Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fire w enthusiasm

Lately and I mean lately like technically lately. My diet plan hasn't been working too well and damn! I could see my bulging belly. This is a seriously bad sign. Immediate act must be taken, taken seriously. Well come to think of it, it must have been all the late night snacking and studying. Gaining knowledge plus fats. Hey! Quite a good rebate right?
I shall fret not, but instead I've been wallowing in self-pity lately.

Picture of me a year ago. Well at least I knew how it feels like being thin ( and shapeless). I am never stick-skinny. Which I am blessed about. I don't have to look like an anorexic, not in any way.

A shot of me lately. (still shapeless)

Yup and in case you are wondering. I am now on a no-rice diet.
Plenty of vege, less carbs. That should do.

Whats on my mind?
[ lower-abs]
[abdominal muscles]
[fat-thighs OFF!]
[underarms fats]

Now, thats good enough as a start. I can see my abs (slightly) right now, only that they're still drown in the layers of excess fats.

Must resume on my workout routines as soon as I'm done kickin' my final papers. They are the pain in the ass!

Motivation: Nicole Scherzinger + Giselle Bundchen

Both their bodies are incomparably beautiful don't you agree?
Both so perfectly shaped oh & the curves.
And I am wayyy motivated to make mine a combo of both!

Why start tomorrow when you have today? :)

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