Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tubby (:

Dont keep em if you dont care.
Dont rear pets if you dont have the love for it, please.

Went over to his house and his sis got back a new doggie, Tubby they named it. HEES.

Tubby was found by the roadside, alone.. wondering what happened.
Tubby had her right front leg broken. Its limping :(
Tubby had a collar round her neck but her owner didnt want her, anymore.
Tubby was separated from the two other dogs. We don't want Tubby to be HOTDOG :P
Tubby just got back from the vet. Aww.
Tubby is always trying to get into the house. But everyone will patt her butt and say 'NO!'
Tubby gave me a scare at first because she licked my feet. Yikes.

Hey. wait a sec! Is Tubby a male or female??!

*scratches head*


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