Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Phew. I actually managed to survive the past few weeks despite the hectic schedule with assignments and events back to back. Now, back to some serious work before I start failing my papers ( finals in 3 weeks time). So much to do, so little time- ITS TRUE! 

Just a short recap on what's been up, and hence the title THROWBACK THURSDAY! 

#1. GUESS 30th Anniversary Party 
Donned in GUESS and I especially loved the denim jacket that I wore, and of course the tribal inspired maxi dress that Andrea was wearing. Shows so well in pictures don't you think? Gonna redeem my complimentary outfit from GUESS by this week before I start diggin my nose in the books and forget everything else. 

#2. JMEN Launch Party @ Ciao Italian Restaurant 
One word - FABULOUS! Everyone was dressed to the nines and I felt a little underdressed to be honest. Nonetheless, had lots of fun catching up with old friends and of course, taking over the photobooth section, as usual ;) 

#3. MyKasih Charity Drive at Publika 
I'M DRIVING FOR CHANGE! Have you done your part? Gave a little helping hand last Sunday to the MyKasih Charity Drive. It was so amazing to see everyone getting together for a GOOD cause. Our very own Malaysian sweetheart, Henry Golding and Andrea Fonseka were given a task- TO RAISE 30K WITHIN 3 DAYS. And guess what, after all the hardwork, tears and sweat- they managed to raise RM300K, 10 times the initiated amount! SAY WHUUUT. 1Malaysia y'all. Kudos to all xx 

#4. CLUB ASAHI TOKYO  @ Butter Factory 
It was actually an 'after-party' for those who attended JMEN. Lots of hi-hi-bye-bye I must say. The place was jam-packed. The amount of people I tell ya. 

 #5. Bebe Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2012 

#6. Thailand VS Asia- THE BEST OF MALAYSIA 
The fight kept me at the edge of my seat the whole night. The intensity was soo... INTENSED!! Haha. Lost of words. My first time watching a REAL fight LIVE! Great show guys. Kudos to Elite Boxing Malaysia for putting up such a great show! 

Will be attending WAREHOUSE's launch at Pavilion later tonight. And then back to my books right after. Gotta take a breather from my social routine for abit. Diverging the focus to em books otherwise my grades would go on a major depreciation. 

Nonetheless, stay tuned for my upcoming post. Another major party coming up! xx 


Kelly Siew said...

You are a gorgeous social butterfly. Lovely photos! :D

Magdeline Wang said...

Thanks sweetie! :)