About Magdeline

"Not your average girl next door"? As cliche as it may seem, there's actually an untold story behind the phrase. Everyone has their stories and everybody can be the author of their lives (or at least thats how I want to put it, at this very moment). Too bad, authorship and writing doesn't apply as well as it may in reality. My thoughts and imagination sometimes find it hard to be enunciated - I'd blame my poor writing skills. At this point of time, I am still struggling to draft the perfect story - hey you know what, I think the best stories usually have the most unpredictable endings no? Well, looks like I'll have to make way for more experiences and inspirations. Enough of grandmother stories - I can go on and on from dawn till dusk :P

I am probably one of the 8billion people in the world, always trying so hard to yearn for a perfect story to be told. You know they say, " If things are bound to happen, it will happen. Right person, right time and always for the best reason". Its been close to 20 years of my life, and I cannot agree more.

My parents named me MAGDELINE WANG. Many asked if I was named after Mary Magdalene. Well, I'm not too sure myself because if they really did name me after Jesus's mother.. well, then.. Mom & Dad! You got the spelling wrong! *chuckles. Nonetheless, I still love the way it sounds and how my name always sound so.. uncommon *you get what I mean. Some call me MAGS, some call me MAGGY. Well, after all these years of trial and error -  I can officially say that my 'stage name' would now be MAGGY WANG because everybody seems to want the easy way out ; I'm constantly being told that my name, MAGDELINE is too long to pronounce -.- Lazy tongue! HAHA. 


Blogging was never really my forte until 3 years ago in 2009, when I was introduced to a blog. I felt like I found a place where I belong, where I can relate myself to (basically somewhere I could rant my heart out *used to be privatized); whenever and in every possible way. Well, I was only 16 when it all started and hence all the amateur posts with the shortest word count possible ( we all have those 'highschool' moments don't we?) 

Growing up in humble village neighborhood in Ipoh, Perak was the best thing that has happend to me ; I learnt the values of life, so much of it. "Kampung girl!", some may say but it never really bothers me. Those incidents when I was chased after by strays dogs whilst walking home from school, those evening walks with my late grandmother to get the best rojak in the world, waking up early and cycle to the market - they're still so vivid in my memory.  It was the best place I could ever had my childhood spent; there's nothing that I would trade that for. Not only because I learnt life the harder way, but also because I was given a lesson of hardwork, patience and virtue.

With a very strong passion for health and fitness, I really hope one day I can spread the message across the world about how important and life-changing it can be! And as for now, I'll share my workout and diet tips as well as the daily roles of my life.

All I can say is assumptions may never be right. So, keep reading as I unfold the stories of my life ;)