Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The indulgence,
The beauty,
The aroma of every single shot,
I love! I love!

I just feel like throwing all my books away right now. Serioulsy. I want to do something else in life. I want to indulge in something that is forever..

Photography had been my second dream. Hahah. Maybe a lil change. Fashion photography should be much much better, I presume so. Okay. Let this be in my wishlist (:

And I shall work for it.

Thinking twice, nope. I shan't bid farewell to my fellow books. I shan't. It had been my life since eversince? haha. LOL.

One bad thing, i've no time for my BabyD right now. Mind you, its my dslr. haha. Sighs. I wonder. I'm stucked in between so MANY things. Die anott??

My lovelife ain't getting too good though *SIGHS.

Oh boy! This is gorgeous.
*raises eyebrow*
What ya lookin' at?
ohdang. I'm still insane. Far from recovery.

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