Wednesday, June 1, 2011

# Life


It may be just a simple phrase, but what lies beyond it is whole different thing. Existence, joy, sorrow, vivacity and the list goes on. Life, with time makes it even more precious to us human mankind. Don't you agree? It makes it even more enthralling and stimulates our inner self to strive for more, before the time comes. Now, that sound a tad too frightening no?

Often time we would stare into the blank blue sky and think 'What do we do when we die? Where will we be? How would I die? ( No, I def opt for other questions rather than thinking how I would someday die). Well I was given an option, I would choose the mythological beauty death- sleep and die :) Painless, effortless and fearless. Well, nobody actually knew how it feels like to die like that; unless the dead relive. Which is quite ridiculous if you tell me. It may seem painless, but prolly the 'dead' actually struggled the longest time in his life to set free his soul. Or perhaps, he didn't want to die but there was nothing else he could do, he was helpless. Who knew?

Well, there are millions of answers to that one question if you ask me; nothing is impossible. Even a dog was sent to the outer space, now tell me what else is out of the question? Haha, that was something out of the box, out of a sudden. Mind me :)

So death, it isn't something that you could ever predict ( well unless you've actually planned to to kill somebody), lets be logical shall we? My imagination is definitely running a lil too wild at this very moment, writing this. We can never relate death with age if you ask me. Too often than not, people would think "Ahh, I'll only live till around 70 plus lah. If lucky, 80 plus lo!". And what makes you think thats certain aye?

Speaking of age, I've just received a horrifying news about a death of a friend of mine. He was only 21! And what makes you all think life must be long? Its beyond our capability to ever foresee death. I hope our friend would be looking after everyone of us here, from above. Rest in Peace, S.

And don't mind me filling you with some extra gist. Heard of the babies born with heart outside their bodies? YES. Its a #fact. If you haven't already, go google em! Or click here. Done it all for your convenience ;) These babies, probably a little unfortunate to be brought to life, this way; but why that happened is again, beyond our questions. At least they had the opportunity to live for that 30 days and that was all they had. Yes, 30days. And too many of us today, still inconsiderately claim " 30 Days? What can we do with 30 Days! " when we're given tasks to accomplish. Eg. assignments, homeworks etc. Even I myself have to admit that foolish and jejune act of mine, sometimes.

Oh shucks, I am way behind my schedule. Am supposed to study but ended up here writing a throng of words. So predictable, yet unpredictable. See what I mean? Oh, The Lazy Song should be perfect to be played right now. Too lazy to start my studies!

Now, I don't have no 30 days till my finals. Its SIX FREAKING DAYS!

Au revoir!

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