Sunday, June 26, 2011


Life's been pretty mundane & (S-L-O-WWWWW) lately.

Waking up to nothing, nothing to push me. Nothing to make me go 'Wusaaah!'. And worst still, no gym no nothing for me to work out. But of course, like what I've previously said 'There's always an alternative". But being the typical me, I am just too lazy to lay out the yoga mat and start anything at all. Somebody smack me. And hence, I've been feeling all fidgety and guilty :( This is up to no good. But hey, that isn't such a bad thing or is it?

Wait until I'm back to KL and I'll be regretting why haven't I done enough embracing back here at my Home Sweet Home. Ohwell, I can never stop the complaints. Again, somebody smack me!

Oh speaking of which, if smacking can kindly fix my 'face problems'; that would be good!
And by that I mean MORE & MORE zits and pimples and blackheads :(
They are getting out of control and I'm going hysterical (not joking)!

Have been very hardworking doing my facial routines before bed EVERY SINGLE DAY; that didn't help. OH MY MY. Whats should I possibly do?

Zits aside. So! I've just set-up this formspring account just so I thought maybe I could have some virtual companion and then only I came into realization that its a Q&A software. I cannot have more hatred than I have for QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. But I'll give this a try ;)

So formspring me HERE!
Ask me anything at all. I will see how I could possibly challenge myself answering YOUR questions; be it nonsensical or logical ones ;) Thats how questions are meant to be, aye?

On a brighter note, I am beyond stoked to be flying back to KL on Tuesday & start packing for our getaway to Phuket! But I heard its the monsoon season and its been raining pretty frequently. Advices anybody?

Till then, TAA!


panda-man! XD said...

Hey Mag,
I really find lotsa inspiration from your blog posts.. Been trying to lose weight lately.. Made you the pushing factor for my trying-to-be-daily workout routines..
You really inspire me a lot.. :)

Hope the zits go away quick and have a great time in Phuket :)

Magdeline Wang said...

Thankyou Pandaman.

Phuket was amazing! More pictures will be up soon :) Am glad my posts did. Yes, keep up the good work! No pain, no gain. Cheers! xx.