Friday, October 30, 2009

nothing productive!

watched MJ's THIS IS IT today. It was alright to me because I ain't a huge fan of MJ. At some point, his music made me danced to the beat. He is definitely the King of Pop. Memorable though. I personally think EVERYONE should just spend an hour or so to watch this video clip. I dont prefer callin it movie. Nevermind, you watch it yourself.

i didnt do anything good at all todayy! urgh. I FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE I AM NOT ONE BIT NERVOUS ABOUT THE EXAMS. Just salute me. anything la okay. Halloween party tmr and idk what to wear okay. yes, must take heaps and heaps and loads of pictures. I DONT CARE. heh.

i just felt like uploading these picture, idk why. some have already been uploaded but i forgot which one. so yeah. whatever.

i hope YOU'll like em ;)

my deskmate, diana. eh, havent seen her for quite some time. heh.

keiyan and i. cute isn't she?

yes. STEPH is my sis.

yer, i miss the old times lor. this picture is so antique ;P

suet yeng. mod maths genius ;D

cats. i did my face ALL BY MYSELF okay. haha.

i wonder how it feels to be BUSY 24 HOURS A DAYY!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LIke like my Chanel Ice-cream

Life is so fucked up lately. Its like you've been strangled to death, seriously. I don't expect my t'hang to be touched. So, back off please.

Exams are drawing near and I know what I'll do and what I'll not do. The do's and dont's i mean.

Sometimes people are so mean that they don't even bother how you'd feel.
Sometimes its not that you're in the wrong or whatsoever, its just YOU DONT WANNA FEEL EMBARRASSED. ( really, tell me about it)

Actually nothing much about the AWESOME pictures below, just trynna express my feelings. if you know me well, you can read the pictures. YES READ. ( because i've browsed through millions and millions of pictures and only liked THREE. So basically, its what my heart tells me to do. ENJOY THE THREE )

My life is partially like this peppermint-chanel-sugarconed ice-cream. YES, DELICIOUS TILL YOU COULDN'T RESIST! but, its like one in million aint it. I've found it you know. Really. And I LOVE IT. but, something is just pulling me aback. I need TIME to step forward. Just a LIL' time. Not asking for more. Nothing much to say actually.

Mag really need a phone call right now :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleepless Nights.

Hello peeps. I'm back for good. Heh. Had a blasting two good days. Shall be an experience for me. Now I know, how they actually produce a good movie. HAHA. Its such a bore. You sit there, wait for your turn. Who knows how long it takes mann?? Perhaps an hour or two? Still you gotta wait. Anyway, really enjoyed the whole thing ;)



I like the lighting effect tho ;)

I tell you, the heels totally killed me. Its one size smaller,so i had to squeeze in.

I like her :D

Alright. More pictures in fb. Check it out yo'.
Mag will be right back after the Exams:)
Lots of Love.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


City Ballet Ipoh and Perak Women for Women (PWW) will be organizing a charity show end of this year, 25th November 2009 at The State Banquet Hall Ipoh.
Do come and support us. It will be an awesome performance.
call the number in the poster above for more information ;)
Dear friends, i mean MY friends. Do come alright? Watch me dance, for once :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Seriously, why bother about ones life? And why bother so much about what people say? OHWELL. whatever you know? I SERIOUSLY DON'T CARE.

Barge into people's conversation, thats up to you. I live my life the way I want it and I love the way I am. My mum and my boyfriend loves me, I dont need anybody else.

Oh and btw, this is for the YOU-REALLY-GOT-NO-LIFE-PERSON, se? You're not anyone to call me a whore. Just watch your words. I'm not one bit pissed. Because YOU ain't got'ta life.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rest In Peace my friend.

I dont precisely understand why and why and why some people take life for granted. Such a disappointment, really.

Live everyday as though as you'll die tomorrow. Life would be much more meaningful with everything you do, because it comes deep down from the bottom of your heart.

I've been taking things for granted before, and now, that I realise that LIFE is something priceless and once its gone, you'll never get them back. Please, do appreciate every single moment you have.With your loved ones. Your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones. Everyone.

A friend or a foe, it doesnt really matter.
I used to have a friend, not too close nor too far,
But he is one nice person I've met,
He used to nudge me in msn all the time.
He always wanted a video call, though i ignored.
He always like to webcam instead of instant messaging, I ignored too.
He used to call me in the middle of the nights, just to say GOODNIGHT.
Though that was years ago,
It had always been something that I think of sometimes,

I just had a chat with him the other day online,
And I went for a movie with my mr.perfectionist and he was sitting right in front of us,
We went for a supper,
And he was there right in front of us at the cashier,
But now, HE'S GONE.

His name will forever remain OFFLINE in my list now,
No more nudging and stuffs,
Take care my friend,
Everybody down here will miss you,
We know you're one nice person.
Rest In Peace :)

You're reading this, aren't you? :)