Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maggy Wears || Emcee Couture

It's either the 'I'm too tall' or 'I'm too petite' kinda fashion crisis that most of us girls face these days. It's really difficult to find something that fits you perfectly unless, well.. you have a Giselle Bundchen figure or if you're as curvy as Kim Kardashian. And more often than not, we Asian girls tend to find the apparels in stores - to be WELL FITTED BUT TOO SHORT or PERFECT DESIGN BUT ILL FITTED :( You know what, that happens to me all the time. Especially when it comes to jumpers!! My all time favourite apparels - I always find them too short for my ginormous body :( 

Fret not girls, I'm here to introduce you EMCEE COUTURE where you'll discover your shopping experience like never before! :) 

Here's what Emcee Couture has to say  

"Too long, short, snugly, or big? Worry not! Request for your favourite piece of creation to be made to your preference." 

Yes, you heard it! You get to alter your dresses to fit your body perfectly! Better still, if you have any design in mind, just let them know and they'll try their best to cater to your preferences :) Looking for bridemaids' dresses? Then look no further babes. EMCEE COUTURE IT IS! By far, the most efficient and humble designer I've met! Most of the apparels/items that they have in store are mostly self-manufactered by the designer herself! They're all made from scratch. Talk about TALENT! 

Here are some of my favourites! 

#1. One Sided Sleeves Bodycon Dress 
with Sheer Lantern Sleeves. 

Simple and nice. Just pair it with a loud chocker or necklace, and a pair of stilettos then you're good to go! Wore it for my first hosting debut, and everyone loved the dress! Thank you Emcee Couture :) 

#2. Convertibles 
I'm sure most of you are familiar with the convertibles by now! That one essential dress that every wardrobe needs. ONE DRESS AND A MILLION WAYS TO WEAR IT! It won't matter if you wear your dress TWICE or even THRICE now. Nobody would even realize ;) 

Emcee Couture offers four types of convertibles - three of which are different skirt styles and one overalls pallazo pants ( the one I'm wearing in Black). 

Thinking of getting my second convertible already. So easy to wear!  But, this time I'll go with a skirt! :) 

Since I've always had trouble looking for a well fitting pallazo pants (they're always too short), Emcee Couture had mine custom made to fit my height! Not too short, not too long - just the way I like it. You can have yours done too. Just check them out on their Facebook page ( link below). 

Here are more designs from Emcee Couture. From skirts, dresses, tops and even overalls! Fashion crisis, whaat? If you want to find out more about EMCEE COUTURE, check out their FACEBOOK and BLOG

One more thing before I forget. If you're thinking that these custom made dresses would be really expensive and unaffordable, you're WRONG! It's absolutely affordable and reasonable. Trust me ladies, you'll love it! Remember to check out their FB and Blog to keep yourself updated with their manufacturing batches. Since they are custom made, it would of course take time. So be sure to keep track of their latest updates! xx 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maggy Wears || IHF

Everyday is a rainy day - that's probably our winter ( though I'd still prefer snow! :P ) Nonetheless, its time to stock up on your knitwears, sweaters and anything thick and comfy! Well, if you have been following my instagram (@magdelinewang), I'm sure you'll notice that I have been wearing lots of comfy sweaters and anything that's perfect for a rainy day. Well, it's also because that I have been terribly sick and unwell :( So much for the weather huh? 

Anyway, I'll be travelling to Shanghai for Christmas ( supaa excites cus I don't have to summer it this year!) and hence, my sudden need to purchase all the 'winter' wears. If you are looking for knitwears, sweaters or pullovers.. well, look no further. IHF - yep, they've got it all! 

#1. Snowflake Pullover ( in Cream) 
I couldn't decide between the Cream and Black - hence I took both! Best of both worlds ;) xx 
You can always layer them esp if you're headed for winter countries! Double win! xx 

#2. Snowflake Pullover ( in Black) 

#3. Leslie Oversize Knit Top in Maroon 
Absolutely comfy! My best companion during the rainy days. 

#4. Camberley Half Sleeve Dress in Forest Green
Perfect for casual day out! I personally think that the color goes really well for Xmas occasions. So, Christmas parties anyone? :)  

Good news ladies. IHF has just launched their latest Fall/Winter collection. Be ready to go cray cray! I've already got my eyes on a few of the pieces now. The ombre pullovers are major love!! Well, heads up- their items run out of stock very very fast. So make sure you place your orders before they start selling like hot cupcakes!

Fret not if some of the items have been sold out - sometimes they do backorder. So, keep yourself updated at their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Happy Shopping ladies xx 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Impromptu Penang

I'm pretty sure most of us have that 'well-planned-plan-but-never-happened' kinda plan.. (you get what I mean?) HAHA! I'm sure you do. All the 'plans' of having an all-girls trip to Bangcock, Phuket and my 'god-knows-when-it-will-actually-happen' solo travel to Europe.. STILL HAVE YET TO BE EXECUTED. Typical typical ;) Nonetheless, this super impromptu trip to Penang was quite an exception. And, surprisingly was executed pretty damn well! Kudos to Nita and Aaron :P what Jane said - if it wasn't for Aaron's departure back to Beijing, it is very unlikely for the trip to happen. Chinaman is the boss mah! :P 

p/s: Readers, I know you don't quite know who's who from the names. But you'll get the hang of it soon ;) Well, I'm pretty sure you know who Juanita is. 

Back to the story- so yep! We were supposed to depart at 2.30am ( ADVICE: Don't drive w/o any sleep prior, the entire clan's lives are in your hands)  and we somehow ended up leaving at 5am only. Managed to reach Penang by around 10am. Phew, it sure was a bumpy ride. But you know what, they're worth it ;) 

Will cut the LONNNNGGGGG story short. I reckon the pictures should suffice as the 'narration'. Too much details if I were to jot everything down. You get the drift ;) 

We left before dawn! 
Rest stop somewhere along the North-South highway. 
I'm going straight to the point. Well, if you come to Penang- it has to be their infamous FOOD! And our first stop ( wait, I think it was our 3rd stop.. anyway) was the NASI KANDAR!! Super fattening but I couldn't NOT try it :( 

Nasi Kandar - 1 ||  Maggy - 0 

Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Was told there was a better one called Nasi Kandar Beratur but this was good enough to keep our tummy happy. One thing inevitable though- THE LONG ASS QUEUE. Worth it lah, worth it. But I suggest you get a partner to share the portions with you. Prevent from overeating! Thank God for Jane who was willing to ber-partner with me :P Otherwise... 


I almost caught Nita doin' the Gangnam across the street. ALMOST. 
And the beach. Well.. OF COURSE! It's Penang hello? Plus, I'm so damn sick and tired of the concrete jungle. Really don't mind taking a month to just stay by the beach, wake up to the sound of the gushing waves, the sea breeze.. oh, life would've been perfect then. And I shall keep dreaming :p

Errr.. Baywatch or Gaywatch? 

Shane x Nita x Jane x YoursTruly 

Had such an amazing time w the peeps over at Penang! Managed to also stop by Ipoh for dinner before resuming our journey. Its always better with great friends around huh? ;) Just a really short worded post cus I'm currently down with major flu, sore throat and fever. What a bummer! :( Can't deny that I travelled a tad too much just within a week. Taken a toll on my body :P Can't wait to the rest of the year! 2 vacations in December and an exciting journey ahead! 

Well, till then! xx