Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Insta-spam x

What's your everyday like? Will be going on a short hiatus due to the mounting stress. Don't we all go through that? Though its usually the students that over-exagerrate the term 'stress'. Its more likely to hear that from scholars rather than businessmen. Let's not go there. Nonetheless, will return with a BANG as soon as this WORLD WAR 3 ENDS. I swear, upon my faithful hard-covered books :P 

Insta-spam, let's start with "Its most likely a hint for you to follow me on Instagram". Yes, my account has been privatized because I'd prefer to have the authority to approve or disapprove people who wants to see my pictures ;P Not like they're worth million bucks or anything, but just let me fantasize.. 

Here goes. 

Of #ootd
 ( Took me months to actually decipher the bloody abbreviation) 

Of #food

Of #health&fitness 
(till death do us apart, hashtag ^) 

Of #examfever 

If you haven't seen my post on adiPure 360, it's time you do. ITS BORN FOR GYM BUNNIES! 
Scroll down or refresh by clicking on my header above to read the post. Its the post after this one :) 

How do you like the colour? So much to write about, so little time. See you folks after my exams. 
CIAO xx 

Maggy Wang 

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