Friday, October 30, 2009

nothing productive!

watched MJ's THIS IS IT today. It was alright to me because I ain't a huge fan of MJ. At some point, his music made me danced to the beat. He is definitely the King of Pop. Memorable though. I personally think EVERYONE should just spend an hour or so to watch this video clip. I dont prefer callin it movie. Nevermind, you watch it yourself.

i didnt do anything good at all todayy! urgh. I FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE I AM NOT ONE BIT NERVOUS ABOUT THE EXAMS. Just salute me. anything la okay. Halloween party tmr and idk what to wear okay. yes, must take heaps and heaps and loads of pictures. I DONT CARE. heh.

i just felt like uploading these picture, idk why. some have already been uploaded but i forgot which one. so yeah. whatever.

i hope YOU'll like em ;)

my deskmate, diana. eh, havent seen her for quite some time. heh.

keiyan and i. cute isn't she?

yes. STEPH is my sis.

yer, i miss the old times lor. this picture is so antique ;P

suet yeng. mod maths genius ;D

cats. i did my face ALL BY MYSELF okay. haha.

i wonder how it feels to be BUSY 24 HOURS A DAYY!

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