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 First we had Oktoberfest, and now the most anticipated WHERE'S THE PARTY? - the party that I've heard so much about but sadly, never been to! But, looks like I'm gonna pop the WTP cherry ;) Carlsberg really knows how to pamper their consumers don't you think? I may not be an alcoholic, but my inner avid party rocker tells me that by hook or by crook, I'VE GOTTA BE THERE! 

This would be Carlsberg's THIRD time hosting the party and no doubt, it's going to be as epic as the ones before! Looking at the pictures, it's not the usual "drink and get wasted" kinda party. There's so many games and entertainment that would get you hooked for the entire day for sure. I especially liked the Wash-N-Go section, and I do hope that they would have it again this time and if you're going- YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME ;) Haha. Free shower y'all. 


Now, here's the best part. There's definitely a reason why the party was named WHERE'S THE PARTY? Because you won't know where it will be held until you get there! I am already liking the mysteriousness. Nyeh nyeh nyeh. Not quite suitable for those who has weak hearts. But, have faith in Carlsberg for bring you the best party of the year. Just pack yourself and be ready for lots of fun. Rest assured, it will worth the 2 days of your life ;) 

Last year it was held in the Golden Palm Resort in Gold Coast, Sepang. Great resort with amazing beachview. Now, that makes me wonder where the party's gonna be this year around. If only I could let the cat out of the bag ;) NO WAIT. I'm not supposed to know where it is. AND I REALLY DON'T! Well, not knowing where the location is already half the fun, no? Let's keep it that way. 

However, this party is a BY-INVITATION-ONLY event and will take place on the 10th October till 11th October (my final paper ends on the 9th. SAY WHUTTT! It's fated that I NEED TO BE THERE *winks ). Yep, it's going to be a 2 days 1 night party and accommodation plus transportation are provided. More reasons to love CARLSBERG! 

There will be lots of ice-cold beer (duh! well basically FREE FLOW!), games where you'll get to win awesome prizes, performances and not forgetting, every party's essential- AWESOME DJs ! Last year they had some real hotstuffs on the decks ( picture below!) and now, gentlemen hold your horses- I know what you're thinking ;) 

To be part of the fun this year, all you need to do is just head over to this LINK or to participate in the Facebook contest. You need to get the most correct answers in the fastest time possible. This contest will start running on the 17th October till 21st October. So, be sure to read-up everything on Carlsberg and the party! This time, Carlsberg is being extremely generous. They are not giving away 20 or 30 passes, but 375 lucky winners to walk away with the BY-INVITATION-ONLY invites. Fret not that you'll be alone, because with each invite you can bring along one friend to party with you! Double the joy, double the fun! 

The ultimate objective of WHERE'S THE PARTY? is to allow Carlsberg's fans to step-up to the challenges and bring home memorable experience and of course, unforgettable adventure at the soon-to-be revealed location ;)  MHB's girls had so much fun last year and I definitely don't wanna miss out on the fun this year. Get to know the MHB girls here -> . Or head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE where I'll be updating LIVE about the party. 

In dire need to chill and relax? 

Be there or be square ;) 

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