Saturday, March 28, 2009

Belated Surprise

When you actually least expect something, TAADAA! Here comes the surprise.

Bio tuition was on as usual. Having miss carmen lai babbling non-stop and licking her lollipop during class which puan jeya find it obscene. AHAHA. ( Dont worry mern, its okay to me though ) Haha.

I was quiet that day. Too exhausted i guess. So, i was especially sleepy that night.

When teacher actually said " OKAY. Lets have a 5 minutes break" . All thats in my head was OHYEAH! I CAN SLEEP. So, i bang my head onto my bio book and slept. Haha.

Manalah aku tahu..

Mern came in with a cake and they were singing the birthday song. I was like ' HUH? teacher's birthday mehh?? ' NO.SERIOUSLY! I WAS THAT BLURR. haha.

and what gave me the shock of my life was that GAVIN was there too. OMG. damn it lar. you guys arr.. huiyo. haha. And he passed me a ZARA paper bag. cheh. ROFL.

Aunt Nancy made the birthday cake for me. Thank you aunty :)

And guys??

HABIBI. haha.
I LOVE YOU i mean :P

BIG BIG hugs.

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