Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guideline to the Pinnacle of the H-Artistry Trilogy

This it it, H-Artistry needs no introduction. Here's the ultimate guideline to the Pinnacle of Hennessy Artistry that's set to take place this coming weekend. Save the hassle of trying to ask your peers about the do's and donts, just go through this guideline and you should be party-ready by the end of this post. 
[ It's going to be short, sweet and straight to the point] 

But first of all, thank you G2PR and HENNESSY ARTISTRY for the exclusive invitation! I'll be attending with the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012/2013 girls. See you there ;) 

Yours truly at the H-Artistry in Penang last June! 

POINTER: Read through the post to make sure you're well equipped for the party this weekend. There are some change of rules. So make sure you don't just scroll through! You don't want to end up missing the Pinnacle of the H-Artistry Trilogy! SHARE this post with your friends if you need to xx 

Amongst the performing artist flown from all over the globe. Let's get it pumpin'! 
Alexandra Burke 
DJ Havana Brown 
K-pop Boyband- Block B 


Personal Identification 
You don't want to be the problematic one amongst your peer, making everyone wait just because you forgot your ID. There will be security check at the door to ensure guests are over the age of 18 and are non-Muslim to enter the premium party. There will be a multiple security check points to ensure the safety and comfort of all you party people. So, come prepped up! 

H-Artistry Passes 
Entry will only be granted to those who turn up and register with their PHYSICAL H-ARTISTRY PASSES. No intruder allowed. The management will be very strict with the party entry so make sure you get yourself passes prior to the party. Head down to www.h-artistry.com.my and participate in "Hands on Hennessy" to win tickets now! 
There will be MY Hennessy Mobile App available on the iOS App Store and Google Play will enable you to participate in the exciting activities at the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone. There, you can score your points and stand a chance to win exciting prizes! 

Point & Shoot Camera 
FYI, bulky DSLR cameras will not be allowed. So keep it light and convenient. You don't wanna end up losing your camera during the party! 

Sufficient Cash 
There will be FOC services and measures during the party such as the H-Artistry Party Shuttle service and free drinking water throughout the night; but you will still need to bring some cash if you're taking the H-Artistry Party Taxi from MIECC. 

I strongly suggest you ride the H-Artistry Party Taxis because RM20 will be subsidized off your return fare. Food stalls will be set up outside the party venue for everyone to recharge and sober-up after/ during the party. 


There will be H-Artistry Party Shuttle and the H-Artistry Party Taxi services that has been specifically introduced to the H-Artistry 2012 finale. Please take note that parking at MIECC will not be available on the 3th November 2012. 

H-Artistry Party Shuttle: FREE OF CHARGE
Meet your friends at any of the following locations and hop onto the Party Shuttle which will chauffeur you all the way to MIECC and back, for FREE. The Party Shuttle will be making stop at each location, and it will be able to accommodate 40passengers per trip. Pre-partying on the bus will definitely be permitted! All's good ;) 

KL Sentral- Entrance to Departure Hall, opposite SOOKA

Wisma Bentley Music (Opposite The Curve), Mutiara Damansara- entrance opposite Tesco 

Viva Home Shopping Mall, Jalan Loke Yew- Main road bus stop 

Endah Parade, Sri Petaling- Bus/Taxi area 

TAKE NOTE: The H-Artistry Party Shuttle will be arriving at these locations at 7.30pm, and will leave at 8pm. Departure from MIECC back from these locations will be at 2.30am. As seats are limited, the shuttles will take passengers on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. 

H-Artistry Party Taxi : SUBSIDIZED
I personally would reckon that its better to book your taxis beforehand just in case you can't make it on time to reach the checkpoints to catch the Party Shuttle. H-Artistry has teamed up with the good folks at Sunlight Taxis to provide cabbie support from Sunlight's comprehensive network of taxis around Klang Valley. You can book your return trips to MIECC and back, and RM 20 will be subsidized off the return fare. 

You can book your taxis to H-Artistry online at www.sunlighttaxi.com while four taxi concierge desks will be set up at MIECC for party goers to book a ride home. Check out www.h-artistry.com.my for more information. 


-Free flow of Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks will stop at 12midnight 

-Drinks can be obtained in exchange for drink coupons till the end of the night 

-FIVE drink coupons will be given out upon registration at the counter, so be sure you hold onto them till midnight. 

- You will only be allowed to exchange 5 coupons for drinks at ONE TIME

- Stay hydrated: Drinking water will be provided FOC throughout the night. Just approach any friendly bartenders behind the Hennessy Mixing Bars. 

- NO NEED TO HURRY HOME: There will be Chill Out Zones where you can recharge and relax after the party. Food stalls will be set up too! Here's a hint : LOK LOK! ;) 

- NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! : Be sure to utilize the facilities that has been provided for a safe party night. 

These pointers and guidelines should be sufficient for you to party throughout the night. I'm definitely looking forward to taking a short break from my exam week. Study hard, party harder ( and responsibly!). Thank you HENNESSY ARTISTRY for such a well sorted arrangements. This is definitely my first time attending parties with everything sorted out ( DO's & DONT's, RULES & REGULATIONS and TRANSPORTATIONS). 

Not forgetting, if you're too tired to drive home or, in any circumstances.. just don't wanna head home, you can always book a hotel room and hail a Party Taxi readily provided at the party venue! 

Mines Wellness Hotel
 (+603-89436688/ www.mineswellnesshotel.com.my
Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. 
Distance: 201 M from venue ( literally, right next door) 
Room Rates: RM240-RM500/per room 

Putrajaya Marriot Hotel 
(+603-89498888/ www.marriott.com
IOI Resort City, 62502 Sepang Utara
Distance: 2.1KM from venue 
Room Rates: RM445-RM765 

Sun Inns Hotel D'mind 
44, Jalan Dagang Sb 4/1, Taman Sungai Besi Indah, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor 
Distance: 0.5KM from venue 
Room Rates: RM84- RM90 

New Wave Sungai Besi 
No. 37, Jalan SR 1/9, Taman Serdang Raya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Distance: 1.3KM from venue 
Room Rates: RM75-RM96 

Now, no reason not to party safe folks! Be there or be square xx  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fit Reminder!

Aloha! I won't be able to update as often; the pileloads of studies has definitely putting a halt ( very minor one) to my whole dieting & working out routine. Nonetheless, I'm here to remind YOU GUYS not to STOP! While I may not have as much time to endure hours of intensive workout- but my food intake is well taken care of. So that I don't have to start ALL OVER AGAIN when my workout resumes. 

Here are some inspirations that keeps me goin'. Every day and night. I'm hungry for a fit and fabulous body- are you?  Get fit or get home ;) 

I can't wait to share with you guys a fitness program that I have been approached to write about. Its such a good feeling to be able to share my passion with everyone. We're often too busy chasing after wealth and success ( yes, that's vital in life) but many tend to neglect the importance of our own body, our health, our invisible GOLD. As far as you want to go in life, without a healthy body; your goals will only come crushing down. Like they all say : beauty from within, yes?  Let's start over and re-focus, shall we? HERE'S TO A HEALTHY BODY, BEAUTIFUL HEART AND A SUCCESSFUL LIFE! We're in this together. Don't start tomorrow, TODAY'S the DAY

You know what; SLOW PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS! As long as you're willing to work ;) 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aaron and his mom needs your help!


I don't usually do this, but when I do; I hope it would reach out to people for a good purpose. 

This is not an advertorial but a post, with hopes that you people, with beautiful heart could lend a helping hand. Its about a boy, Aaron who's mom was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer. I do not personally know this boy; but I do know how it feels like to have someone so close, and dear to you to be diagnosed with cancer. It felt so personal when I listened to the song. It felt like, I know exactly how it felt like

My dearest Grandmother, passed away 8 years ago. She took care of me eversince I was a young as 5. She was my best friend, my mother, my father and my undefeatable enemy ( you'll find out why later). She'll make sure that she walks me out to my bus and will only leave when I'm out of sight. She always makes sure that I never starve ( and I never did when she was around). She would walk out to the living room, sharp at 9.30pm every weeknight with a rattan in her hands to make sure I go to bed on time ( I really hated her for not letting me watch my favourite dramas! haha. but it was such a love-hate relationship). She wakes up before I do, and sleeps only after fall into deep slumber. Whenever I get home late, I'll find her falling asleep on the couch waiting for me to get home safe. And when I do, she would re-heat the chicken essence that she prepared the night before for me. "It's good for you. You can never get this anywhere else", she always say. 

Indeed. I couldn't get it anywhere else.. 

She was the best grandmother I could ever have. She was my best friend. She was the healthiest lady that I've known. She will never let a day pass without going for her morning walks, even if its as early as 5am. But everything happened to quickly. So quick that.. I was confused when she had to leave. 

There was one night when I walked by her room. I heard her crying to my aunt saying " Please let me go. I can't take this anymore. Your father is waiting for me". My heart broke into pieces. She has suffered enough. The lung cancer has taken a toll on her. She did NOT deserve that. NOT TO ANYONE IN THE FAMILY. She was the JOY of our family. She was the reason everyone is united, together and in love, as a family. I was so mad. I was so pissed at God for taking her away from me. But as time healed my heart, I knew.. it was because GOD loved her very much. And she'll always be with me, in my heart.. for the rest of my life. 

My heart aches so bad as I'm writing this. And if there's one thing that I could wish for. It would be you to come back to our sides, to reunite as a family. But that, I know is something too selfish to wish for. 

Grandma, I know you've been watching over me. Through my ups and downs.. I have felt it :) Love you, and I always will.  

Having to say goodbye to your loved ones, is the hardest thing to do. So guys, please have a listen to this song. And help Aaron save funds for his beloved mom. 

Taken from Yuri Wong's Youtube Video description: 

"Recently, Aaron's mum was diagnosed with small-cell cervical cancer (SCCC). It's a rare form of cervical cancer that not many people know about. Aaron's a soft-spoken, well-mannered young man with a confident sparkle in his eyes. The night we met him at our studio, he sang, and we knew beyond any doubt that he had a gift. We decided there and then to help him use his talent to raise funds for his mum's treatment and awareness of her condition, so we helped him create this video and recording. Aaron's not a professional singer by any means; he works as an accounts executive for a local business. He's not trying to be famous, he just wants to help his mum."

If you'd like to help Aaron and his mum, you can do so in two ways:

1. Share this video with your friends and family - email it, share it on your twitter and Facebook, post it on your blog.

2. Contribute funds directly to him at Maybank (for Malaysian donors) 164017248313 or to his PayPal account (for International donors) at luenywoon@gmail.com

Follow Aaron and his mum's journey here:


Contact Aaron here:


We're The Factory Music Studio & we're glad we can help Aaron in our little way.


The least you could do, is share this post or the video. 

Aaron, keep believing and never give up. Your mother is a lucky woman to have you as her ever faithful son. Speedy recovery aunty! We've got your back. God bless! 

Insta-spam x

What's your everyday like? Will be going on a short hiatus due to the mounting stress. Don't we all go through that? Though its usually the students that over-exagerrate the term 'stress'. Its more likely to hear that from scholars rather than businessmen. Let's not go there. Nonetheless, will return with a BANG as soon as this WORLD WAR 3 ENDS. I swear, upon my faithful hard-covered books :P 

Insta-spam, let's start with "Its most likely a hint for you to follow me on Instagram". Yes, my account has been privatized because I'd prefer to have the authority to approve or disapprove people who wants to see my pictures ;P Not like they're worth million bucks or anything, but just let me fantasize.. 

Here goes. 

Of #ootd
 ( Took me months to actually decipher the bloody abbreviation) 

Of #food

Of #health&fitness 
(till death do us apart, hashtag ^) 

Of #examfever 

If you haven't seen my post on adiPure 360, it's time you do. ITS BORN FOR GYM BUNNIES! 
Scroll down or refresh by clicking on my header above to read the post. Its the post after this one :) 

How do you like the colour? So much to write about, so little time. See you folks after my exams. 
CIAO xx 

Maggy Wang 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

adiPure 360 | Born for Gym Bunnies

I'm sure many of you have heard or seen the adiPure 360 Trainers by now. It's taking over KL City by storm! You can see billboards, posters and taglines almost everywhere. Born For The Gym - sounds familiar? Well, I was fortunate enough to be invited to their adiPure 360 Roadshow Launch last month in Pavilion's Concourse area. It was actually their first stop, promoting the adiPure 360 Collections. If there's one thing I must say about these pair of trainers- I'd say.. BRILLIANT. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! And I kid you not, these trainers are worth investing in. 

Because at the end of the day, you wouldn't want to be splurging on a pair of trainers that will only end up giving you blisters and could only last less than a month. (Trust me, it happens. Especially when you go on a compulsive buying galore. Choosing trainers can't afford to be done that way). 

Nonetheless, with Adidas' latest collection of trainers- adiPure360, a multi-directional and multi-purpose training shoe designed to let your feet move as nature intended. It also helps you get the most out of your workout by helping to build natural strength, agility and balance by making muscles work harder during exercise. Now, that's something YOU'LL NEED! 

The event was hosted by YuJin, a wellness coach and fitness instructor. I'm sure you've heard quite alot about him during my Beautycamp days. Yes, he was the man who made me do all the unbearable exercises (from walking lunges, push-ups to abs crunches) first thing in the morning. That's unforgettable, no? HAHA. I think Adidas picked the right personality to be gauging the event. There's no better person than YuJin to do that. Unless, you think you're fitter than he is ;) You really should check out his PowerStart workshops - they're really helpful in shaping your life. 

The audiences and guests were given an insight of the most anticipated adiPure 360 trainers. Using super light and flexible materials, adiPure 360 features the latest in technology to support multidirectional movement, and the anatomically designed shoe provides comfort and support throughout every stretch, every squat and every exercise during your workout. If you're a gym bunny, just like me - think no further. THIS IS THE SHOE YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

The design and overall flexibility of the adiPure 360 promotes unrestricted movement and harnesses the body's mechanics, and aims to strengthen the muscles in the feet, toes, ankles and lower legs. Not only that, it also offers a natural feel that is one step from being BAREFOOT but with the increased foot protection that is vital for a proper workout. 

If you're an avid gym-goer, gym instructor, loves body combat and Zumba (like I do) or a dancer, then with all honesty, this is the shoe for you. I am not saying because I was obliged to ( I wasn't anyway!), but most of you have known me as the gym junkie and health freak.. and I have tried and tested the shoes hence my statement should be considered legit! :P [ I will explain WHY below] 

The only thing I could think of looking at the two pictures above : IF YOU CAN GANGNAM, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. And adiPure 360 can, you get the picture! HAHA. But you get what I'm trying to preach; you have to try it to believe it. 

Thank you Adidas Malaysia for the exclusive invitation and opportunity ( I have always been a full-on ADIDAS fan!). And guess what, they were also generous enough to present me a pair of adiPure 360 to be able to experience the brilliant-ness myself. THANK YOU ADIDAS! Amongst the lucky peeps were Sam Insanity, Linora Low, The Jessicat, Careen Tan (soon-to-be bride!), Gladys Tan ( her sister!), Mike Yip, Bryan Lim and Joshua Ong. 

I will be posting a follow-up post on my new pair of trainers. I was stoked to be receiving this pair of shoes, really! Though my current Adidas ClimaCool is only less than 1-year old. But, there's no reason for me dump that away because adiPure 360 was designed with the GYM in mind. Therefore, I personally think it wouldn't be to suitable for vigorous outdoor activities ( hiking, football, rock-climbing, etc.) since its specifically BORN FOR THE GYM. That's one point to take into consideration. 

So if you're NOT looking for a GYM-SHOE, then perhaps.. this wouldn't be as practical as it's made to be. I assume it would wear off faster than it should if used for extreme outdoor activities. But I guess, more subtle ones like badminton or cycling shouldn't be problem! Reason being, the sole of this adiPure 360 is much softer and flexible compared to the usual trainers. Hence, platforms (usually carpets or wooden floors) in the gyms would be more adaptable for the shoes, as compared to tar roads. You get the picture? 

Don't worry if you're still unsure - stay tuned for my follow-up post where I'll be comparing my current Adidas ClimaCool and my new adiPure 360! Here's a preview of my very own adiPure 360 in BLACK and PINK soles. I thought it would match my gym outfits better than the conventional Blue pair plus, my current pair of ClimaCool is Purple.. so I didn't want shoes of the same color (though their purple is really nice too! sadly, they ran outta sizes for my gigantic feet -.- ) 

See how flexible it is? Now, if you want to find out MORE about the shoes. You'll have to stay tune for my upcoming post. Meanwhile..

Adipure 360's Roadshow is still ongoing if you must know. 

Their last stop is happening this weekend (26th Oct- 28th Oct) at 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. Sabahan peeps, please drop by! 

The adiPure 360 is available for both men and women at the Adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Pavilion, KLCC, The Gardens and Empire Subang. Retails at RM 350. 

Or log onto www.adidas.com for better insights.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

On the verge of giving up on my diet and workout sessions. Maybe its time for confession. I have been succumbing into really unhealthy eating for the past few days. Yes, undergoing stress is ONE thing. But being DETERMINED and DEVOTED to my body is another. I have failed and its time I brush off all the negativities and restart the system. 

What I had yesterday: 
 BREAKFAST/ BRUNCH: Spaghetti as brunch ( But clearly my mind assumed that as my breakfast) 
LUNCH: I had Chic-o-cheese from Starbucks ( my not so brilliant idea for tea time) 
DINNER: Grilled salmon and fries ( I kept myself starving and I wasn't thinking for sure) 

These are definitely not the most ideal choice for your daily meals. Nonetheless, I can't regret the silly decisions I made. Can only make do for it. My body is definitely trying to adjust to such 'unhealthy binging habits' and before its too late, I NEED TO REMIND MY SYSTEM TO RESUME to the usual healthy eating habits. 

REMEMBER, if you don't start today; you won't ever! 

I always tend to tell myself "Alright, I will start tomorrow. Today's my last cheat meal." or I'll say "Ahh, I can easily burn them off at the gym later". NO THAT'S NOT THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE DONE. 

It doesn't matter if your breakfast wasn't too healthy, start healthy during lunch! It doesn't matter if you've had 'bad' meals for both breakfast and lunch, thinking you should just complete the 'unhealthy cycle' and start the next day. NO! You start during dinner then! Stop giving yourself excuses. You'll never do it. START NOW, START TODAY! 

For a start:- 
 #1. Cut down on your sugar level.

That means NO ice-creams, NO whipped cream, NO cakes, NO cupcakes, NO candies, NO Starbucks. Basically NO sugar-based beverages or food. Try that for a week, and you'll feel the difference. But then of course, I'm NOT saying CUT DOWN ENTIRELY. But reduce the portion day by day if possible. If you love MILO ( I do too!), try go for MILO KOSONG INSTEAD. If you love iced-lemon tea, have it without the sugar syrup. 

 #2. Tea are very effective fat-burners! 

Researches found that the element in green tea called polyphenols has shown to activate our body's thermogenic fat-burning activity. Indeed alot of scientific researches have found similar theories about green tea. Even I remember being taught during my Science lessons, that tea are very effective fat burners. In fact, a friend of mine proved it right ( this is a case to case basis). He kept his meal portions the same, but consumed tea every night before bed. That lasted for about a month with regular workout sessions. He managed to lose 4kgs, and best part; HE FELT SO MUCH HEALTHIER after adopting the habit of drinking tea. Well either way, drinking tea is no harm to our body. In fact, it is the Chinese tradition to consume tea- and some say it gives longevity :) So, why not? 

( TAKE NOTE: tea may perform different reactions on different individuals; some may feel insomniac if consumed before bedtime- That's my Mom. So please check your body's condition/reaction before trying)

#3. 70% DIET 30% EXERCISE 

That, I cannot deny. However much you go on a diet, workout is still essential to achieve a healthy and lean body. Unless you want to just look good in clothes, YES skinny BUT flabby. Well, that's entirely up to you. But what I'm trying to advocate here is having a HEALTHY AND LEAN BODY. That being said, I mean I still look good WITH or WITHOUT clothes. You don't have to necessarily sign up for a personal trainer. There's a reason why people upload tutorials on YOUTUBE or just GOOGLE it. But then, I will also be posting up my regular workouts (soon). Stay tuned! 

These are just very brief ideas towards a healthy YOU. If you want a healthy body, you need to make EFFORT to learn and understand. Most importantly, get yourself SWEATY! 

It's your pick!

 My advice? Start with a healthy mind, and the body will follow x