Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drama 2009

I'm trying to teach you punctuality young man. And now you're telling me nonsense?! A cockroach?
Yupp. Drama's over and gone. Yay. Its was one great experience though.
We're the 1st runner-ups. Not too bad. *clap clap*
Even if we've gotten the champ, I dont think I could go any further.
You know why.
SPM. *big sigh
So, yeah. Snap shots (:
Afterall, friends are the one i truly LOVE (:
Great smiles girls :D

Imma nanny
Deal with it
i miss you baby
all the very very best

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its approaching..

The day is approaching and I'm still undecided * sighs.

Had a good date with him yesterday.
We're so out-dated lor really. Watched The Fast and The Furious 4.
Haahaa. He again, slept in the cinema. Damn it mann.
Have to give him a good punch baru boleh. Haha.

After movie, went to our favourite spot. Sushi King.
Know why? because there's my favourite Edamame :P

The First Time :D
Him : Aiyer. Nice mehh? Whats this laa. Come sushi eat this. wth.
Me: What? Its nice okayy?! Try try *stuff it into his mouth*
Him : *the super sour face* YII. tasteless wan. not nice.
Me: Okayy. I'll finish it then.

Second Time
I ordered Edamame again.

Me : Okay. I know you dont like. Its mine. Order yours.
Him: *took one slice and munched it* Actually, not bad la.
Me : Shaddup la. Talk so much wan.
Him: Its nice when you eat it when you're bored.
Him: no la. no la.

HAHA. Memories.

He's in Taiping right now. For like 5DAYS. hmm. shall wait. haha.
All the best baby. Use sunblock please. Dont come back with burnt and roasted skin :P

MSSD 2009.
He hit a homerun but I ain't sure whether is it this time.
I miss you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm sorry baby, I didnt mean to hurt you at all, never

Yeah, I dont know how much it hurts,
But it wasn't how i wanted it to be baby,
I dont want anymore misunderstandings,
I dont want anymore more 'whateverlah. anythinglah'
I dont wantt. I dont wantt.
All i want at this very moment is you (:

Promise, just you baby. Sorry baby.
Sometimes I dont get to do what you thought I would,
I gave hope and I took it away,
Sorry baby. Not a single time I did it on purpose. Not a single time.

* I do hope you're reading this (:

SIGHS. you're leavin this sunday. Dont go? Be with me?? :P
I know you'll return with victory. Hehe.
You're forever my hero. Yup. Just YOU (:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The indulgence,
The beauty,
The aroma of every single shot,
I love! I love!

I just feel like throwing all my books away right now. Serioulsy. I want to do something else in life. I want to indulge in something that is forever..

Photography had been my second dream. Hahah. Maybe a lil change. Fashion photography should be much much better, I presume so. Okay. Let this be in my wishlist (:

And I shall work for it.

Thinking twice, nope. I shan't bid farewell to my fellow books. I shan't. It had been my life since eversince? haha. LOL.

One bad thing, i've no time for my BabyD right now. Mind you, its my dslr. haha. Sighs. I wonder. I'm stucked in between so MANY things. Die anott??

My lovelife ain't getting too good though *SIGHS.

Oh boy! This is gorgeous.
*raises eyebrow*
What ya lookin' at?
ohdang. I'm still insane. Far from recovery.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nerves Of Flame

There's an aura. A very bad one it seems. Things aren't getting into places now. SO NOT.

Life is getting on my nerves right now. I'm finding any possible chance to blame everything!

Why is there only 24hours a day?
Why is there only 7days a week?
Why do I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow??
Why does infi open EVERYDAY?!
Why is there SNOOKER??
Why am I such a dumbass??

*pulls hair*

No. Seriously. Damn it lah. Feel like hanging myself in the air and see how people suffers?? Yay. Hahaha. You earthlings, suffer!! hohoho.

Oh wtf?? I'm getting inhumane. NO.

I hanged my bear instead. Inhumanity.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

# 135

My 135th post (:

Today wasn't too good. Frustrations and exhaustions makes you go hay-wired. Gah.

Why are students are bound to be equally good in both, academics and co-curricular activities??Now, this is making me crazy. It drives me down the slope and way up Mount Everest! Damn.

My emotions are in critical condition, this is not good :(

BM tuition was so meaningless today.

Teacher : Apabila seseorang badmintion player hendak berhenti bermain setelah bermain selama satu ketika masa, dia akan berkata ' I'll hang my rackets'.

Students : Hang?? Ohh.

Teacher : Jikalau dia seorang pemain bola sepak. Dia berkata ' I'll hang my boots'.

Student1 : HAH? Boobs?

Student2: Why not ' I'll hang my ball?'

Students : LAUGHS.

Teacher : There's only one ball, how to hang??


Now, spot the differences :D

Ignore the flaws. HAHA.
Result of not learning how to edit pictures. Dumb, I know!

CATS performance.
I'm the lazy black cat.
Ironically, I HATE CATS.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laughter brings joy ( duh?)

Yesterday was fun. Haha. Kio's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIO. Though i know you wouldnt even read my blog. haha. or perhaps, blogS.

We met up at infinity ( i have a sense of hatred towards that place ) LOL. And walked to Yeolde English. On the way, I was actually looking around and i heard "AHhhhhh..." Well, mind you it wasnt asking-for-help kind of AHhhh. It was something else. HAHA. You know what. So, yeah.

I was like ' HUH? Err.. *covers mouth* YIII'.
And the boys went ' Wahlau, porno movies in public meh? ' . And all turned and look at me. Malu shit. GAH.

So, yeah. Dinner at Yeolde English. I makan Season Salad saja. HAHA. Wasted. Kio's treat. And after that, went over to SUSHI EAST for SUSHIIIIs! hehe.

OMG. I think I laughed the most that night. One thing which was so embarrassing was that..

I was munching my favourite jap snack, Edamame. And somebody went and crack some jokes and i went GULP! the whole thing went right down into my oesphagus. Whaddaheck la. I told Terrence and he was like ' Drink tea lah'.
Oh well -____-

Went home and BANG! on the bed.

Feels like doing it again right now.


*slaps self*

Study la. Sleep worr.


some very random and out-of-nowhere thoughts (: haha.

i think he'll look cute with these on, or maybe polka dots ONES :)

Oh well, well tonned muscles and good techniques eh?
*nods nods*

i used to be like this once upon a time. so cute :)

i think i can do this. ahah. (with my toe pads on? LOL)

Polina, The Born Ballerina. I adore!

Okay. My boyfriend adores him like 'warr.. geng lah.' that kind of adore ya know?
Ronnie somethin? I dont know.
Ahh. who cares. I dont.
Do you?

Friday, April 10, 2009

goodie noyes.

yeehah. horray. i'm zealous. oh yes i am. haha. i passed my driving theory test. YAY. hahaha. i'm gettin' insane :P
Yeah, it ain't any big deal but i'm just SOOOO happy. haha.

i crapped on stage the other day. seriously. i DID. haha. pidato? hmm. i wonder. nevermind that. its over already anyway.

its schoolday tomorrow. Dang :/

not good.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shivers down the spine

Fed up lah.

Oh mann. Why on earth did i even said YES? Why did i even write down my name? OH MANN..

The pidato competition is like TOMORROW? and i've not even started a paragraph on my speech and yet I'm here, blogging. wtf. How useless can I be? Dang.

Drama was i-dont-know :( Dynamics? 30 years old man. Me? AHA.

Everynight before going to bed, this is what I'll recite.

" You little rascals ! Dont disturb the girls. Look what I've got? "
( with actions, on the bed )
WhatTheHell right? My neighbours must think that I'm possessed or something. Same thing every night i tell you. HAHA.
*bangs head on the keyboard*
Ohno. I'm getting insane.
Ahhh. JINX!

Monday, April 6, 2009


The unbearable pain. ouch.

When you try to stretch next time, look around. Watch out for edgy walls. GAH. I'm so effin dumb.

The hatred in me grew even more, day by day. You wouldn't understand. Thou shalt not mess with me.

I dont like her. Seriously dislike. No. Not dislike lor. I HATE! HATE.HATE. Get your own life! Dig a hole, and get lost. PLEASE?





Sunday, April 5, 2009


Finally something in return after the severe sunburn i had :)

Was strolling around JJ with Terrence yesterday. Outta nowhere, THE FACE SHOP gave me an urge to get somethin for my freaking ugly looking face. Ahah.

So ended up with these. TEA TREE & BERGAMOT clarifying mask sheet.

Soothing and i love it

He said my legs looked like ALIENS. wth?

Looking twice, yeah i think he's right. HAHA.

I'm craving for japanese peanuts! :S
I think I have a very humurous boyfriend. Haha.
Me : Lets go get a few more mask later. I feel good.
Him : No.
Me : *frowns* WHY?!
Him : I don't wanna look like an alien again.
Me : Hahahahahahahahahah.
Him : -___-
Oh so random. Haha.
Ouya, having swiss dark chocolates after mask session is TO-DIE-FOR!

Friday, April 3, 2009

oh well..

Dang. I'm sick of my notebook. stupid acer. I'm sick of waiting for the uploader already! waited for effin an hour for just two pictures. wth.

Today was random. I've got a character in the school drama team. HAH? Mr.Darcy.
Great. Once again, a male character. HAHA. I loved it though. Wish me luck.
Wait a sec? I dont know my script yet.

Oh and my drama production coming. I've not try out the characters yet. GLORIA. haha.
10,000 cigarettes. Interesting? Bet it is.

I ain't no gonna fool around, not anymore *thumbs UP* haha.

Hectic hectic schedules, here i come ;)

Now the pictures :)

Ahh.. fats are disgusting. I need to cut em off.
Intense diet. Ballet exam coming. Oh die.
Demi character. attute lyrique. rules. dramatic.
*knocks head against wall*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now what?

Personal Opinion: Doing folios are a waste of time and natural sources. PAPER! TREES!

And we don't create, we copy. Don't we PEOPLE?? *high fives* haha.

Sighs. Now come the problem. I was just about to think what sorta picture should i capture for my FORM5 folio. Theme: Kekeluargaan. Okay. This is hard. Wierd eh? haha.

At this very moment, all I think about is that " Where's my family? Why is this so hard for me? Anyone there to love me?". Who should I ask to help me capture the pictures and be in the pictures with me? Who? My aunt ? Uncle ? Like they even bother. Sighs.

TELL ME HOW. Due date is like 2 days away *shivers*

I dont live in the house, I live in my room :(

*sniff sniff* Tissue please?