Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm flying without wings. Or am i barely even walking??
I'm smelling fresh air. Or am i barely even breathing??
I'm seeing the colours of life. Or am i only seeing BLACK and WHITE??
My feelings, my emotions, my heart is not telling me the right things.

I'm not even doing things right. Do the right things right they'll say.
WHY DONT YOU DO IT? i'd say. Get lost please.
I don't know what the f*** is wrong with me. SHUUTTTTUUUPPPPP.

So many things happened today :( :)
Should i smile or should i frown??

-Our annual sports day
-Lunch with baby
-Parade with Song and May
-Facial at Americ :) [ it sure hurt ]
-Home :(

Couldn't stay any longer. I'm kinda disappointed. Its not that I dont wanna stay. I couldn't stay. I couldn't :( You know you know??

Love you lots :) always.

*bigggggg huggiessss*

p/s: I'm dreadfully sorry.

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