Sunday, June 26, 2011


Life's been pretty mundane & (S-L-O-WWWWW) lately.

Waking up to nothing, nothing to push me. Nothing to make me go 'Wusaaah!'. And worst still, no gym no nothing for me to work out. But of course, like what I've previously said 'There's always an alternative". But being the typical me, I am just too lazy to lay out the yoga mat and start anything at all. Somebody smack me. And hence, I've been feeling all fidgety and guilty :( This is up to no good. But hey, that isn't such a bad thing or is it?

Wait until I'm back to KL and I'll be regretting why haven't I done enough embracing back here at my Home Sweet Home. Ohwell, I can never stop the complaints. Again, somebody smack me!

Oh speaking of which, if smacking can kindly fix my 'face problems'; that would be good!
And by that I mean MORE & MORE zits and pimples and blackheads :(
They are getting out of control and I'm going hysterical (not joking)!

Have been very hardworking doing my facial routines before bed EVERY SINGLE DAY; that didn't help. OH MY MY. Whats should I possibly do?

Zits aside. So! I've just set-up this formspring account just so I thought maybe I could have some virtual companion and then only I came into realization that its a Q&A software. I cannot have more hatred than I have for QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. But I'll give this a try ;)

So formspring me HERE!
Ask me anything at all. I will see how I could possibly challenge myself answering YOUR questions; be it nonsensical or logical ones ;) Thats how questions are meant to be, aye?

On a brighter note, I am beyond stoked to be flying back to KL on Tuesday & start packing for our getaway to Phuket! But I heard its the monsoon season and its been raining pretty frequently. Advices anybody?

Till then, TAA!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little by little, one walks far.

Greetings amigos!
And guess what? Finals are over and that means I can fully concentrate on my workout routines right now. Have been hitting the gym pretty frequently (if you ever follow me on twitter) & trying my level best to build up my stamina considering I am just SOO lazy to sometimes even get up and drive to the gym. I mean like who does? Who wouldn't want to indulge the comfort at home? Haha.

Well, just to share a little of my daily workout routines w my y'all. I know I know we are just so sluggish and slothful sometimes. All we want is to eat nothing and get thin! But honey, thats just not the way. Life is short, and we need to do whatever we can to live the moment! Hence, health ;) And these workouts. One thing about exercises, they will never go wrong! Unless, you get too extreme and go beyond your body's capability ( Oh no, don't kill yourself).


Well honestly, my journey to getting my dream "nicole scherzinger's-bod" is still quite a stretch actually. But I'm getting there. Time will tell. So yeah.
What do I do everyday ( or rather everytime I work out?)

1. 30-minutes brisk walk/ jog/ run on the treadmill
Well, I personally think its important to get my heart pumping before I start my workout. So, I'll get the hang of it and the adrenaline rush will get me going throughout my routines.

2. Biceps
To get rid of my toufu-fas! And by that I meant my flabby arms. Am pretty sure I am not the only one. Don't worry, you won't make your arms HUGE like Dywane Johnson's unless you carry a 80kg dumbbell. In fact, you keep them in shape and once you finally get rid of 'most' of your flabby parts, damn girl you'll look oh-so sexy! (there's no way you can get rid of ALL the fats with a 100 percent; but a little its fine)

Tips from Billiesooi: Don't rush. Go slow and feel the muscle develop. In fact if you rush, you might hurt your muscles and we don't want that to happen. Remember, oh-so-sexy arms! ;)

3. Torso Rotation

This is mainly to build your abdominals and obliques (Diagram below for reference). There is no freaking way you can have a bikini-bod without working on your abs. Darlings, remember no pain no gain. Plus the pain's addictive. Its a plus point! ;)

Alternative: Do it at home!
Sit so that your body forms a "V" shape, w your lower legs crossed & lifted (For beginners: heels on the floor; optional). Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell between both hands. Then, move left and right touching ball to each side of the floor while you maintain that V shape. 15-20 repetitions on each side will do it!

4. Sit-ups & leg-raises
Well this totally depends on individuals. If you think your workouts are insufficient and you want more, why not! I do this occasionally because I am a certified lazy bump.

But guys, don't worry if you don't have time to sign-up for gym memberships ( its not necessary!), there's always an alternative; do it at home. Just google "gym workouts" and I'm pretty sure you'll find plenty. Thats just exactly what I did ;) Don't think I can actually blurt out these w/o doing researches. Heh.

Oh and I found a few pictures that you guys might or might not want to see *wink.

Girls on steroids!
Warning: Please don't kill yourself and make your body turn into a monster. Unless you wanna be a widow for life or if your husband have any particular peculiar habits for liking huge women haha. Like HUGEEEE ;p

Dare to dream, dare to achieve.

Tell me how this body isn't to die for? Guys would drool and girls will do anything at all to be like her. She is truly a beauty.

Also remember, she wasn't born to look like that. Hard work always pay off. And I'm pretty sure hers wasn't easy and its all about the matter of hardwork, determination and time.

I always tell myself "Why tomorrow if I have today?".
So girls, goodluck!

"Every accomplishment starts w a decision to try".
I guess that explains.


This post may not be certified by any particular gym/health professionals. But this is solely for the sake of me sharing my thoughts with my readers. Thank you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today I woke up to the worst hunger pang ever & knowing tomorrow will (still) be another long day, without him.

Our relationship has def gone to a whole new level ( at this point of time), from him being a badass boy to a working man he is today. I definitely see the growth in him. And likewise, from me being a highschool kid ( when he first met me) until today when I'm (almost) entering adulthood. Haha. Time flies, I must say. I cannot thank God enough for bringing him into my life. & I always ponder: What if he never existed? Would I ever find someone like him,ever? (whooops)

Unlike my previous unsuccessful relationships ( well, puppy love never worked right? haha), this one has definitely shaped and moulded me into a better person. I am known for my worst temper and HE was the only one who patiently tolerate w the tornados and tsunami that came his way (best part? There were no early warnings LOL). And sooner, I figured I can't be throwing unnecessary tantrum all over plus its unfair (he has NEVER once thrown his temper at me), and yup I'm still learning to take charge of the control gear.

He sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle. But still wants you in his life.

Love is too subjective and its not enough to describe the feelings I have for this guy. Well, lets just say love blindfolds you. Cliche, but true. I always say LOVE is not enough, the vocab needs a much stronger and bold statement to express the passion of affection towards somebody and up till today I'm still figuring out what that really is. Haha.

Spent so much time w him for the past one month and now 2 weeks w/o him seems to be the longest time in my life. Its like the clock ticks so freakin slow. Haha. But patience is virtue. I'm sounding like some desperate gf trying to gobble up the bf lol.

My best friend, gossip centre, punching bag, gym buddy,
soulmate and the love of my life.

I like it that way ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Greetings all! How was the weekends? The fact that I haven't been updating was fairly obvious; FINALS. Haha. But I am almost reaching the end point though its still a week away. I know I'm one step closer to freedom ;) Well, I'm sure many of you guys are already on holidays Boo :(

Since I was granted 11 days before my utmost final paper which will have the most tedious reading jobs to do; & which I have yet to accomplish, not even 1% (pathetic), decided to spend one weekend (yes, I had two weekeds heee) back in Ip. It always feels good to be away from the city & once in a while though I am forever a city girl at heart ;) Love the rush and hustles. Keeps you on the go! No?

So, yes. Headed over to Barroom ( there's nowhere else you can party as hard than this pathetic four walled building) & as expected, I didn't actually enjoy myself that much. I figured I enjoy myself better with iced lemon tea & some jazzy music with good companies. Should be the aftermath of dating a guy like Billiesooi. Haha.

Also, it was probably the fact that I don't take alcohol. Friends that know me well should know I am never a big fan of alcohols. Don't get it why these alcoholics love spending so much for a night and get drunk then hangover the next day. More like, paying for more troubles. Well, I guess life is just funny like that. Unexplainable; yet there will still be somebody doing it. Haha.
And again, different people, different preferences. We should never judge.

Oh and those irresponsible, unmindful and inconsiderate smokers who blow em right at your face. If only I could tickle them till they die. Hello! I ain't invisible. Blerghh.

This is Aun and his favourite shirt
( Never once I see him out w/o this same shirt -.- HAHA)
And these awesome powsome pictures are taken none other than this drunkard lol.
He's good and I'm looking forward to work on something with him, soon ;)

Nevertheless, twas a good night w great companies. Long lost friends finally reunited.
And met some new ones. Guess, its time I get back to my work before its too late.
Also! Its HIGH TIME I resume my gym session because this 'finals-hence-no-need-for-gym' routine isn't working for me!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fire w enthusiasm

Lately and I mean lately like technically lately. My diet plan hasn't been working too well and damn! I could see my bulging belly. This is a seriously bad sign. Immediate act must be taken, taken seriously. Well come to think of it, it must have been all the late night snacking and studying. Gaining knowledge plus fats. Hey! Quite a good rebate right?
I shall fret not, but instead I've been wallowing in self-pity lately.

Picture of me a year ago. Well at least I knew how it feels like being thin ( and shapeless). I am never stick-skinny. Which I am blessed about. I don't have to look like an anorexic, not in any way.

A shot of me lately. (still shapeless)

Yup and in case you are wondering. I am now on a no-rice diet.
Plenty of vege, less carbs. That should do.

Whats on my mind?
[ lower-abs]
[abdominal muscles]
[fat-thighs OFF!]
[underarms fats]

Now, thats good enough as a start. I can see my abs (slightly) right now, only that they're still drown in the layers of excess fats.

Must resume on my workout routines as soon as I'm done kickin' my final papers. They are the pain in the ass!

Motivation: Nicole Scherzinger + Giselle Bundchen

Both their bodies are incomparably beautiful don't you agree?
Both so perfectly shaped oh & the curves.
And I am wayyy motivated to make mine a combo of both!

Why start tomorrow when you have today? :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

# Life


It may be just a simple phrase, but what lies beyond it is whole different thing. Existence, joy, sorrow, vivacity and the list goes on. Life, with time makes it even more precious to us human mankind. Don't you agree? It makes it even more enthralling and stimulates our inner self to strive for more, before the time comes. Now, that sound a tad too frightening no?

Often time we would stare into the blank blue sky and think 'What do we do when we die? Where will we be? How would I die? ( No, I def opt for other questions rather than thinking how I would someday die). Well I was given an option, I would choose the mythological beauty death- sleep and die :) Painless, effortless and fearless. Well, nobody actually knew how it feels like to die like that; unless the dead relive. Which is quite ridiculous if you tell me. It may seem painless, but prolly the 'dead' actually struggled the longest time in his life to set free his soul. Or perhaps, he didn't want to die but there was nothing else he could do, he was helpless. Who knew?

Well, there are millions of answers to that one question if you ask me; nothing is impossible. Even a dog was sent to the outer space, now tell me what else is out of the question? Haha, that was something out of the box, out of a sudden. Mind me :)

So death, it isn't something that you could ever predict ( well unless you've actually planned to to kill somebody), lets be logical shall we? My imagination is definitely running a lil too wild at this very moment, writing this. We can never relate death with age if you ask me. Too often than not, people would think "Ahh, I'll only live till around 70 plus lah. If lucky, 80 plus lo!". And what makes you think thats certain aye?

Speaking of age, I've just received a horrifying news about a death of a friend of mine. He was only 21! And what makes you all think life must be long? Its beyond our capability to ever foresee death. I hope our friend would be looking after everyone of us here, from above. Rest in Peace, S.

And don't mind me filling you with some extra gist. Heard of the babies born with heart outside their bodies? YES. Its a #fact. If you haven't already, go google em! Or click here. Done it all for your convenience ;) These babies, probably a little unfortunate to be brought to life, this way; but why that happened is again, beyond our questions. At least they had the opportunity to live for that 30 days and that was all they had. Yes, 30days. And too many of us today, still inconsiderately claim " 30 Days? What can we do with 30 Days! " when we're given tasks to accomplish. Eg. assignments, homeworks etc. Even I myself have to admit that foolish and jejune act of mine, sometimes.

Oh shucks, I am way behind my schedule. Am supposed to study but ended up here writing a throng of words. So predictable, yet unpredictable. See what I mean? Oh, The Lazy Song should be perfect to be played right now. Too lazy to start my studies!

Now, I don't have no 30 days till my finals. Its SIX FREAKING DAYS!

Au revoir!