Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Once your leucocytes dont function well enough. Yeah, thats how you'll become. When it all attack you at one go, ITS BAD. Really bad. Haha. Thank god that my baby was always there for me whenever i needed him. LOL.

Hooray. MSSD had ended. It ended how i least expected. Haha. You wouldn't wanna know. SUNBURN SUNBURN. And I freaking injured my nose. Thank god I'm still alive.
I was SO glad that Terrence was there. Watching me, eventhough i sucked. HAHAA. When I collasped at the First Base, he came. Omg. I was touched :P Needless to say, he did GREAT la. Haha. K2 K2. LOL. His pitching was like 'speed of light'. HAHA. Okay. Exaggerrating. Hehe. But he was seriously damn good. I've to mention the word ' damn' . HAHA.
I can't talk. I sound like a monster. Sighs. If you hear me , you'll get what I mean. Haha.

Why am I not eager about tomorrow?? WHY?

Anybody tell me?

Days count : ONE

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