Monday, March 30, 2009



My voice got better after like what? 7 hours of choir? haha.
I still cant reach the higher pitch. I might as well have to lip-sing. SIGHS.
Bey syok lah. When everyone is like singing their lungs and diaphragm out. MAG you lip-sing??!

*slaps self*

No. I'm not gonna lip-sing.

God bless me. I dont wanna squeak tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


*cheers* I've just finished my first moral essay. I've just realised that I'm only starting from a point, not even a scratch. sighs. Due date is like 5 days away? WTF. I'm always doing work at the very edgy times. BOO.

Went to watch perak league today. I missed his match. Arrived late. Sighs. Well, i bet he did his best :) And you know what? I think he's photogenic after looking at the pictures that was developed by the i -dont-know-which-professional-photographer. HAHA. Really.

Maybe I should bring along my DSLR during his MSSPK *clap clap*

My skin complextion is getting from bad to WORST. After the sunburn, sighs. I'm feel damnsit ugly now. Whats worse is that photography session for the Year Book is like.. TOMORROW? great. great.

You know what ?
- I wonder why is he so gay? Bey tahan wei, seriously. Get lost please.
- I cant effin sing. My voice. I cant sing , i squeak. SIGHS.
- I totally disagree with people who actually says that Earth Hour is a piece of shit. Oh come on. Just because its only for an hour, its a waste of time? HAHAH. I bet you wouldn't even do it if its for a day. BOO YA.
- I wonder if DSLRs are in trend for wishlists right now?? HAHA.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Belated Surprise

When you actually least expect something, TAADAA! Here comes the surprise.

Bio tuition was on as usual. Having miss carmen lai babbling non-stop and licking her lollipop during class which puan jeya find it obscene. AHAHA. ( Dont worry mern, its okay to me though ) Haha.

I was quiet that day. Too exhausted i guess. So, i was especially sleepy that night.

When teacher actually said " OKAY. Lets have a 5 minutes break" . All thats in my head was OHYEAH! I CAN SLEEP. So, i bang my head onto my bio book and slept. Haha.

Manalah aku tahu..

Mern came in with a cake and they were singing the birthday song. I was like ' HUH? teacher's birthday mehh?? ' NO.SERIOUSLY! I WAS THAT BLURR. haha.

and what gave me the shock of my life was that GAVIN was there too. OMG. damn it lar. you guys arr.. huiyo. haha. And he passed me a ZARA paper bag. cheh. ROFL.

Aunt Nancy made the birthday cake for me. Thank you aunty :)

And guys??

HABIBI. haha.
I LOVE YOU i mean :P

BIG BIG hugs.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The TwentySixth of March

I woke up with a big smile on my face.
A voice whispered in within me,
Its your birthday today mag,
I remembered today! YES I DO.
Its my BIGday (:

I don't know why, maybe I've too high expectations. Because everytime when its my friend's birthday. There will be surprises. BIG surprises. And mine? Why is there none?? I always wonder. Do I actually don't deserve one or is it because nobody even bothers??Well, i think its both of em. Anyway its over.

But i still think I had a wonderful birthday. Because he was there for me (:

Sad case weh. Gotta go tuition on your birthday. haha. He gave me a lil surprise :P He was there in the car when my tuition ended. OMGOSH. lol.

I wonder how would my birthday be, if he wasn't there with me.
Lonesome Night? Haha.

Thanks baby. I love you.
And a big thanks to people who remembered my day (:

sighs. now I'm afraid of the sun :(
sunphobia i guess?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Message

Its just a SMS. and why am i smiling like I hit a homerun? haha.
Omg. I'm so touched. Dang. The smile, its not fading. HOW??
I'm gonna spent my whole lifetime with you? Yeah. Feels like it.

The promise you told me. I'm gonna stitch it onto my heart. Yeah. It takes time and it hurts.
But i dont care. I'm doing it baby. HUGS.

Days count: 30 minutes
OMG. Its coming already??


Once your leucocytes dont function well enough. Yeah, thats how you'll become. When it all attack you at one go, ITS BAD. Really bad. Haha. Thank god that my baby was always there for me whenever i needed him. LOL.

Hooray. MSSD had ended. It ended how i least expected. Haha. You wouldn't wanna know. SUNBURN SUNBURN. And I freaking injured my nose. Thank god I'm still alive.
I was SO glad that Terrence was there. Watching me, eventhough i sucked. HAHAA. When I collasped at the First Base, he came. Omg. I was touched :P Needless to say, he did GREAT la. Haha. K2 K2. LOL. His pitching was like 'speed of light'. HAHA. Okay. Exaggerrating. Hehe. But he was seriously damn good. I've to mention the word ' damn' . HAHA.
I can't talk. I sound like a monster. Sighs. If you hear me , you'll get what I mean. Haha.

Why am I not eager about tomorrow?? WHY?

Anybody tell me?

Days count : ONE

Monday, March 16, 2009

gears Up, make-ups UP, get UP and GO

It had been like a year ago and its still fresh in my mind (: Memories with the Perak Dancers was just so awesome. An unfinished piece of art i would say. And it would remain undone.

The chance to meet our King, Queen and our Prime Minister was indeed an honour to me. And having myself dancing to be broadcasted live was another omg-i'm-on-TV kinda feeling. haha. Excited wan weh. LOL.

And once you step on the Reality Road ( thats what i call it ) , you'll see FLASHES everywhere. People holding onto their camera to get the best angle of yours. haha. And apa lagi? REPORTERS lah. When you actually pause for a second or two right in front of their DSLRs and smile, they would give a smile in return and *thumbs up*. I feel like imma superstar. ( unfortunately just for that 30minutes time ) ROFL.

Its an experience in life. Just like when you read a novel, here comes the climax. Yeehah. Haha.
BUT , I believe that many many many more exciting chapters in my life are about to come. Just not yet. I shall sit and be a goodie-two-shoes and wait for it to come. Hey no. I'll run after it (:

Alright. SNAP SHOTS!

*flash flash FLASH*

We're meant to be ONE.

Time : 1.20 am ( approximately lah)
And we're still here, training our dance. Getting lectures and all.

Ampun Tuanku

Dataran Johor, The Clock Tower

Now this is for REAL.
I'm in red, without the yellow stockings :P

Walking on the road Reality Road


Saturday, March 14, 2009


"Can you not go?? Because I'm jealous. I dont get to see you but she does. I'm jealous. "

I feel like taking pills to alleviate my pain. Is there such a remedy? Tell me. I wanna know.

Maybe sometimes, things just don't turn out like how you planned to, or how you imagined or even how you think it would be.

Im trying to calm down. Im trying to assuage my anger. Im trying.

My previous post noted that i was excited and now its like UPSIDEDOWN. sighs.

You tell me?


No doubt that I'm excited. Excited that they're coming back. Horray.

Baby's heading back from kl after his tournament with s'pore and HK and i dont know what. LOL. And mummy's on their way home to meet me. YAY. All on the same day, today (:

I dont know what to say. I just miss him. them. all.

Days count: 12days

Kimberly Ong (:

Okay. This post is like so ubber late already. Dang. I wanted to go online last night to wish you but unfortunately i dozed off after the whole day out. Tuitions and trainings. GAH.
Sorry Kim (:

Happy 17th birthday kimmie ong. Dai gor lui larrr. Zhi mou? LOL. ( do you actually understand what I'm saying?? )

I couldn't find any recent pictures of you to post it up. ( DUH la mag. Bodoh. The last time you saw her was before the 1st sports practice! ) haha. So, yeah.

Courtesy of KIMMIE ONG :P
Remember this??
Hoi. Look at the cam la doink *LAUGHS

21st June 2008
Miss you la kim :(

I remember this.
Do you??
Oh and one more thing. Read this equation yeah?? Simplest maths on earth.
13+13= 26
13 x 2 = 26
13th= Kambing's birthday
26th= ??
so fellow students, whats the answer??

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yeah. Tell me about it. Exam was alright today. Paradocks. When i don't have the initiative to even flip the pages, I think I did alright. Why oh why?? Tell me why!

I freaking screwed my chemistry. Ain't no gonna deny. Sulphur + lead (2) oxide then all HCl or whatever ever that is. whaddaheck mann.

God save me from this 'illusion' ( Because I feel like my bed and pillows are all turning into test pads and pens for me to scribble! Like how you scribble the chemical equations and all you know?? GAH )

Tell me its just an illusion or some sorta optical trick or whatsoever. Dang. I'm crapping like , AGAIN :S

And I think I got FATTER. Fucklarr. Even b told me so. DIEDIEDIEDIE.

He's at a faraway land and I'm missing him badly. Nah, actually he's only at KL lah. haha.
Hey baby. All the best and pitch the best you can. I know its hard but I bet you can. Hugs. School level telling you this ar. Yea?? HUGGIES.

Waiting for your return and we shall go makan :P

Days count: 14days
It goes on and on

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bangun la doiiiii

obvious? not ?
stop doing that please
i did badly in my test this time round
thats why im insecure
he leaving tomorrow
thats why im insecure
Tell me how. Tell me how.
I seriously don't know what to blog about.
Start? Where to? You tell me.
I'm facing my laptop now when i should be reading bio
I'm not doing the right things right again!
mag. WAKE UP!!
im still in my dreamland.
waiting for my knight in shining armour
Days count: 15 days

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm flying without wings. Or am i barely even walking??
I'm smelling fresh air. Or am i barely even breathing??
I'm seeing the colours of life. Or am i only seeing BLACK and WHITE??
My feelings, my emotions, my heart is not telling me the right things.

I'm not even doing things right. Do the right things right they'll say.
WHY DONT YOU DO IT? i'd say. Get lost please.
I don't know what the f*** is wrong with me. SHUUTTTTUUUPPPPP.

So many things happened today :( :)
Should i smile or should i frown??

-Our annual sports day
-Lunch with baby
-Parade with Song and May
-Facial at Americ :) [ it sure hurt ]
-Home :(

Couldn't stay any longer. I'm kinda disappointed. Its not that I dont wanna stay. I couldn't stay. I couldn't :( You know you know??

Love you lots :) always.

*bigggggg huggiessss*

p/s: I'm dreadfully sorry.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Go green go

I've no effin idea if my GREEN house is gonna win this year. My last year wehhhh :(( Anyhow, i'll still sprint as fast as possible tomorrow. LMAO.

We lost to yellow house during the tarik tali :( saddening. Intan was GOOD and i mean it, she's darn good. HAHA.

I don't have any pictures of my team. But here i present you my boy (:

We're the greenies. Don't mess with us. LOL.

I think he looks hot here.

Whaddya think??

*waves bye bye*

Thanks b for being there for me (:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its speed of light!

Ohyeah! Expect the unexpected.

Today's over and i'm relieved. Hoorrayy. Less headache. Less worries. Less uban. LOL.

And silver was what i was awarded, after NOT practicing due to my injured knee.

My heart beated like SOFREAKINGEFFINDAMNFAST. Its like the speed of light! haha.

Did not expect myself to jump across the mark point. And when i think back, its so funny. haha.

Shut my eyes tight. ( carmen taught me ) and open BIG BIG ( carmen told me too) and GO!

Close ( not shut) and open and i looked at the furthest existing object ( B told me ) and run!

Blinked my eyes a few times. Flung my arms like 270degrees front and back. I said " I love you" and GO!

Okay. The ' I love you' part, i didnt know why i said that. HAHA. Random.

Diana was really good. GLAD that she got gold, she deserved to (:
Congrats dianahanishhajefri.ahaha.

So yeah. Long jump event ended. *cheers*

4 x 100 next (:

Loving you more than ever. Thanks for being there for me.
Days count: 22days.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jump !

butterflies butterflies!

Butterflies in my tummy belly ouchieee!!!!

I'm talking to my poor legs again.

"Jump well pleaseeee?? Jump well pleaseeeee??? I love you".

I'll imagine you standing at the end point. I'll reach for you.
I'll close my eyes and say " Yes, I can".

The wound isn't getting any better. Its nottt.

Jump Jump Jump.

*Current Heartbeat Rate: 900km/h


Monday, March 2, 2009

When you lose your balance..

"OMG mag. What happened?!"
"Oh mann. That hurts".
and MAG says " I'm okay. I'm okay *smiles* Just a fall "

But actually it hurts like WHATTHAFARKLAHSOPAINNNNNNNN! haha.

It bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed... and bleed :(

Long jump-lah. Thats why itu macam.haha. I was tring so hard to jump like the long jumpers i saw in the CD carmen lent me. They're like WALAO.FLYING MANNN. haha.

Nevertheless, i lost my balance during my landing and PFFFTT. I fell. embarrassing shit.
Thank god only Diana and I was there. So, its okay. My deskmate (:

Wednesday would be the finals. And i hope by the time my wound would recover. I need EXPRESS MITOSIS process. I need! haha.

Anyway, it was just a fall right?? Just a fall.

Taken by my LUMIX DMC-FX8.
I don't think i need my D80 capture my pain. HAHA. crap.
*praying hard*
No scars pleaseeeeeeeee.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tubby (:

Dont keep em if you dont care.
Dont rear pets if you dont have the love for it, please.

Went over to his house and his sis got back a new doggie, Tubby they named it. HEES.

Tubby was found by the roadside, alone.. wondering what happened.
Tubby had her right front leg broken. Its limping :(
Tubby had a collar round her neck but her owner didnt want her, anymore.
Tubby was separated from the two other dogs. We don't want Tubby to be HOTDOG :P
Tubby just got back from the vet. Aww.
Tubby is always trying to get into the house. But everyone will patt her butt and say 'NO!'
Tubby gave me a scare at first because she licked my feet. Yikes.

Hey. wait a sec! Is Tubby a male or female??!

*scratches head*