Not even once for god's sake. Small little mistakes just accumulate to such a big huge difference. Fuck it. Whats the point of telling myself that I'll do better the next? never worked. Actions speak louder than words. True that.

This post is really personal and no doubt, emotional. Really had to let it out. Its makin me feel so bad about myself.

You know sometimes you know you can do better. But the results just turned out, just not the way you expected? Its totally fucking my day up, like totally.

I have no say. I'm such a loser.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Time sure flies. Ive been saying this a million gazillion times. haha.

Back to life yo. Seriously don't even want to think about the results. They'll fuck my life, i know. Not like I can foresee the future or what not. But like seriously, they will be nothing good. Hah.

The weeked was great. At least i know i've to start on my strict intense diet like instantaneously, without a doubt! To get my bikini bod. Now that I've got my personal gym instructor. Why not? haha.

Cheers people.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was so stressed that i might die.

24/7 of books books books formulae formulae formulae equations equations equations
definitely made my brain go cuckoo.

Ahhh forget that.



Oh and not forgetting..

hello facebook. its been too long ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Quintessential

This is the ultimate, most awe-inspiring and lavishing ..

Leica that I've been very fond of.

All time favourite.

Can't wait till i get my hands on one.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever since the past few decades, we (Asians) are well-known with our 'flat-faced' features. How sad is that?
Truth hurts i know!

Nevertheless, the evolution over the years have actually reborn these 'flat-faced' personages into true beauties! Just look at our Asian celebs today? Aren't they just as gorgeous and as good looking? Never fail to tempt me *wink. The stereotypical 'chinese eyes' are no longer the trademark of us, Chinese. Well in some cases, they do. Lets talk about the majorities. And i personally think that Malaysian girls are getting hotter and hotter.

Having said that, the girls in China itself are beyond compare. Why say so?

A friend of mine who just left Malaysia for the ultimate Shanghai metropolitan described the girls there as ' sizzling hot vainpots!'. And if a girl in Malaysia's given a rate of 8, she might probably just drop to 5 when compared to those so called 'sizzling hot pots'. (i'd prefer calling em without the 'vain')

How true is that? We'll see about that, some other time.

Btw, Shanghai Expo 2010.
(more updates, later dater)

And so, heard of Clinique Star Tour 2010?

Dont't want make this too much of an advertorial. So, just a brief one will do.

Basically, its a search for 3 lucky girls around the nation to be nominated and thus be the covergirl of CLEO magazine. So if you've always dreamed of being on the cover, give it a shot! haha. I did, and had tons of glee.

And so happened that they stopped by MY college today, so yep. Everything was tiptop!

With your RM30 voucher, you'll get:
- custom-fit consultation by CLINIQUE experts
-makeup by CLINIQUE Makeup experts
-Hair styled by Salon Espirit
-Fashion photo by a professional photographer
-Last but certainly not least, freebies! DOOR GIFT worth RM 130.

Who wouldn't want freebies right? But technically, we actually paid for everything. HAHA. Oh well, thats how the world works.

Frankly, (don't scroll down) I think I looked hideous. And on another note, like seriously? My webcam can take better pictures! Hah.

Looking at the mini me just seemed so wrong.

And this is Magwang for you.

Like said, i aint no major blogger. So, whaddya expect? I live in the suburb, shoo cityfolks.

Hmmm, what did I just say? Bullcrap, again.

A can of worms.

You know what? Watching Oprah Winfrey's show sure makes your 'wasted time' worth-while. ( this doesn't even make sense!) Anyways,

Stumbled upon this part where people actually splurge their money JUST TO GROW TALLER. As ridiculous as it may seem, the facts tells us that people are definitely do not how to appreciate what they're gifted. ( Glad that at least I do)

Legs elongation! ' You crazy wan ah!' -thats probably my most sincere instantaneous reflex. And deep down under i'd probably say ' *phew, thank god Im not short' :p Well, things do happen for a reason. and in this case, this surgery have definitely helped many unprivileged people. OH well. I still think its madness. Having to wait for the goddamn months for the bones to grow. By the time its fully grown, i'd probably ...

Went and came back from a shopping spree!
or perhaps LOST 5 kgs!

Haha. jokes.

Wait, i shouldn't even be here, blogging about bullcraps.
SOS! Exam fever, love sick. Guess studying is my only remedy for now.


And for now, I shall start nerding again.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pork On Your Mind?

Lip-smacking (guaranteed!)

Ze THREE Best Dishes of the day.

No idea what this dish's called. And so i renamed it,
The Plate Chopping Pork!
*chop chop.

Yummy Nummy!

Jamón Serrano from Spain
Imported High Quality Spanish Cured & Air Dried Ham
served on Rock Melon and Salad.

This must be the most APPETIZING dish ever!
So scrumptious, delicious. Mouth-watering!

Venue: El Cedro, Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Believe me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

When crisis crashes you down.

Often times we wonder, we fret, we whine, we grumble, find faults in others and do whatever that could possibly make us happier.

Trust me, everyone does.

I've just came into realization that when it comes to writing diaries. Girls? We are the expertise. Maybe or maybe not but let me do my presumptions.

"Dear diary, sorry for abandoning you for the last few couple of days"

is the most popular line among us girls. Am I right? Do correct me if im not.

Ohmy this is so random isn't it? Its not even in the topic. Well, let the brain juice flow. Good for the brain ;)




Why daddy? Its been years, and I still do not understand. What's your final verdict? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Oh and on another note: Girls, NEVER let the guys lay their hands on you. NEVER.
Once bitten, twice shy. Keep that in mind.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sometimes thing just happen for a reason? THIS IS FUCKING BULLCRAP!

There's always days when everything just turns out so good; you dont feel like a big fat pig being wrapped around some bloody old-fashioned piece of cloth, you don't have a Bad-Hair-Day, everybody that you pass by just tend to give you the 3second stare, you just feel so confident and glad that things just sail so smoothly. Ya get what I mean?

And when things turn out bad, like really bad. Its like karma's biting you on your ass for no fucking reason. And you just dont feel like talking to anybody, not even your boyfriend. You get pissed and offended so fucking easily. Ahhh, nothing's right. And here comes Dad- the terror. He just ruins everything. Oh this feels so fucking good man.

OH AND NOT FORGETTING THAT MY FACEBOOK & EMAIL ACCOUNT GOT HACKED ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY. Yes, same fucking day baby! Anything else? C'mon. Gimme more. Ahhhhh!

And knowing that the love of your life's leaving in 2weeks time. time flies a lil too fast doesnt it? Go slow, please!

And this is the day when i just have to say