Friday, March 27, 2009

The TwentySixth of March

I woke up with a big smile on my face.
A voice whispered in within me,
Its your birthday today mag,
I remembered today! YES I DO.
Its my BIGday (:

I don't know why, maybe I've too high expectations. Because everytime when its my friend's birthday. There will be surprises. BIG surprises. And mine? Why is there none?? I always wonder. Do I actually don't deserve one or is it because nobody even bothers??Well, i think its both of em. Anyway its over.

But i still think I had a wonderful birthday. Because he was there for me (:

Sad case weh. Gotta go tuition on your birthday. haha. He gave me a lil surprise :P He was there in the car when my tuition ended. OMGOSH. lol.

I wonder how would my birthday be, if he wasn't there with me.
Lonesome Night? Haha.

Thanks baby. I love you.
And a big thanks to people who remembered my day (:

sighs. now I'm afraid of the sun :(
sunphobia i guess?

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