Monday, March 16, 2009

gears Up, make-ups UP, get UP and GO

It had been like a year ago and its still fresh in my mind (: Memories with the Perak Dancers was just so awesome. An unfinished piece of art i would say. And it would remain undone.

The chance to meet our King, Queen and our Prime Minister was indeed an honour to me. And having myself dancing to be broadcasted live was another omg-i'm-on-TV kinda feeling. haha. Excited wan weh. LOL.

And once you step on the Reality Road ( thats what i call it ) , you'll see FLASHES everywhere. People holding onto their camera to get the best angle of yours. haha. And apa lagi? REPORTERS lah. When you actually pause for a second or two right in front of their DSLRs and smile, they would give a smile in return and *thumbs up*. I feel like imma superstar. ( unfortunately just for that 30minutes time ) ROFL.

Its an experience in life. Just like when you read a novel, here comes the climax. Yeehah. Haha.
BUT , I believe that many many many more exciting chapters in my life are about to come. Just not yet. I shall sit and be a goodie-two-shoes and wait for it to come. Hey no. I'll run after it (:

Alright. SNAP SHOTS!

*flash flash FLASH*

We're meant to be ONE.

Time : 1.20 am ( approximately lah)
And we're still here, training our dance. Getting lectures and all.

Ampun Tuanku

Dataran Johor, The Clock Tower

Now this is for REAL.
I'm in red, without the yellow stockings :P

Walking on the road Reality Road


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