Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

On the verge of giving up on my diet and workout sessions. Maybe its time for confession. I have been succumbing into really unhealthy eating for the past few days. Yes, undergoing stress is ONE thing. But being DETERMINED and DEVOTED to my body is another. I have failed and its time I brush off all the negativities and restart the system. 

What I had yesterday: 
 BREAKFAST/ BRUNCH: Spaghetti as brunch ( But clearly my mind assumed that as my breakfast) 
LUNCH: I had Chic-o-cheese from Starbucks ( my not so brilliant idea for tea time) 
DINNER: Grilled salmon and fries ( I kept myself starving and I wasn't thinking for sure) 

These are definitely not the most ideal choice for your daily meals. Nonetheless, I can't regret the silly decisions I made. Can only make do for it. My body is definitely trying to adjust to such 'unhealthy binging habits' and before its too late, I NEED TO REMIND MY SYSTEM TO RESUME to the usual healthy eating habits. 

REMEMBER, if you don't start today; you won't ever! 

I always tend to tell myself "Alright, I will start tomorrow. Today's my last cheat meal." or I'll say "Ahh, I can easily burn them off at the gym later". NO THAT'S NOT THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE DONE. 

It doesn't matter if your breakfast wasn't too healthy, start healthy during lunch! It doesn't matter if you've had 'bad' meals for both breakfast and lunch, thinking you should just complete the 'unhealthy cycle' and start the next day. NO! You start during dinner then! Stop giving yourself excuses. You'll never do it. START NOW, START TODAY! 

For a start:- 
 #1. Cut down on your sugar level.

That means NO ice-creams, NO whipped cream, NO cakes, NO cupcakes, NO candies, NO Starbucks. Basically NO sugar-based beverages or food. Try that for a week, and you'll feel the difference. But then of course, I'm NOT saying CUT DOWN ENTIRELY. But reduce the portion day by day if possible. If you love MILO ( I do too!), try go for MILO KOSONG INSTEAD. If you love iced-lemon tea, have it without the sugar syrup. 

 #2. Tea are very effective fat-burners! 

Researches found that the element in green tea called polyphenols has shown to activate our body's thermogenic fat-burning activity. Indeed alot of scientific researches have found similar theories about green tea. Even I remember being taught during my Science lessons, that tea are very effective fat burners. In fact, a friend of mine proved it right ( this is a case to case basis). He kept his meal portions the same, but consumed tea every night before bed. That lasted for about a month with regular workout sessions. He managed to lose 4kgs, and best part; HE FELT SO MUCH HEALTHIER after adopting the habit of drinking tea. Well either way, drinking tea is no harm to our body. In fact, it is the Chinese tradition to consume tea- and some say it gives longevity :) So, why not? 

( TAKE NOTE: tea may perform different reactions on different individuals; some may feel insomniac if consumed before bedtime- That's my Mom. So please check your body's condition/reaction before trying)

#3. 70% DIET 30% EXERCISE 

That, I cannot deny. However much you go on a diet, workout is still essential to achieve a healthy and lean body. Unless you want to just look good in clothes, YES skinny BUT flabby. Well, that's entirely up to you. But what I'm trying to advocate here is having a HEALTHY AND LEAN BODY. That being said, I mean I still look good WITH or WITHOUT clothes. You don't have to necessarily sign up for a personal trainer. There's a reason why people upload tutorials on YOUTUBE or just GOOGLE it. But then, I will also be posting up my regular workouts (soon). Stay tuned! 

These are just very brief ideas towards a healthy YOU. If you want a healthy body, you need to make EFFORT to learn and understand. Most importantly, get yourself SWEATY! 

It's your pick!

 My advice? Start with a healthy mind, and the body will follow x 


Anonymous said...

oh wow mag this post is very motivating. please keep posting these stuff, i dont usually comment but i love them :)

just smtg i learned in my lectures:
- after the age of 20, our metabolism sorta decreases, hence we should eat less.

- fat cells grow VERY easily. and they take about 6 months to die, hence when you diet, make sure it lasts super long. this is also why people gain weight again after dieting a while :|

- some food contain a type of sugar that makes us addicted to it (so we binge lol)

i swear and swear to myself i should exercise and i swearrrr i will when i'm back in malaysia after all this uni work. all this weight gain is crazy !!!

Magdeline Wang said...

Aww thank you Kimster! :) I sure will!!

And thanks for the extra info. So insightful. Thanks for sharing yaww.