Friday, April 3, 2009

oh well..

Dang. I'm sick of my notebook. stupid acer. I'm sick of waiting for the uploader already! waited for effin an hour for just two pictures. wth.

Today was random. I've got a character in the school drama team. HAH? Mr.Darcy.
Great. Once again, a male character. HAHA. I loved it though. Wish me luck.
Wait a sec? I dont know my script yet.

Oh and my drama production coming. I've not try out the characters yet. GLORIA. haha.
10,000 cigarettes. Interesting? Bet it is.

I ain't no gonna fool around, not anymore *thumbs UP* haha.

Hectic hectic schedules, here i come ;)

Now the pictures :)

Ahh.. fats are disgusting. I need to cut em off.
Intense diet. Ballet exam coming. Oh die.
Demi character. attute lyrique. rules. dramatic.
*knocks head against wall*

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