Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little by little, one walks far.

Greetings amigos!
And guess what? Finals are over and that means I can fully concentrate on my workout routines right now. Have been hitting the gym pretty frequently (if you ever follow me on twitter) & trying my level best to build up my stamina considering I am just SOO lazy to sometimes even get up and drive to the gym. I mean like who does? Who wouldn't want to indulge the comfort at home? Haha.

Well, just to share a little of my daily workout routines w my y'all. I know I know we are just so sluggish and slothful sometimes. All we want is to eat nothing and get thin! But honey, thats just not the way. Life is short, and we need to do whatever we can to live the moment! Hence, health ;) And these workouts. One thing about exercises, they will never go wrong! Unless, you get too extreme and go beyond your body's capability ( Oh no, don't kill yourself).


Well honestly, my journey to getting my dream "nicole scherzinger's-bod" is still quite a stretch actually. But I'm getting there. Time will tell. So yeah.
What do I do everyday ( or rather everytime I work out?)

1. 30-minutes brisk walk/ jog/ run on the treadmill
Well, I personally think its important to get my heart pumping before I start my workout. So, I'll get the hang of it and the adrenaline rush will get me going throughout my routines.

2. Biceps
To get rid of my toufu-fas! And by that I meant my flabby arms. Am pretty sure I am not the only one. Don't worry, you won't make your arms HUGE like Dywane Johnson's unless you carry a 80kg dumbbell. In fact, you keep them in shape and once you finally get rid of 'most' of your flabby parts, damn girl you'll look oh-so sexy! (there's no way you can get rid of ALL the fats with a 100 percent; but a little its fine)

Tips from Billiesooi: Don't rush. Go slow and feel the muscle develop. In fact if you rush, you might hurt your muscles and we don't want that to happen. Remember, oh-so-sexy arms! ;)

3. Torso Rotation

This is mainly to build your abdominals and obliques (Diagram below for reference). There is no freaking way you can have a bikini-bod without working on your abs. Darlings, remember no pain no gain. Plus the pain's addictive. Its a plus point! ;)

Alternative: Do it at home!
Sit so that your body forms a "V" shape, w your lower legs crossed & lifted (For beginners: heels on the floor; optional). Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell between both hands. Then, move left and right touching ball to each side of the floor while you maintain that V shape. 15-20 repetitions on each side will do it!

4. Sit-ups & leg-raises
Well this totally depends on individuals. If you think your workouts are insufficient and you want more, why not! I do this occasionally because I am a certified lazy bump.

But guys, don't worry if you don't have time to sign-up for gym memberships ( its not necessary!), there's always an alternative; do it at home. Just google "gym workouts" and I'm pretty sure you'll find plenty. Thats just exactly what I did ;) Don't think I can actually blurt out these w/o doing researches. Heh.

Oh and I found a few pictures that you guys might or might not want to see *wink.

Girls on steroids!
Warning: Please don't kill yourself and make your body turn into a monster. Unless you wanna be a widow for life or if your husband have any particular peculiar habits for liking huge women haha. Like HUGEEEE ;p

Dare to dream, dare to achieve.

Tell me how this body isn't to die for? Guys would drool and girls will do anything at all to be like her. She is truly a beauty.

Also remember, she wasn't born to look like that. Hard work always pay off. And I'm pretty sure hers wasn't easy and its all about the matter of hardwork, determination and time.

I always tell myself "Why tomorrow if I have today?".
So girls, goodluck!

"Every accomplishment starts w a decision to try".
I guess that explains.


This post may not be certified by any particular gym/health professionals. But this is solely for the sake of me sharing my thoughts with my readers. Thank you!

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now i know why ure so fit.